If you’re someone who struggles with anxiety, depression, or any other form of mental illness, you’ve undoubtedly heard of some of the many treatment options designed to help patients cope with, or possibly cure, their mental struggles, many of which, include CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) and various pharmacotherapies. But what about the people who have an aversion to medication, or the people who have found CBT to be unsuccessful? Fortunately, TMS Health Solutions offers a new approach. If you’re not already familiar with TMS Health Solutions, it is a Sacramento, CA-based facility that prides themselves on providing alternative treatment regimens for those struggling with depression.

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Founded in 2007, as Mindful Health Solutions, the company was later rebranded as TMS Health Solutions, TMS being an acronym for “transcranial magnetic stimulation.” The apropos name change is one that perfectly aligns with the facility’s overall objective, which is to provide patients with not only a drug-free but also, non-invasive solution toward treating depression and anxiety. What does this alternative treatment entail? TMS Health Solutions uses magnetic stimulation, which according to the company’s website, is designed to stimulate the front part of the patient’s brain, which in turn, reduces depression and anxiety. Although this type of treatment may sound like something pulled from the pages of a sci-fi novel, it has been proven to be very effective; in fact, this treatment option received FDA approval in 2008, and is also, covered by many health insurance providers.

Who is a candidate for transcranial magnetic stimulation? This type of treatment is recommended for those who have not responded to other treatment options, like CBT and pharmacotherapies. Although at first glance, one would be inclined to associate TMS with electroconvulsive therapy, the two are very different. In fact, TMS is everything that ECT is not; ECT is shock therapy, which requires general anesthesia and has the potential to alter a patient’s brain chemistry. Although both approaches have been shown to effectively reduce depression, and other forms of mental illness, TMS is clearly the safer alternative.

Needless to say, TMS is quickly becoming a preferred treatment for many people, so much so, that TMS Health Solution has announced plans to scale their business. Although currently based in Sacramento, they plan on opening a second location in Roseville, making their services available to even more people. TMS Health Solutions currently treats an average of 3,000 patients annually, however, with the expected expansion into Roseville, these numbers are sure to increase.

Jed McCaleb is an innovator and entrepreneur that has been continuously working to create products that benefit people. He has always been at the forefront of trends. He invented eDonkey, a massive file-sharing program, followed by the very first bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox. Next, McCaleb created Ripple a program that offers a variety of payment options for banks, businesses, people, and so on. All of this rich history and his brilliant mind has led Jed to marked success in his career. was Jed’s next big conception. It is a universal financial network backed by a non-profit that allows for more people to be in control of their finances. They offer digital education guides to help users learn more about e-currency and other financial literacy topics. Jed came up with the idea for Stellar when he learned that 2.5 billion adults do not have access to banking due to lack of opportunity or inability to pay fees. Stellar gives those people the opportunity to have a safe place to keep their money or other financial assets. Stellar’s financial infrastructure is being used to in developing countries already. It has already become a helpful tool for many people and is expanding to reach even more individuals.

Jed McCaleb, the creator of Stellar, also serves as an advisor to Machine Intelligence Research Institute (MIRI). They are a non-profit organization that is working towards artificial intelligence (AI) that can benefit mankind. He feels so strongly about their cause that he has made personal donations to their cause. McCaleb has been intrigued by the limitless possibilities of AI. From file-sharing software to an internationally successful financial network, Jed McCaleb is a man that is always thinking about the next big thing. The difference between him and other inventors is that he is focused on having a positive effect on the global community, he wants his creations to be beneficial and puts extreme thought and care into his work.

Joel Friant, the developer of the Original Habanero Shaker, has used a lifetime of business experience to achieve success with his products and different business ventures.

Before he developed the Original Habanero Shaker, Joel worked in the real estate business. He worked both as a salesman and as a remodeler of old homes. Joel worked in this business until 1995 when he had an idea for a new restaurant concept.

Joel took this concept and opened the first Thai based fast food restaurant America has ever seen. The restaurant was a great success and while working at it Joel had yet another idea.

He noticed that his customers really enjoyed dishes that were made with the habanero pepper. They saw this pepper as exotic and Joel wanted to find a way to make it easily accessible. He dried and flaked some quality habaneros and the Original Habanero Shaker was born.

People enjoyed the perfect level of spice delivered by the Original Habanero Shaker, and soon it was available at nearly every major grocery store in Washington State.

Riding the success of the Original Habanero Shaker, Joel reentered the real estate business, this time opening his own office that offered competitive loans for real estate mortgages. In 2008 when the financial crisis struck, Joel had the idea to study success. He looked at a number of successful people and determined what traits they possessed that helped them become successful.

