George Soros is recognized for his philanthropic work around the globe. He has greatly committed his resources to promote democratic ideals that are visible to anyone on this plane. He net worth is around 25.2 billion US dollars. His main source of wealth is from Soros Fund Management. His funding areas include humanitarian efforts, democratic ideals, economic development, education and policy reforms. Much of George Soros funding for different initiatives by his foundation is conducted via open society offices, that support organizations and individuals whose mission is similar to his foundation and what George Soros knows.

George Soros started from a humble background being born to a Jewish family in Hungary, Budapest District. He was lucky to survive the conflict of Budapest and Nazi occupation of Hungary in world war two. He relocated to England in 1947 and enrolled in the London school of economics. He worked as waiter and porter to support himself. He eventually decided to work with financial institutions, so he made an application to every merchant bank in London until he was lucky to get an entry position. He crossed the Atlantic in 1956 and moved to New York. He started as an arbitrage trader and worked his way up to being an analyst, a vice president and then later investment fund manager. He founded the Soros Fund Management in 1973 and learn more about George Soros.

When George Soros created the first non-US foundation in 1984 in Hungary, much of the resources were used to distribute photocopiers to libraries, universities, and to civil society groups. The aim was to support the free flow of ideas and information. This is a critical tool that helps to weaken authoritarian regimes and promotes the transition towards democracy. His major component of promoting ideals is focused on promoting higher education through his foundation. Issues that are focused on include media freedom, anticorruption efforts and freedom to information and more information click here.

George Soros has also personally supported many groups that are engaged in political activities abroad and in the United States. In the mid-90s after and during the Yugoslavia wars, George Soros donated millions of dollars to humanitarian activities in the country. His foundation also supports other related causes including LGBTI, Women, disability rights, discrimination against Muslims, counterterrorism and national security and international justice. He has also given out major donations to world recognized organizations such as UNICEF and International Crisis Group.

Soros interest in promoting education is in line with his desire for development of open societies. He provided funds to black students in 1970s to attend universities during the apartheid period in South Africa. After communism collapsed, he helped to establish the Central European University in Budapest by contributing 880 million US dollars. He also donated more than one hundred million US dollars to universities in the former USSR and Follow him

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OSI Industries Inc. is a leading food processing network that has a global presence. Thousands of customers trust their premium select meat, and vegetables. Do you ever wonder where your food is being processed? OSI believes in transparency, and letting their customers know where their food is coming from, and what’s in it. They have been proudly serving the food industry since 1909, and they’re committed to tough governmental comformity regulations. Their food is processed with the top ingredients with a guarantee of the highest level of quality assurance. OSI takes pride in the ingredients, and operations behind the food feeding your family.

David McDonald, Chief Operating Officer, and President, is adamant on overseeing their international growth. They have been a part of pleasing their clients with premium select meat. They are proud to announce a successful 20 year partnership with China.In fact, their United States, and Asian network are their most secure clients in the industry. OSI food products include frozen poultry, pork, beef patties, hot dogs, and vegetables. They also use their premium beef products for the filling of many popular sandwiches. OSI food products are chosen over their competitors 10 to 1.

Their Flagship Europe operations will take over the assembly line responsible for packing frozen poultry, beef, and condiments. They recently won a bid for a Tyson processing plant in Chicago. Through their efforts, thousands of employees were able to keep their current position. OSI Industries food products will be processed through the new Chicago plant. Their revenue is worth over $24.4 million dollars, and growing with their international expansion. They also hope to introduce their premium organic menu to India. McDonald says, his international network will help business growth in India, and Europe. OSI Industries Inc. continues to deliver the top food products to supermarkets, delis, and restaurants worldwide.

Thousands of families are unaware of the goodness being provided in their meals by OSI. You’re invited to visit their exclusive website for more details on their expansion initiative, and food products. Learn more about joining the proud OSI Industries Inc. corporation, and discover a unique global working opportunity.

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JHSF is a reputable Brazilian property development firm with a keen interest in commercial and residential properties, high-end hotels, and shopping complexes. JHSF was also honored to get a development contract for an international business airport in Brazil.

JHSF made its debut in the Brazilian real estate sector in 1972. The company managed to stay on top of the game by identifying new opportunities in the highly-competitive industry. It also operates based on the fact that developmental projects should be focused on achieving sustainable outcomes. Over the years, JHSF has managed to adhere to this principle through its quality, pioneering, daring, and innovative operations.


