Many celebrities in Hollywood work on multiple projects at once but nobody is busier than Ryan Seacrest. So how does he manage to juggle so many different jobs at once? The 43-year-old talk show host, TV host, producer and radio personality recently sat down to discuss how he manages to keep so busy and keep track of all his different positions. Ryan Seacrest is the founder of the Ryan Seacrest foundation which seeks to encourage children to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. He is also entering his final season as the host of the long-running reality series known as American Idol, a position he has held since its inception in 2002. Additionally, he talked about how he wakes up at five in the morning to get to his first job by six.

According to the NY Times, that particular job is being the host of his own radio show, On Air With Ryan. He also hosts a morning talk show, Live with Kelly and Ryan, and on top of it all, he even has his own clothing line known as distinction. When speaking on that, he said that he found it hard to find jeans that were comfortable and affordable. So this line helps to rectify that situation. He went on to talk about how he’s so busy that he sometimes doesn’t even have time to eat lunch and when he does, it’s usually eaten standing up or in his car. As this is the final season of the hit singing competition, Ryan Seacrest (@RyanSeacrest) has said he plans on finding something to fill that gap.

However, he’s not quite sure what that will be yet. He then went on to discuss his legacy and said that he hopes to inspire the next generation of entertainers to someday follow in his footsteps, although he hasn’t given much thought to the kind of message he wants to leave behind. He then discussed the healthy lifestyle he lives and how he tries to work out as often as he can with his wife, Shayna. So we wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.


For the last three years, End Citizens United has worked to make it harder for big money to buy elections. In March of 2015 ECU was born in response to the 2010 U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Citizens United v. Federal Elections Commission (FEC). During the 2008 Presidential Primaries, the FEC blocked Citizens United from running a movie length ad attacking then Democratic nomination contender Hillary Clinton.

The ad violated Federal Campaign Finance Laws. The majority of justices ruled that corporations are human beings. The Citizens United ruling as it came to be known gave corporations greater power to influence election results.

In Texas, incumbent Republican Senator Ted Cruz is running for reelection. End Citizens United is endorsing his opponent Democrat Beto O’Rourke. O’Rourke’s refuses to accept campaign contributions from Political Action Committees (PACs). This dovetails with ECU’s policy of only accepting political contributions from private citizens to put the outcome of elections back in the hands of the people.

Cruz’s campaign has almost twice the amount of money the O’Rourke camp has. Still, the last quarter showed that the strategy of grassroots fundraising that End Citizens United employ is viable. Private donations to O’Rourke totaled $2.4 million while PACs provided Cruz $1.9 million.

Keeping people aware of the power that big money interests wield in the electoral process is one of the objectives of End Citizens United. Getting campaign finance reform laws passed is another. End Citizens United provides funding to sympathetic organizers at the grassroots level. The organizers, in turn, disburse those funds to candidates and groups committed to severing the tie between politics and corporate money.

Ted Cruz is projected to retain his Senate seat. What’s encouraging is the way the points gap between the two candidates has narrowed. In March, the incumbent was ahead of the challenger by 18 percentage points. Since March Cruz’s lead over O’Rourke has dropped to 14 percentage points. This gain is owing in part to Beto O’Rourke eschewing PAC donations and the influence of End Citizens United’s endorsement. The race has demonstrated that grassroots political contributions can counter corporate campaign contributions.

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For HCR Wealth Advisors, a registered advisory firm, doing everything it can to help its clients gives the company the chance to give back to the community it works with. They always wanted people to realize they were working hard to come up with opportunities for its clients. HCR Wealth Advisors has a lot of experience in the wealth management industry. With their help, clients can help to ensure that they are what they want to form their investments. They can also make sure they’re getting the right type of financial advisor for each of the situations they’re in. HCR Wealth Advisors knows how to help people and isn’t afraid of giving back to everyone who needs it.