Joel developed a success concept called the Income Thermostat. He used his research to conduct seminars and publish articles in the hope that people would learn from him and become successful themselves.

Joel still teaches success and continues to grow the Original Habanero Shaker. He also studies cryptocurrency and shows others how they can take advantage of block chains to create wealth and success for themselves.

In the world of Forex trading, one company AvaTrade is helping investors to learn and navigate the complicated and overwhelming platform of Forex trading. Before utilizing the services provided by AvaTrade it is just as important to what they are as it is to know what they are not.

What AvaTrade Is:

  • A financial resource for online traders.
  • A guide to help investors understand the complicated world of Forex trading including currencies, time zones, and best trading times.
  • Definitive values with customer defined relationships allowing investors to know what they are paying for.
  • A financial resource that will help investors navigate the world of Forex trading and give them confidence to trade on their own.

What AvaTrade Is Not:

  • AvaTrade will not do the work for investors.
  • AvaTrade will not tell investors how much to trade, but will assist investors by providing information on how investments have done so they can utilize this to make informative trades.
  • Forex trading is complicated and AvaTrade will not provide you with everything investors need to know.

AvaTrade is a company that was created in 2006 in Dublin, Ireland by a group of web-commerce professionals and experts with the purpose of helping investors make informed decisions before making online trades. AvaTrade boasts over 200,000 members and the company trades over $60 billion per month. To help members receive the information they need before making decisions about trading, AvaTrade provides 24-hour multilingual support, regional offices and sales centers in Paris, Dublin, Milan, Tokyo, and Sydney, and can provide advice on Forex, stocks, commodities, and Indices. AvaTrade provides a learning platform that is beneficial to both experienced and novice investors alike and has established integrity and reliability among the online trading community. To help the needs of all its members AvaTrade provides numerous trading platforms, the ability to trade on mobile devices that support Android or iOS, as well as automated trading. To give members even more power to make informative decisions, AvaTrade has the option of trying out a free demo account giving investors the chance to understand what they are getting into before investing real money.

Whether you are a novice investor looking to start online trading, or an experienced investor looking to diversify AvaTrade is the right platform to give you the tools and information you need before investing your hard earned money. With an established reputation and financial oversight investors are assured that AvaTrade is there to provide them with the help they need to navigate the complicated world of online trading.

Established as the Passport Club in 1989 and changing its name to The Oxford Club in 1991, this private investment group boasts more than 157,000 members living in over 130 countries. Founded on a simple principle, “to help our Members grow and protect their wealth”, this club full of investors and entrepreneurs has had financial success throughout varying market conditions. Operating under its creators (William Bonner) vision of merging old-world sensibility with modern technology to create a private financial club where members could benefit from investment advice through personal connections instead of mainstream press, The Oxford Club has been successful where other investment companies have failed.

The Oxford Club helps grow its member’s investments through its four investment strategies that include A Well-Balanced Investment Diet, Have and Exit Strategy, Size Matters, and Cut Your Investment Costs. The first strategy, A Well-Balanced Investment Diet, takes the age old principle of diversification one step further by not only diversifying among multiple stocks but also diversifying among multiple risk levels and asset classes. By diversifying their investments under this principle an investor’s portfolio is able to withstand the ups and downs of the stock market without losing all their capital. The second strategy, Have an Exit Strategy, is important because it is just important to know when to sell as it is to know when to buy The Oxford Club will only advise its members to buy as long as they have a plan of when and how to sell allowing members to get out early before sustaining large losses if an investment is not performing well. The third strategy, Size Matters, advises members to avoid making the common pitfall of becoming too attached emotionally to a particular stock or investment and instead operates utilizing a positioning formula to advise members when it is time to rebalance and resize their investments. The fourth strategy, Cut Your Investment Costs, under this principle members are advised how to legally avoid large IRS taxes as well advising members without charging large fees like many fund managers do. By avoiding front-end load and back-end load fees Oxford Club members can reduce their investment expenses and retain a higher percentage of their portfolio’s return.

The Oxford Club, operating under its four investment principles, helps members create and maintain diversified investment portfolios that maximize profit and minimize risk and loss. On a routine basis The Oxford Club researches hundreds of investment opportunities and identifies the ones with the greatest potential for growth and profit and the lowest risk and passes this knowledge on to their members. While utilizing modern technology without compromising personal relationships the members of The Oxford Club have enjoyed financial success for over two decades and show no signs of stopping.

