Since Grupo Televisa is one of the largest and most popular media companies throughout the entire Spanish-speaking world, it may seem unusual that someone is going to improve it. The thing about Grupo, though, is that it actually needs a lot of improvement. While the company is large and profitable, they have some areas that they need to work on from the inside out. The majority of these areas are in finances and that is something that their CFO, Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero is going to do. He plans to make sure that the finances are better and that they are going to be able to help people with the things that they need to enjoy the media company.

Grupo Televisa has long struggled with the right productions and the right way to make them affordable without looking cheap. Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero is confident that he can turn this around and bring the changes that are necessary to the company. He wants to show people that Grupo Televisa can be even better than what it was before so that people are able to get the best experience possible while looking at the shows that the company puts on.

These money saving techniques combined with other efforts are what the company needs. Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero knows that he will be able to try to do different things and make sure that everything is going to get better for the people who are a part of the company. Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero is confident that he can change things and is sure that he will be able to grow the business that he’s a part of. He hopes to make Grupo Televisa even larger and wants to help it hold on to the spot that it has as the most prominent media company.

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Eric Pulier is a multi-talented entrepreneur who has accomplished a great deal of things throughout his career. Pulier is perhaps most well known for his work alongside the XPrize Foundation as they find ways to invigorate tech entrepreneurs into finding their next big innovation. Pulier has also developed himself into quite the public persona, working as a technologist, philanthropist, published author, and public speaker. Finding success at highest levels of the tech industry, particularly as an entrepreneur, can be incredibly difficult. Let’s see what Pulier did in order to find his way to this position.

Finding a way to distinguish yourself in the ever crowded tech industry is an objective that has plagued entrepreneurs for as far back as we can imagine. However, that was never a problem for Eric Pulier. For Pulier, the world was always about technology and he was going to find his way to prosper within it no matter what. Pulier got into computers as a young child growing up in the ’80s and he was head over heels with them before the time he graduated high school. Pulier has, of course, done a whole lot more than just fall in love with computers in order to develop his talents.

Starting with his time in college, Harvard specifically, Pulier begin to establish himself as someone who was both willing and able to lead the charge. Pulier was the lead editor at the Harvard Crimson and he graduated Magna Cum Laude from the university before moving out to Los Angeles in order to pursue his dreams.

Once in Los Angeles Pulier was determined to make his mark sooner than later. Pulier landed in California in the early ’90s and he immediately started Eric Pulier own company, People Doing Things. The company focused on medical and educational technology. Before long Pulier was working hand in hand with some of the biggest people in the world. Pulier’s career highlights include working alongside President Bill Clinton to develop cloud computing solutions for neighborhoods that didn’t have access to the kind of technology to improve their lives. Pulier still works hard to this day improving and innovating.

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Madison Street Capital, an international investment banking company, was hired to act as the financial exclusive advisory firm to arrange the minority growth equity fund for Sterling Packages as their client. For over two decades, Madison Street Capital has worked hard to become the best choice for companies and individuals seeking fast working capital in the form of equity finance. For the enterprise, they have always worked hard to be the best in the industry, this is the reason why the company has attracted a wide range of clients to settle with their miscible assets. Madison Street Capital is also known or its transparent deals that never backfire. Learn more:


Sterling Packaging is one of the leading companies that manufacture containers and folding cartons for other companies in the larger part of the industrial area of Alabama. The company has also served its client companies in the United States as well as Canada. Druid Capital Partners was contacted by Madison Street Capital to provide the equity funding needed by Sterling Packaging to sustain their business needs during this harsh economic season. Learn more:


The Senior Managing Director at Madison Street Capital, Jay Rodgers, said that the company worked hard to develop intensive capitalization structures that never need assessment facilities in a manner that is not paralleled in this industry. The team from Sterling Packaging was led by Debbie Hickson and Jim who are the co-founders of the company. The two individuals have heard about the services offered by V as the best source of finance and financial advice. Therefore, they have always endeavored to achieve the most sophisticated result with the help of Madison Street Capital. Jay Rodgers of Madison Street Capital was the leader of Madison Street Capital. On the other hand, the transaction was announced by Charles Boshway as the CEO of the company.


According to Debbie Hickson, they say that the assistance they have got from Madison Street Capital will propel them to become one of the fastest growing companies that look forward to developing intensive capabilities. No one knows how to develop their animated solutions through the capital raised by Madison Street Capital reputation. On the other hand, Charles Boshway of Madison Street Capital says that they appreciate the cooperation they received from the side of Sterling Packaging Company. They also look forward to receiving more of their services shortly. Charles also recognizes the input the two entrepreneurs have put into the world of production. Learn more:


The money raised this year at the Annual Ubuntu Dinner is going to be directed to help a school campus in South Africa. The school in Port Elizabeth, South Africa should receive funds for the pediatric clinic that is planned to open to disadvantaged kids of the region. The Ubuntu program is famous for helping babies in need to when they can join the workforce. The organizers of this last event, which was the tenth so far, were able to reach their goal of nearly one million dollars.