HCR Wealth Advisors is looking to grow.  As they get bigger, they know how to help people and know what they can do to give more to the people they work with. As long as they’re able to come up with new options for people, they can keep showing them how their finances can help them reach their financial goals.  The firm works to understand what each of its clients need and are looking for and the firm is not afraid to provide suitable advice to each of its clients. The company continues growing and more people see it as a way to keep doing things the right way.

HCR Wealth Advisors hopes to build long-term relationships with each of its clients.  The firm feels good about the comprehensive financial planning services that it offers to its clients. The trust their business model and the way they interact and serve clients. By connecting with each of its clients, the team at HCR Wealth Advisors strives to show its clients what is possible with their investment portfolio as each client works toward reaching their financial goals.

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In mid-July, the new CEO of Papa John’s, Steve Ritchie, immediately took steps to try to improve the company after its image was tarnished by the racist comment of one of its members. After the public felt that the initial apology letter posted on the Papa John’s website lacked compassion and focused too much on damage control, Ritchie took complaints to heart and wrote a second, more personal letter. In it, he again covered the use of disturbing language by a member of the Papa John’s family and his own position on the matter, but took extra steps to express his sincerity.

As of 2018, Ritchie has worked for Papa Johns for 22 years. He used this experience to present a more balanced perspective in a fierce debate over whether companies should be punished to the point of destruction over the actions of a single person. Ritchie outlined how he will never tolerate “racism and insensitive language” by any of Papa John’s 120,000 employees that exist at corporate and franchise levels. He then outlined a three-point action plan designed to guarantee that he can keep this promise. He stated that management would travel to all Papa John’s locations to discuss this matter in-person with every employee to better understand the situation at all levels and promote diversity. He agreed that the only way to fully understand how deeply racist sentiments might exist in the company is by hiring a third-party audit firm to investigate the matter. Lastly, he asked the public to hold Papa John’s accountable. He offered to aid in this process by stating that management would continue to keep the public aware of their efforts. At the end of the letter, he explained that he wanted to regain trust. He also thanked customers for their loyalty.

Many critics have praised Ritchie for the second letter because it showed empathy and true contrition during a time when many companies are ignoring the anger of their customers and the masses. He also made a point to emphasize that Papa John’s isn’t made up of just one racist person. By noting the number of employees and their status as local community members, Ritchie showed the public that illogical anger toward the company as a whole for the actions of one person harms communities.

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Steve Ritchie, Papa John’s Pizza CEO wrote an email to their customers and contained in the email was an apology letter to their customers. In his letter, he boldly declared that he was sorry for the misgivings and misrepresentation of some folks in the company. This he had to do when stocks started dropping and U and L announced that it was removing Papa John’s Pizza’s name from its football stadium. In Richie’s letter of apology to customers, he indicated that Papa John’s Pizza is a company and not a man. He indicated that the company was made up of a group of 120,000 companies and franchise team, several of whom are locals from various communities and from various nations around the world. According to Yahoo Finance, all of whose hard work provides their customers with the best pizza services all around the world. Which therefore means Papa John’s Pizza is not a one-man business and didn’t belong to one man. So the words of one man were not the words of Papa John’s pizza.

Steve Ritchie Papa John’s iterated that Racism will not be condoned within the company and efforts to tackle every such behavior or misgivings within the company was being taken. He also said that he was going to lead a team of experts whose objective was to look into the company’s culture and diversity, alongside inclusion practices. According to Ritchie, the senior management was to carry out a survey on the streets to get feedback from the company staffs and franchise owners. This was to be done with the aim of identifying what the company was doing right and what they were not doing right. In doing all these, he promises to remain transparent with the customers in communicating his findings. He promised to put in his best in making the necessary corrections in order to gain the trust of all their customers once again and asked the customers to hold them accountable to the promises they have made to them.

In his closing remark, he thanked all their customers for remaining loyal to them and declared that Papa John’s Pizza did not have a business without their customers and they would love to continue serving their customers.