If you are looking forward to revamp your home decor, add cabinets which are not just functional, but also beautiful and affordable, Siteline Cabinetry is the best option. It is The Corsi Group’s latest brand which was launched in the market in 2015. It is a full access brand featuring 270 material and finished options, all at competitive prices as well as in variety of attractive styles designed to fit in almost any building.

The brand is pre-engineered and manufactured using updated equipment of the industry. Although there are varieties of designs available, you also get the facility of having customized product in four to five week’s lead time. Homeowners find the idea of customizing their cabinetry fitting in their needs and desires very refreshing, hence most of them remodel their home either completely or in specific areas like kitchen, bathroom or any specific room.

Many homeowners find renovation an arduous task, but with Siteline Cabinetry you will find the entire time refreshed. Getting back to your normal life will be fast making your life more comfortable and easy. The main intention of The Corsi Group is to solve the space problem and management homeowners are facing these days because of small apartments where they live. Along with functionality, the aesthetic appearance of the room is automatically perked up using this product.

So, regardless of the area where you wish to have some cabinets to solve your space management problem, you can convert your bathroom into luxurious bathroom or kitchen into a most convenient and attractive place with Siteline Cabinetry. Kitchen can be converted into surprisingly easy to handle space during rush hours of the day with different sized and styled cabinets to handle all your small as well as big things within the kitchen area. The only thing is that you need to find an authorized dealer near you to take you smoothly through the entire process of installation.

Dr. Mark McKenna is one of the most intellectually gifted beings on the planet. The New Orleans-native has quickly made a name for himself ever since he graduated Tulane University Medical School. The guy is a prominent medical doctor that possesses board certification in medicine and in surgery. This certification comes from the Louisiana Board of Medical Examiners as well as from the Georgia Board of Medical Examiners. McKenna’s a dedicated servant of his community, and he has displayed this remarkable talent throughout the city of New Orleans. After starting his medical profession, he would venture off into real estate. Dr. Mark McKenna launched his very own real estate development firm that was known as McKenna Venture Investments.

On top of that, he has launched other successful companies that range in diversity. This includes Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title Inc. Being such a natural-born entrepreneur, he has been able to generate copious amounts of residual income. By obtaining these companies, he has been able to expand business-portfolio by leaps and bounds. It would be extremely hard trying to find another person that is as passionate than he actually is. Dr. Mark McKenna moved to Atlanta after 2005, and he launched the prominent Shape Medical Wellness Center. ShapeMed was one of the top, state-of-the-art medical practices in Atlanta. It’s a trailblazer in a sense as it offered the services of Botox, hormonal therapy, Juvederm and other spa treatments. ShapeMed was a team of elite clinical-staff members, which has helped the company reach “Black Diamond” status.

“I’ve never truly had a job,” stated McKenna. He has always found ways to work for himself. Dr. Mark McKenna is very down-to-earth as he is a loving father as well as a dedicated husband. The future looks pretty good for Dr. Mark McKenna as he’ll continue to push the boundaries in the health & wellness field of work.

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For many HR representatives, the process of hiring a new applicant is a routine one. They put out a job description on the company website or LinkedIn and begin wading through numerous applicants. This is time consuming and doesn’t always yield the right results.

A Better Way To Hire

GoBuyside, a recruitment platform, radically improves the hiring process. They both source and screen prospective hires, making sure the right job applicants get in front of the right people. Fortune 500 companies, hedge fund managers, and other investment groups all trust GoBuyside to deliver results.

Applicants applying through GoBuyside are required to take an aptitude test, which includes open-ended and short analysis questions that assist in giving an overview of the applicant’s skills and abilities.

Global Reach

GoBuyside is based out of New York but has a global footprint. They have placed hires in 16 countries and 52 cities worldwide. They operate a global talent network of more than 100,000 people.

Giving Employers Direct Access To Candidates

The GoBuyside platform eliminates the middle man – often a headhunter – to connect prospective hires directly with employment opportunities. This ensures that the individual or company making the hire maintains control over the process the entire time, and get to make independent decisions about the candidate.

Comprehensive Talent Solutions

Whether a company is looking to make a short-term hire for a consulting project on market research, or a long-term hire to deliver results over many months and years, GoBuyside offers its clients a comprehensive array of talent solutions.

21st Century Vision

In an interview with Inspirey, GoBuyside founder Arjun Kapur described his vision for improving the hiring process. His years of experience in the finance industry inspired him to found the company when he noticed how uneven the hiring process is at most investment banking firms. All too frequently, he said, candidates and employers are faced with a lack of transparency. There had to be a simpler and clearer way to hire, and this led him to found GoBuyside.