Andrew Rolfe holds the position of chairman within the Ubuntu Fund and participated in the Ubuntu Dinner. Also at the Ubuntu Dinner, Sinesipho Rabidyani, told her success story with Ubuntu with her winning a scholarship, and receiving the much-needed support. Despite coming from a family with a father that was a difficult alcoholic, Rabidyani was able to be accepted by a Law School. She considers Ubuntu as the reason this was possible, as well as more positive change in her life. On the same night, Charlie Ross led the auction and was able to raise nearly U$40 thousand dollars. Also at the event, Jacob Lief, the founder, and CEO of Ubuntu spoke about specific needs that children need. In addition, Malizole Gwaxula accepted the foundation’s help to help her in the mission of providing children of the city with much-needed school supplies

The Ubuntu Education Fund was founded in 1999. The fund supports approximately 2000 kids in Port Elizabeth and in surrounding townships. From the very beginning, the Ubuntu Foundation helped children in giving them school supplies. The fund also helps in issues of lack of food, lives of children and serious health epidemics. The fund currently promotes stability of family members as well as medicinal needs and educational needs. The Ubuntu Fund is also proud of helping HIV-positive moms give birth to HIV-negative babies. They continue to help these children to be able to grow up and even attend university.

Andrew Rolfe is currently the Chairman of the Ubuntu Foundation. He is very qualified since he attended Oxford and holds a BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics. He also holds a Master’s in Business Administration from Harvard.

Rolfe also worked at the Gap’s International Division and worked on many international projects. Rolfe has worked at many different British companies and produced impressive results for them. In addition, he has worked for many multinational companies such as Booker Foodservice, PepsiCo, Pizza Hut, and KFC.


The state of Arizona is one of the hottest states in the union, and there are quite a few people who will quite enjoy working with Goettl Air Conditioning the first time. They have worked with this family company for many years, and they have given some of the best customer service to the people in the area. It is quite important to contact this firm for help with air conditioning units, and they have given the company many options for serving the public. This article explains how the Goettl family brand will help people.

#1: There Are Quite A Few People Who Need Service

The Goettl Air Condition staff has been trained to offer the best customer service to everyone, and they allow the customer to have flowing air in their home or other tactics that will make the house cool. There are many things that may be done in the house to ensure that it is comfortable, and there are many other people who are looking for a way to help keep the house in the finest working order.

#2: The Company Has A Reputation

The company has a reputation for ensuring that people will have the best results possible, and they will be much more comfortable where they may go on a service plan. Is it quite important for the people of the area, and they will feel quite welcome to call the company for help. It is quite simple to call the company for help, and there are a number of people who will have fun having their company serviced.

#3: They Have A Large Reach

The company has a large reach, and they will ensure that all their clients in the area will be pleased with the services they have received. They will give the client quite a lot of help and information, and they will teach the customers what it would be like if they changed the unit or altered the manner in which the customer is serviced

There are many people who will contact Goettl for help with their air conditioning, and they will find that they have much better flowing air coming through the house. They offer many options to the clients who need to have their AC serviced, and they may call the company at any time. They will provide better care and cold AC unit for the family at any time.

Greg Secker has had a successful professional career. He made his first millions in his twenties and has not slowed down since. Today he owns there companies under his Knowledge to Action Group: Learn to Trade, Capital Index and SmartCharts Software. It is befitting that his most successful company, Learn to Trade, teaches everyday-people financial literacy because Greg is very serious about helping people in need.

In a recent interview with CEO/CFO Magazine, Greg Secker discussed his motivations, passions, and outlook for the future. He is quite the risk taker having decided to cross over from his field of study of agriculture and food sciences to the unknown world of finance. His hard work and willingness to try out new things, however, saw him through this change and he even went in to become a forex trading expert at Thomas Cook Financial Services. He would later leave Thomas Cook to work at Mellon Financial Group. Greg has since blossomed into a successful entrepreneur having created his current Knowledge to Action Group in 2003.

What sets Greg Secker apart from other financial gurus is the Greg Secker Foundation. Unlike many others at his entrepreneurial level, Greg is also a philanthropist. Founded in 2010, this foundation has been engaged in empowering the youth with relevant life skills that will mold them into successful adults. Some of the projects the foundation has worked on since its formation include supporting the Ubuntu Education Fund in South Africa, supporting Typhoon Haiyan recovery efforts in the Philippines and the Christmas Basket Brigade in the United Kingdom. Looking into the future, the Greg Secker Foundation hopes to expand its current ability to improve the quality of life of people in need from all corners of the world.

As an extension of his philanthropic work, Greg Secker has also widely shared his knowledge as a forex expert through international talks and books. These talks and books provide readers with the very same tools Greg has relied on over the years to change his life. They address more than just how to make money but also include what to do with it once you get it. It is more than financial empowerment; it is life empowerment.


