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A Kind, Successful and Experienced Businesswoman, Malini Saba.

Malini Saba is a determined woman who is among the top investors of South Asian origin. The successful businesswoman started her investments as a Silicon Valley venture capitalist. She has vast experience in companies such as PayPal Inc., Netscreen Technologies Inc. and Sycamore…


Jose Manuel Gonzalez and His Business Background

Having a business in the Venezuelan Market can be more than a little difficult for most people, so this is why it is important to look at the different businessmen who are being successful in this field. This is an option for you…


Hiring IAP Worldwide to Improve Your Supply Chain

Many small business owners struggle with time. Everyone is pressed with a lot of issues at hand, and few people feel like they are making a positive impact on their business. If you want to take things to the next level in your…


The “Taking Caracas” Demonstration Is The Beginning Of The End For President Maduro According To National Assemblyman José Manuel González

Venezuelans want a recall. They want Nicolas Maduro to leave the presidential office and go back to driving a bus. The people of Venezuela are sick of Maduro, and they are sick of his brand of socialism. The hand-picked Chavez successor has done…


Don Ressler And JustFab Launching New Collection

Keep on top of fashion is not always easy. Fashion can change quite quickly. This is something that Don Ressler. the co-founder of JustFab utterly understands and loves very much. As someone who loves fashion and knows that people look to him for…


The Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board Names Andy Wirth Chairman

Anyone that is familiar with skiing in California, especially in Northern California, has heard the name Andy Wirth at one time or another. Wirth is the Chairman of Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows ski resort. Wirth was appointed to the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board in…


Avi Weisfogel’s Method’s For Keeping Busy

Avi Weisfogel, like other successful people manage to keep themselves active. He runs a business, gets involved in charities and keeps an active social media profile. For his business, he deals with dentistry and sleep disorders. He has been fascinated with the issues…


A Fabian Socialist who Is Not so Shy about It: George Soros is Buying Gold Again Big Time

A Fabian Socialist is defined as a Socialist who disguises his or her Socialist leanings with clandestine activities and outward participation in whatever the mainstream group think may be. All the machinations of George Soros, without a doubt are highly focussed on disruption…


A Look at the Top Proposed Real Estate Projects in New York City

New York is one of the cities in the United States that is anticipating a myriad of large real estate projects in the coming future. Various top real estate development entities have proposed the construction of massive projects. Topping the list of large…


Shaygan Kheradpir, The New Coriant CEO

He is the CEO and chairperson of the board of directors of Coriant. Coriant is one of the leading suppliers of networking that is very innovative in its supplies to more than one hundred countries that include nine out of the ten that…