Arjun Kapur received a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Johns Hopkins University and a Master’s in Business from the Graduate School of Business at Stanford.

Bradesco bank recently witnessed the monumental stepping down of the bank’s chairman for over 25 years. Ninety-one-year old Brandao told the press that it was time for the leadership of the bank to change hands. The successor of Brandao is Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi. Brandao’s philosophy related to promotions was based on internal hiring. He preferred to choose from the company’s own pool of executives, making Cappi the handpicked choice for his replacement as chairman.

The Bradesco bank began as an initiative in Marilia in the year 1943. It was one of the first banks to place it managers in a customer assistance role. The first president of the bank was Amador Aguiar, the man who developed the vision and philosophy of the bank. The bank has a long history of innovation. Bradesco bank was among the pioneers in the use of computers in the country in 1960. In 1990, the Bradesco began using fiber optics and lasers and initiated the use of Brazil’s high-speed technology for the first time. This system integrated images, data and voice into one. The bank also consolidated its social and environmental role in the 2000s. By 2010, the bank had spread its branches all over Brazil and become a well-known name in banking.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi occupied the post of chief executive officer (CEO) prior to his selection as Bradesco bank’s chairman. He took birth in Marilia in 1951. He is a post graduate in sociology and politics from the University of Sao Paulo. He began his professional journey with Bradesco bank in 1969 as just a clerk. He steadily rose in the company’s ranks through his commitment and hard work. He occupied multiple roles over the years. Prominently, he functioned as the CEO of Bradesco Seguros S.A. from 2003 till 2009. He has also served as the president of several committees. His work in the pension plan zone of the bank has also been pivotal to the bank’s success. He also took on the responsibility of shifting the bank’s primary location from Rio to Sao Paolo.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is also a sitting member of various boards, such as the Brazilian Federation of Bank Association and the Fundo Grantidor de Creditos. He took over the significant post of CEO of the Board of Directors of Bradesco Bank in 2009. He is only the second chairman of the bank, as the successor of Brandao. Further, he is one of just four CEOs of the bank to date.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has taken the bank to greater financial heights. The bank has shown a considerable increase in assets under his leadership. The bank’s assets have risen from 32 million dollars to a massive 78 billion in 6 years. Cappi has been a high performer as exemplified by the rise in equity returns to 29%, beginning from 22%, in the very first year of his presidential role. The bank has seen an increase in the number of account owners from 22 to 27 million since the year of Cappi’s inception as bank chairman. A similar massive increase was seen in the number of savings bank accounts. Further, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi predicts the entry of almost 20 million new account owners.

As Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi takes up bank leadership, the question of who will replace him as CEO of the bank remains an important one. Several bank executives have been shortlisted for this post, from within the bank. Cappi mentioned that the final selection of his successor would be a reflection of the heterogenous composition of the bank.

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This seems that now and in the future employment market will be tightening into more of a workers market and not a company market. This has led many companies to now think about recruiting and employment differently, by offering more pay and more perks to try to make potential recruits and talents come to their company instead of the competition. There are many new companies out there that give companies the new technology of recruitment and employment to search for the best talent out there that will fit the job needs the best. One of these companies is called GoBuyside. This exciting new company gives the other companies the ability to search engines and Internet websites to gain the best talent and to recruit the best. With the ability to sort for great talent companies can have an edge over the competition and have some of the best workforces in the industry.

Nowadays employees are not aiming to just get a job but they want a job that going to pay well give them benefits and give them a few things to join the company. As employees resumes are getting better and better companies need to adjust for this and of all the things that potential employees want. This company gives employer those opportunities to search thousands of websites and other leads to find talent that they want for the job. One of the best things about this company is the pricing model. Big companies are given a great price to find new talents and find new workers so that the company can have a very good workforce and also be able to recruit some of the best coming out of university or training programs. Companies are now realizing that a key to success is not big numbers but by having some of the best people in talent and your space. That is why now companies are using search engine companies and recruitment companies so that they can have the best chance of convincing new talent to come to them instead of the competition and earn more profit in the industry.

Recruitment can be hard especially in today’s age of technology. Many employees are not using old-fashioned ways to look for jobs such as newspapers or television but now using the Internet to look for jobs. This means that you need to be able to represent your company in the online space and to also advertise within job openings to the tightening market talent. At the job market becomes tighter and employees are gaining the advantage you need to be sure that you are using the best companies today for finding new talent. Next time you need to recruit, use GoBuyside.

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