Jason Hope is a popular business man and an investor who resides in Scottdale, Arizona. He is also a futurist and a philanthropist. His qualities are unique especially experience and creativity. He has a great passion for technology and helping the community within which any his business lies. Jason was raised up in a humble home in Tempe and graduated with a degree in Finance from Arizona State University. He also attained a degree in MBA from W.P. Carey School of Business. Jason was also a man who admired business related politics.

Jason’s entrepreneurial career is a success. He emphasizes patience as a virtue that should be learned and practiced by all entrepreneurs. Jason advice young entrepreneurs to avoid being jumpy and hasty in their decision-making process. Each project should be done to completion before undertaking another project as without this one ends up neglecting their initial objective. Jason has detailed understanding of technology sector, which aids him in monitoring trends that in the long run help to serve as key ingredients in making predictions of what trends will take control of the technology sector.

According to Hope’s perspective, the total tally of devices being connected is on a hike. Hence, this will make the Internet of Things become a handy asset in the future of modern technology. SENS Foundation is a non-profit organization that is located in California. Its main objective is to ensure people are accessed to the rejuvenation of Bio-technologies that help in curbing age related diseases. Jason Hope recently pledged half a million dollars to this foundation as a donation to help them conduct activities effectively.

Jason Hope is a strong believer and follower of the Internet of Things. He has published several articles pointing out on the excitement he has for what he calls a new wave of advancement in the technology industry. The Internet of Things is a connected technology that allows different devices to sync with one another despite their locations. The main objective behind linking these devices is to minimize wastage and facilitate faster transfer of data. The devices to be connected are those used in daily life such as mobile phones, street lights, cars, and even kitchen appliances such as microwaves.

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Mindstrong Health, a startup known for using smartphones to diagnose and treat neuropsychiatric diseases has raised $14 million in Series-A funding from various investors including ARCH Venture Partners, Foresite Capital, Optum Ventures and One Mind Brain Health Impact Fund. Mindstrong’s AI-powered technology monitors the patterns of interaction and typing to measure brain functioning.

According to the founder and CEO of Mindstrong Health Paul Dagum, all modern treatments are based on objective measurements except for mental health tracking, which has remained subjective. In a bid to ensure better treatment for patients with mental disorders, objective treatment procedures are required. The AI-powered technology aims at delivering continuous objective measurement of cognition levels and behavior at higher resolutions.

On his side, the co-founder, and president of Mindstrong Health Dr. Tom Insel stated that the technology marks the foundation for designing better technologies to improve mental health care experiences. He further said that smartphones have the potential of offering a global solution to mental disorders. Check out LinkedIn to know more.

The technology uses scrolling and typing patterns on a smartphone to measure brain functioning. The AI-powered technology provides information about cognition and mood biomarkers including function, memory and processing speed. In a statement, Foresite Capital managing director and CEO Jim Tananbaum praised Mindstrong Health’s team for bringing this unique technology that has revolutionized the way medical practitioners handle patients with mental disorders.

About Jim Tananbaum

Jim is the founding CEO of Foresite Capital Management, a healthcare investment fund. Before founding Foresite Capital Management in 2010, Jim had co-founded and partnered with several reputed companies. Some of these firms include Prospect Venture Partners, Theravance, Geltex, and Sierra Ventures. Given his vast investment portfolio, Jim Tananbaum can be termed as one of the most successful tech venture capital investors. In 2017, Forbes magazine named Jim Tananbaum in the 2017 Midas List of the top 100 technology venture capital investors.

Over the years, Jim Tananbaum has invested in 21 successful healthcare companies including Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Amerigroup, and Amira Pharmaceuticals. Jim holds an undergraduate degree in doctor of medicine from Harvard Medical School. He also holds a master’s degree in information theory from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Tananbaum later earned his MBA from Harvard Business School.

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When drugs are introduced into the prison system, everyone behind those walls is in serious danger. Not only will a calm inmate become impossible to contain, if you add into the mix weapons, then we now have a deadly situation to be concerned about. Things are bad enough working as a corrections officer, each day we go to work we do not know if this could be our last because the inmates would love nothing more than to take out their frustrations on the only authority they have contact with.


To try and combat the war on drugs in jail, we station officers all around the visitor center to make sure no one is bringing in drugs and slipping them to the inmates. It doesn’t take but the blink of an eye for something to change hands, and then get circulated to all the inmates. We do scans, use x-ray equipment, and even have the drug-sniffing dogs on hand to try and slow down the flow of these drugs.


When we were told that Securus Technologies was in the process of updating the inmate call monitoring system in our facility, we knew it would become another resource in our efforts to clean up our jail. The company is based is Dallas, and their CEO, Richard Smith, says his employees have the single objective of making this planet safer for all.


Once I understood how powerful the LBS software, we began to get alerts almost hourly concerning drugs. What was happening was now we heard things that were slipping through the cracks. Inmates talking about hiding their drugs outside the cells, inmates talking about using drugs at night, and even inmates telling family members the best way to disguise drugs when they come to visit them inside our jail each week.