As it expanded, JHSF built its offices in São Paulo, Salvador, and Manaus to maintain its local presence. The firm also ventured into international real estates markets such as New York, USA, and Punta del Este in Uruguay. Through its local and global offices, JHSF manages to carry out more projects and increase its revenue. The company is credited for carrying out projects, such as the Catarina Integrated Urban Development, which includes an executive airport and a shopping center.


The PINI Award is one of the most prestigious awards JHSF has bagged due to its commitment to excel in the real estate industry. In 2014, the firm was announced as the recipient of PINI’s best developer award.

JHSF’s CEO José Auriemo Neto

José Auriemo Neto is a Brazilian businessperson and executive known for his exemplary leadership performance as CEO of JHSF. As a FAAP graduate, he became part of JHSF’s staff back in 1993. He worked diligently in helping the firm to achieve its business objectives. He is acknowledged as the developer of Parkbem, which is a JHSF subsidiary focusing on parking lot management.

Under Auriemo’s tenure as an executive officer at JHSF, the firm carried out projects such as Shopping Santa Cruz, a shopping center. JHSF also diversified its portfolio of shopping centers in Manaus and Salvador. The company also ventured into the retail sector through its alliances with Jimmy Choo, Hermes, and Pucci, which are world-renowned fashion brands. As CEO, José Auriemo Neto led JHSF in signing the partnership agreement with these brands.

Minnesota is home to some of the nations most beautiful churches. Rich in historical value, the churches of Minnesota offer vast architectural beauty. Ranked as the number one most beautiful church in Minnesota, the Cathedral of St. Paul sits on Summit Hill in St. Paul, Minnesota. The architecture resembles both French Renaissance and French Classical design. In the early 1900’s, the Cathedral of St. Paul was built to rival the churches of Paris, France.

Also built in the early 1900’s, the Basilica of St. Mary’s gives churchgoers a different architectural design concept. Copying the Baroque and Beaux-Arts, Basilica of St. Mary is filled inside and out with handcrafted architectural details. Each summer the church hosts the Basilica Block Party, a fundraiser for the church and other local charities. Lakewood Memorial Chapel in Minneapolis is featured in the Lakewood Cemetery and was built in 1910. The chapel hosts a variety of interior features such as stained-glass windows and a marble and glass mosaic. Beautiful Lakewood Memorial Chapel is now listed on the National Register of Historic places.

The Mighty Fortress Church allows visitors to come as they are to a welcoming christian community in Minneapolis, Minnesota. With an accepting and loving atmosphere, different races and cultural backgrounds are welcomed by Mighty Fortress International Ministries. When attending the Mighty Fortress Church visitors can expect a joyous atmosphere believing everyone is significant to the body of Christ.

In each weekly service, the focus of worship remains on God. Although many churches follow a boring routine, Mighty Fortress Church believes in an authentic worship experience, centered on God’s word. The services focus on giving practical biblical advice for life’s most challenging situations. Everyone attending focuses on deepening their relationship with Christ through knowledge of scripture and Christian living.

To lead the church in weekly services and prayer at Mighty Fortress Church is Bishop T. R. Williams. Bishop Williams believes in actively contributing to the body of Christ by founding the Mighty Fortress International Ministries and being the active senior pastor. Letting the word of God guide him, Bishop Williams focuses his concentration on support groups and community outreach programs. Graduating from the Rhema Bible Training Center in Oklahoma, Bishop Williams also received two prestigious Honorary Doctorate Degrees.

The continued involvement of Mikhail Blagosklonny in the cancer research has made many people come to know him. He is a professor of oncology and has been offering his expertise at the University of Rosewell Park Cancer Institute. Based in Buffalo, New York. Besides his role at this institute, Mikhail Blagosklonny is the Chief Editor of Oncotarget. He has done much research and has published numerous publications about aging. One thing that has made people know him largely is the fact that he has continually advocated for the use of a cancer drug known as Rapamycin, to increase the lifespan of human beings.Rapamycin has its outstanding qualities. When someone undergoes an organ transplant, the first reaction of the body is to auto reject the new organ, and the result is transplantation failure.

Most as times, the doctors recommend the use of Calcineurin inhibitors, which may have adverse effects on the kidneys. It is here that Rapamycin comes in. Its toxic level to the kidneys is relatively small as compared to the regular immunosuppressive drugs. Rapamycin also helps in coating coronary stent, and the procedure need not be repeated.When it comes to the treatment of cancer, Rapamycin helps in the enhancement of the immune to the tumor, or even promote the tumor to regress. Rapamycin contributes to treating a congenital disorder known as Tuber Sclerosis Complex (TCS), which causes a benign tumor to grow in the heart, brain or even the heart. About 80 percent of individuals with TCS suffer from Facial Agiofibromas, characteristic spots on the nose or cheek and form a butterfly shape. This problem can be cured by using Rapamycin in the form of gels, creams or ointments. Mikhail Blagosklonny is interested in seeing that people across the world get the best treatment despite their financial situation. He is particularly interested medical research and discovering the connection between aging and cancer since cancer becomes prevalent in people of a particular age and above. His research has been and will continue being of use in oncology.