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Last Christmas Randy Nardone and Wes Edens were probably pleased with the gift left under their company’s Christmas tree – 3.3 billion Dollars. It was full payment for all outstanding shares of their, publicly traded company. Their company is Fortress Investment Group, a New York City-based investment firm which the two executives help to found in 1998.

Fortress Investment Group grew steadily from an office of only 28 people with 400 million Dollars in assets under management (AUM). From there the firm grew steadily to 1,100 employees, 40 billion Dollars (AUM), and 15 offices around the globe. Fortress Investment Group was the first large-scale private equity investment company to go public. The firm launched its IPO in 2007 and began trading shares under the ticker symbol FIG on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

Through the years Fortress Investment Group has acquired some of the most talented financial professionals with expertise in the field of private equity. That is the asset which led SoftBank, the Tokyo, Japan-based multinational, to pay a fortune to purchase the firm. Following the buyout during the last week of December 2017, Fortress was removed from the NYSE and taken private again.

SoftBank is mostly a holding company. The behemoth Japanese firm owns significant stakes in over 400 companies. Most of the company’s investments are in technology. The primary concentration of SoftBank’s holdings are in these sectors:

• E-commerce
• Internet
• Fixed-line communications
• Tech services
• Broadband

SoftBank may now own the company, but they do not control its day to day operations. That’s due to government regulations which limit foreign control of American assets. The intent is to protect US national security interest. To that end CEO Randy Nardone and Co-chair, Wes Dens remain at the controls at Fortress. In any event, SoftBank has achieved its purpose in acquiring Fortress Financial Group, which is to let the world know that the Japanese holding company is determined to become one of the largest investment companies in the world.

When the Citizens United bill went into place, it meant the money people donate has such a small impact on parties and candidates. Since major corporations are now able to donate as much money as they want to the people they want in office, they have the chance to spend millions of dollars toward the candidate. This is unfair to citizens because they have to compete with this. It makes it harder for people to do things the right way and it makes things more difficult for those who want to try to change the future. End Citizens United is doing just that. The organization works to fight back against the government and these corporations that are trying to invest even more money in candidates they want. End Citizens United is not necessarily a part of a political party. They are on the side of citizens who don’t want to compete with corporations. See more of End Citizens United on facebook

The industry changed a lot since citizens united went into place and End Citizens United is doing everything they can to fight back against that. They want others to have the same chances as they do while they’re trying to fix things for all of them. They also want people to realize they’re doing things the right way instead of going past the citizens. They do not work with big corporations and that causes some problems for them, but they don’t care about the issues that come from everything they’re doing.

The ideas End Citizens United has for the future allow them to feel good about helping other people and giving back to the industry. They want citizens to feel they are a part of a country that cares about them. The United States is all about citizens and that’s what needs to be the priority. The power needs to go back to the hands of the people. The organization is now doing everything they can to make sure these things happen so they don’t have to worry about what’s going on in the same industry. It’s their goal to always give back while helping the citizens. Read more: 


Millions of freelancers look for work online these days, and there are tons of jobs available on sites like Upwork. As a freelancer, it is necessary to have a good market reputation and stay organized. It helps in getting a consistent amount of work on a regular basis. If you are a freelancer and want some tips on how to stay ahead of the game and be one of the top freelancers on the popular job site Upwork, then here are the few tips you can follow. Upwork recently posted an article online on its blog that mentioned some tips on how to perform well and generate consistent revenue as a freelancer. One of the first tips is to have a to-do list that you must update on a daily basis. It helps to provide clients with work on time and not miss out on any deadlines. The freelancing work is all about professionalism and deadline, and you must complete your work duly within the time limit that has been mutually discussed and decided.

Upwork says that the freelancers must assign a time limit to all the tasks they take up and complete them on time to ensure that the clients are satisfied and doesn’t have to wait beyond the deadline. Any work that is submitted later than the deadline leaves a wrong impression on client and freelancer may get a negative review for it as well. As a freelancer, there are tons of applications out there that you can download on your phone for maintaining a to-do list. Such apps have tons of features and would remind you if any work is pending or any deadline is approaching. For freelancers who want to stay on top of their game, having a to-do list is essential.