Mikhail Blagosklonny has been a source of inspiration to his students who wish to expand on his studies in the days to come. The primary goal of Mr. Blagosklonny is to not only treat cancer but to treat it in an efficient manner that will not be financially degrading. He hopes to come up with a way of eliminating the cancer cells, without causing damage to cells that are responsible for the recovery of the body and mind after many months or years of cancer treatment. With all the progress that Mikhail Blagosklonny has made in his area of interest (oncology and Aging), he hopes that many people across the globe will find inspiration in his discoveries, and above all take over from where he will leave. He believes that soon, the treatment of cancer which has become one of the most tragic diseased will not be a luxury treatment for the individuals with money, but will rather be an easy and cost-effective treatment.

Many people think that for a home or a hotel to look nice, expensive furniture and equipment must be bought. But with Richard Mishaan Design things seem to look different. The interior design company incorporates fashion, culture, architecture and perfect interior designs to make a place look beautiful and well arranged. The company was founded by Richard Mishaan who has vast experience in Interior design. Mishaan is the principal designer at the enterprise and ensures they create designs that are artistic and classical.Richard has his roots in Colombia where he was born and raised. He was very determined to work as a designer. Therefore, he joined Colombia University Scholl of Architecture and later attended the University of New York.

With his cultural roots and interest in interior design, Mishaan has made Richard Mishaan Design very popular in New York and beyond.The company has designed lavish hotels and residential homes for celebrities.Richard Mishaan design comes up with interior designs that make a place look beautiful and luxurious. Mishaan makes sure they understand how people live, their customs and cultures before coming up with the designs.The company also listens to their clients to see how best they can build on what the customers want. You don’t need to have expensive furniture so that your home or hotel look great.

But all you need is an interior designer with experience and can work with what you have to design your home or hotel perfectly.Richard Mishaan Design with the help of Mishaan, they have designed many hotels like St. Regis Hotel in New York, Hotel Tcherassi in Colombia and Shelborne Hotel in South Beach. Richard Mishaan Design also incorporates artwork to come up with unique interior designs that are excellent. Richard Mishaan Design is the leading producer of innovative designs for hotels, residential and retail projects. Mishaan is confident that the company will continue to come up with unmatched interior designs.

Equifax is well known for being among the bureaus of the U.S. associated with credit monitoring. However, it encountered a severe security breach early in the year. Consequently, hackers gained access to private information of about 143 million Americans. The information includes Social Security numbers, addresses, and birth dates. This gives an implication that the personal information of fifty percent of the nation is already exposed.

There are steps that one can take to enhance self-protection. As well, there exists a website where one can get knowledge concerning it and noting whether the particular personal information got exposed. The website is

It begins with registering for free credit associated with protection and monitoring. Despite the specification of the deadline, signing up at the website offers one a whole year of identifying theft protection and credit monitoring.

It is also important making a consideration towards the placement of a credit freeze together with related bureaus. In the presence of a credit freeze, the creditors are unable to look at the history of one’s credit history.

Reviewing credit cards is also important. It is a legal entitlement for each one to get their credit report’s free copy. The only authorized website by the government concerning the request of reports from the three bureaus is the Annual Credit Report.

Other techniques of protection include monitoring one’s account often, reporting any suspicious activities related to the account, changing passwords, and stopping scammers from accessing one’s personal information. Additionally, checking the children’s credits, being watchful at the time of tax and filing taxes early together with protecting oneself if affected by the identity theft are also helpful measures.

Freedom Financial Network refers to a collection of companies offering innovative remedies which aid the people to attain financial lives that are healthier. Freedom Debt Relief Reviews is part of Freedom Financial Network, which provides debt solutions in the United States. For more info about us: click here.

The sections in which the Freedom Financial Network offers solutions include but not limited to debt settlement, personal loans, and mortgage shipping.

Minnesota, also called “Twin Cities” is noted as one of three best states for business. Arts and culture is also a part this states growing economy. Churches in Minnesota are also a large part of the cities culture. While there are many churches in the state, three of them stand out among the rest, so much so, they were highlighted as part of the top twenty-five most beautiful churches in Minnesota.
First, Church of St. Mary’s, New Trier is known as the ” pretty little church on the hill” established circa. nineteen hundred and nine,is a nationally known historic place. It’s french styled architecture makes it a sure tourist site when visiting the state.

Next, Stella Marie Chapel, on the campus of St. John’s University, is set on a peninsula and can only be reached by either hiking or canoeing across Lake Sagatagan. This chapel was built as a replacement of another chapel that burned down in the early nineteen hundreds. The scenery is perfect for anyone who is wanting that perfect, one of a kind, breath taking photo.

The Cathedral of St. Paul is the third largest cathedral in the United States of America. Established in the early nineteen hundreds, this cathedral sits on top of Summit hill overlooking downtown. Widely known as the most beautiful church in Minnesota, if not the most beautiful building in the state.

A contemporary church with contemporary leadership is the Mighty Fortress International Ministries located also in Minnesota lead by Bishop Thomas Williams. Bishop Thomas Williams has been in active ministry for over thirty years. Bishop Williams is both president and founder of Mighty Fortress International Ministries. Bishop Williams serves as senior pastor of Might Fortress International church along side first Lady Williams who together share three children. Bishop Williams is a highly respected minister of the Gospel and has committed his life to God, family, and ministry.

What is the atmosphere like at Might Fortress International church you may wonder. Unlike traditional church, Might Fortress encourages you to come as you are. Away with rituals, at Mighty Fortress, they delight in making coming to church enjoyable, not redundant so that worship is real and pure.

What can one expect of the worship service? You can expect to feel GOD! Their corporate worship service not only invites God in, but expects his presence to come through by way of the band, worship team, choir,or anyway the Holy Spirit chooses.

Some may feel they have to get themselves “fixed” before they come to Mighty Fortress International and this could not be further from the truth. Mighty Fortress International is place one would come to get “fixed” as they believe in the concept of come as you are.

Follow Mighty Fortress Church for more information.

Are you thinking about getting into the investment field? Need someone to provide the guidance or information you need to achieve success or create vast fortunes? Numerous people have benefited immensely from the advisory service rendered by the professionals at Highland Capital and it is imperative that you get in touch with the company right away.

In this challenging economy, many people may be dealing with a complex financial situation, have never consulted a professional or advisor, or are simply unhappy with the quality of advice or service from their current financial advisor or investment advisory firm. Whether you have several thousand dollars or millions of dollars, there are many issues or concerns that need to be addressed. Many people want to be advised and guided properly in every aspect of the investment or financial planning process but don’t know who to contact. That’s where Highland Capital comes in.

Highland Capital is a great company and has been catering to both new investors and experienced entrepreneurs who want to diversify or grow their portfolio. The company has an established history of providing top notch advisory services to individuals, organizations and all others who are in need of quality guidance on their way to financial and investment success.

An important step in financial planning or investing is deciding what you want to accomplish. What kind of return on investment are you realistically expecting out of your endeavors or efforts? Some people start an investment portfolio for their retirement. You may be interested in investing for your children’s college education. Knowing exactly why you want to start investing is very important.

At highland Capital Management, their goal is to give clients the guidance and advisory services they need to start their investment or grow their existing investment portfolio. Highland Capital respects the wishes of each client and their mission is to help each client select and control their investment or wealth creation opportunity. Often financial advisors and investment professionals focus or concentrate on one thing like the best stock or opportunity to invest in, Highland Capital focuses on your complete financial success.

It’s probably safe to say that when it comes to your dogs, you’ll do just about anything to make them happy and maintain their health. With that being said, it’s important you look into a highly advertised dog food called Beneful. This all natural dog food comes in different varieties for different needs and is made with real ingredients. The best part? Instead of paying top dollar at a pet store, this fantastic brand is available for purchase at your local Walmart for a fraction of what you’ve probably been paying.

Depending on your dogs diet requirements, you’ll want to look at the options that Beneful has to offer. For example, if your dog needs weight management you can go with Beneful Healthy Weight for only $13.97 for a fifteen and a half pound bag. If you are interested in a more basic formula, you can go for the Beneful original at the same exact cost. Looking for wet food options? You can get a twenty seven pack of Beneful’s wet food portions for only $14.97 or a single for $1.97.

With so many options to choose from, it’s easy to see why Beneful is such a successful brand. The benefits of the food are great for your dog or puppy and you don’t have to worry about paying top dollar for their health. Another great reason for purchasing at Walmart is because they often have rollback prices so there is a good chance you can get an even better deal. You may also use manufacturer coupons.