Make sure that every task has a deadline and priority assigned to it. No matter what your specialty is as a freelancer professional, it is essential that you keep your clients satisfied with the work you provide. Having a to-do list would help you stay organized as a freelancer and ensure that you do not get complacent over time, which is one of the common problems among many freelancers.

Sheldon Lavin is a philanthropist and well-established business person in the UK. Lavin qualifies in financial advisory where he studied accountancy in the University of Illinois. The individual manages large-scale sectors, and he can create an empire of businesses. When you think about successful entrepreneurship, you think about Lavin. Today, young business people are looking up to Lavin as their role model in establishing businesses with a brighter future. Lavin graduated with a degree in business from Roosevelt University and majored in finance in the Northwest University. After completing his studies, Lavin established a consultancy agency known as the Sheldon Lavin and Associate in the downtown Chicago.

For over 15 years, Sheldon Lavin worked in his establishment by offering consultancy in food production and finance to food processing companies. Over the years, Lavin made an impact in the development of various firms by raising their production capacity. Lavin used the company’s funds to conserve the environment through performing sustainable practices. As a good leader, Lavin used delegation of roles to his workers as a model to realize areas of weakness in the production process. The leader does not believe that the company can only perform well when he does things himself. The individual gives room for teamwork in his leadership. Lavin evaluates the production of a firm through customer satisfaction, availability of resources, and available technology.

Sheldon Lavin was the financial adviser for the Otto and Sons, the predecessor of OSI Group. Lavin helped the company in its development in the commercial phase. Today, Lavin is the chief executive officer of OSI Group. OSI Food Industries processes, packages, and distributes processed quality beef, pork, and chicken products to the whole world. Recently, the company completed its extension of the production of chicken to 24,000 tons annually. The development resulted from the fast-increasing demand for chicken products in Spain and Portugal.

OSI Group raised its total production capacity of quality beef, chicken, and pork products to 45,000 tons annually. Sheldon Lavin helped in the company’s breakthrough in the transformation from a local company serving only Illinois to an international firm with facilities in more than 17 countries across the world. The company listed in the top 100 food processing companies globally.

An entrepreneur and CEO of Bumble, Whitney Wolfe has been making her presence felt in the business world for quite some time. A native of Salt Lake Utah, Wolfe is the co-founder of the major dating app Tinder. Still under the age of thirty, Wolfe has built an impressive career and net worth. She is well known as one of the top women business leaders in America.

Whitney Wolfe is a graduate of Southern Methodist University, where she earned a degree in International Studies. She started her first business at the young age of 19 when she began selling tote bags. Unlike many people who start businesses, her focus was on helping others. She used her product to help people benefit by the major BP oil spill of in 2010. Wolfe’s bags gained lots of interest, including attention from major celebrities such as Nicole Riche and Rachel Zoe. Wolfe was well on her way to a successful career in the business world. Visit on her twitter account for more updates.

In 2012 Whitney Wolfe began one of her biggest projects. Along with Sean Rad, she began working on the dating app Tinder. Wolfe would eventually become the vice president of the company. Whitney Wolfe focused on promoting the product to college students which helped it to grow rapidly. Just a two years later she began working on an equally successful product, Bumble. This dating app was centered on women and giving them control during the dating process. The app had quick success, gaining more than eighty million matches. As of late 2017, Bumble has more than twenty million registered users.

Whitney Wolfe has been recognized for her success in business. In 2014 she was named one of Business Insider’s 30 Most Important Women Under 30 In Tech. On multiple occasions she has been recognized as one of Forbes 30 Under 30. Wolfe and her work have been featured in a number of major publications including TIME, Wired UK, Forbes and Fast Company.  Read more: