Jason Hope is an Arizona-based entrepreneur, philanthropist, and futurist who has his ear to ground when it comes to the Internet of Things (IoT). In a world where technology is evolving quicker and quicker, he wants everyone to know about some of the benefits of the Internet of Things. The Iot is a term that speaks to the many devices that are being connected to the internet on a daily basis. Devices like cell phones, tablets, home appliances, cars and other vehicles, and much more is becoming a part of the phenomenon.

Jason Hope has pointed to research that suggests that millions upon millions of devices and objects will soon be a part of the IoT. These will be controlled remotely through a computer app or other technological gadget. This will help these devices and objects to work more efficiently and will help to improve the economy. He expects that there will soon be a major explosion in the industry and wanted to put together something that would help people navigate the world of the IoT.

Jason Hope figured out a way to do this, and that way was publishing an eBook, which is called “Understanding the Internet of Things Revolution: A quick guide for thriving in the IoT era.” This book guides the reader through this amazing new world and covers the possible benefits people will reap from the revolution. He has also acknowledged that there will be some risks, and the main one is security. he believes it is crucial that there are regulations put in place that will protect society. His book is available on Amazon’s Kindle app, which makes it very easy to access, and readers are already beginning to discover the amazing future that lays in store due to the IoT.

Jason Hope attended Arizona State University where he earned a degree in Finance. He also earned his MBA while studying at Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business. On top of his interest in the IoT, he is involved in the world of biotechnology where he donated $500,000 to the SENS Foundation to help with its mission of treating age-related diseases before they ever occur.

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Fortress Investment Group is an alternative asset management company that has dominated the industry for a significant number of years. The company has grown in all dimensions which include substantial assets, huge investments, and the number of customers the company serves. Financial analysts have been studying the company’s strategies that make it stand out among other investment organizations that seem to have stagnated. However, it is clear that the entity has adopted an approach of dealing comprehensively with the challenges it faces in its quest to be one of the largest wealth management entity around the world.Competition is one of the challenges that every company operating in a profit-making industry should be prepared to meet.

Many organizations are pushed out of the market by large multinational corporations while others have poor marketing policies which expose the entity to extreme competition leading to collapse. However, Fortress Investment Group has been able to weather all competition it has been facing in the industry. Some of the marketing policies adopted by the entity include aggressive marketing measures that help the body to penetrate even the smallest markets. Through aggressive marketing, this entity has become the market leader in the industry hence determining the market trends and standard measures.Uncertainty in economic trends is a challenge that has made many firms close down their operations after they found it hard to thrive in harsh economic conditions. Galloping inflation and opposing forces of demand and supply are likely to impact any sector with the potential of destroying all entities operating in such an industry.

Fortress Investment Group has been able to overcome this challenge by investing in various fields.This means that the body does not face extreme loss if catastrophic financial uncertainty faces one of its investment.Adjusting to changing technology is another weapon that Fortress Investment has used to remain relevant. Technology evolves fast, and so does the demand and needs of investors. Fortress has been able to match the changes in technology by ensuring that any innovation that emerges is instantly incorporated in the operations of the company. Furthermore, Fortress Investment Group has been able to adapt to the changing demands of investors who are choosing investments in technology-related fields. Changing to suit the needs of the customer has enabled the firm to remain relevant and active in a period where other asset management entities have been caught behind the fast-changing world.

Avanca is an international manufacturer and designer of mobile lifestyle accessories. The company had set up a crowdfunding campaign for its brand new design and innovation, the Ockel Sirius B pocket PC. The pocket-sized PC is powered by Windows 10 and is convenient for students, business owners and more. Avanca entrusted NewsWatch TV to create a promotional video review for its new product so its Indiegogo campaign can quickly reach its goal of $10,000 within 30 days.

NewsWatch TV’s team not only produced a professionally made video, they had aired the segment on television and through its online channel. The promo segment was seen in more than 200 U.S. markets and reached over 96 million households across the United States. The Indiegogo campaign had remarkably raised over $456,000 in only 30 days. Avana’s marketing director, Nathalie van Wijkvliet, shared that the crowdfunding campaign was only a success because of NewsWatch TV and she highly recommends their excellent services. Avanca had later returned to NewsWatch TV and hired them for other promotional services.

NewsWatch TV is an multi-award winning American television show that began airing in March 1990. The show currently airs on the AMC Network and ION Television and primarily discusses breaking consumer, technology, medical, travel and entertainment news. The show’s AppWatch segment showcases and reviews brand new apps for every device. Its popular consumer electronic review segments feature some tech devices that have yet to hit the market.

Many U.S. celebrities and entertainers that wished to share a cause dear to them or discuss issues have been invited to NewsWatch TV for exclusive interviews. Some of the celebs that appeared were Denzel Washington, Mila Kunis, Jennifer Lawrence, Will Smith, Bradley Cooper, Vin Diesel and many others. NewsWatch TV is hosted by Andrew Tropeano and features many special reports by Michelle Ison, Amanda Forstrom and Eric Forrest.

Anil Chaturvedi has a rich profession. He has been a banker for more than 40 years with a vast expertise in investment banking, private & corporate banking, and commercial banking. Anil Chaturvedi went to Meerut University in India where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree with an incredible honor in Economics. That was back in 1971. Afterward, Anil went to pursue a masters at Delhi University the Delhi School of Economics in 1973 and attained the M.B.A. Along with his career journey, Anil has served in very envied positions. These include being a branch manager at the renowned State Bank of India. He also served in ANZ Grindlays Bank in the New York City. Anil Chaturvedi’s current position is that of a managing director at Hinduja Bank in Switzerland in the sector of private banking. Anil Chaturvedi specializes in the cross-border transactions done between the India and Europe communities.

A breakdown of his history in his profession is something that inspires many. Between 1993 and 2011, Anil was a managing director of the Merrill Lynch. Merrill led in private banking services serving the regions in Asia, Europe, United States of America, and India. Earlier on in 1991, Anil served for two years as the vice-president & senior representative for the operations of USA in ANZ Grindlays Bank in New York. He served in this capacity and his major roles were to lead the bank operations. He was assigned the role of product development, development of leadership skills, regulatory and compliance matters, and designing a profitable model functional for the bank. Anil Chaturvedi began his career journey at State Bank of India as a manager for development and planning sector in 1987. His tasks were the creation of a strategic plan and implementing the market strategies. This was targeted towards the non-resident Indians who were living in the United States of America. Because of his efforts in the docket, immense success in marketing and implementation strategy was recognized and led to new business. This won him an honor for the Man of the Year Award. Since them days, Anil Chaturvedi continues to foster excellence and comprehensive skills in the banking industry.

In case you were wondering where all of the meat you eat at fast food and signature restaurants come from, take a look at the OSI Group. This company is considered one of the largest meat providers on the planet. It boasts 65 facilities which are in 17 countries. There are well over 20,000 employees respectively. The beginnings for this company were small but overtime rose up and is now dominant in the global economy.

The OSI Group has deep rooted immigration history. Otto Kolschowsky was part of the German community in the early 20th century. He was living in Chicago Illinois at the time. During that time German descendants made up a fourth of the city’s population.

This was where Kolschowsky set up his meat market and became a small town butcher. By the end of WWI, his business was booming. Because Kolschowsky was experiencing success in meat retail, this prompted him to try his hand at wholesaling.

It worked. Kolschowsky needed a new place to operate his business so he moved to the Chicago suburb called Maywood. Even during WWII, the business stayed successful. What really made it take off was when Kolschowsky met Ray Kroc. He was a McDonald’s franchise owner at the time but eventually bought it out and became CEO.Kroc used Kolschowsky as his primary meat supplier. When he became CEO, Kolschowsky was supplying meat to all of the Mcdonalds restaurant chains. OSI Group buys former Tyson Foods plant in Chicago.

It took two decades for Otto & Sons to becomes OSI Group, but thanks to Kroc they had a product that was successful and bringing in money. What made the relationship between Otto & Sons and McDonald’s even closer was the invention of cryogenic freezing. This corporation had the daunting task of supplying every McDonald’s franchise with ground beef. Not only did this flash freezing process help, it cut costs at the same. They were able to get the meat to every McDonald’s franchise without it spoiling.

The OSI Group has been doing good business. They now distribute meat to almost every business. OSI Group will be around for a long time.

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It didn’t take the Chainsmokers long before they were noticed when they started producing music. For the first couple of years they were working together, Alex and Andrew, they were making new music together day and night, though none of it was getting released. In 2015 is when they started putting out there music to the public and it was a specific collaboration on the song “Roses”, that really brought the group to new heights. This brought them into the spotlight and because of their natural talent together, virtually every song they released was a new hit that went to the top of the music billboards. Today, the Chainsmokers are a known all over the world for their amped up party music and mellow beats, dominating the hip-hop and EDM genres.

Although they took a short hiatus back in 2017 to regroup themselves, the Chainsmokers are back at it releasing new music on a regular basis to their fans. They have even released a teaser video to the public showing how they are making one of the latest songs. It’s quite short, but it is pretty interesting to watch nonetheless. Alex and Andrew have said they will put out more detailed videos of them creating some of their best songs. Considering the profound success the band has already obtained in less than two years, its safe to say they aren’t going anywhere soon. Most people think the Chainsmokers have been around for a long time due to the number of smash hits they’ve had dominated the charts for so long. The truth is, they are still very much growing as artists and they want to try out new things as often as they can.

According to the CHainsmokers, that was part of the reason they took a little break from their music and the media because it was very limiting and critical to them as musicians. While it can be an amazing life as celebrities, it is also a double-edged sword that comes with many downsides, including other people sometimes forgetting that celebrities are just people too.

Financial stability is everyone’s desire, and therefore people seek to have a reliable and competent as well as a long-term financial coach whose got a positive review. In Australia, the residents are lucky to have the Infinity Group Australia at their disposal to deal with any financial issues they face once in a while. The fact that many financial organizations offer financial services does not mean that they are genuine and have the clients’ interest at heart. People gain trust and confidence in an institution that delivers on its promises and offers them a variety of options to realize financial wellness. For the Infinity Group Australia, it is committed to helping clients get rid of their debts alongside other services something other institutions do not offer. The company works towards ensuring that their clients do not take up loans to clear other loans which can be damaging to their financial fitness. In that case, it offers them ideas of generating finances to clear these loans without getting further deep into debt.


Other than debt reduction, the Infinity Group Australia assists their clients in creating wealth whereby they protect their assets and ensure their investments are profitable to their expectations and satisfaction. People do not always know how to create wealth, and the firm offers all the necessary help while minimizing the rate of risks involved in every business venture. Offering clients workable approaches for acquiring wealth is a major objective of the company. The fact that most people have fixed incomes annually which they have no idea on how to invest means that they fear their plans may not work and therefore fail to invest. With the Infinity Group Australia, it is possible for an individual to invest the little they have successfully as they will be offered the required guidance and support.


When it comes to retiring, many people fear that they may suffer financially without the monthly income they are used to annually. The Infinity Group Australia helps these kinds of people to plan for their retirement money and put it into proper use that will help them earn monthly and see them through that period. With specific financial goals, an individual can be assisted by the company to make them a reality by investing in the right business. Additionally, the company can help people plan for their retirement way before they retire so that by the time they do, they already have a stable source of income. By starting to save for retirement early, it means that one does not have the financial pressure that comes with such situations and the Infinity Group Australia makes things easy for people when that moment comes. Having an institution to trust with one’s finances is comforting as one is assured of a better financial future. Learn more:

Alex Pall and Drew Taggart of The Chainsmokers sat down with interviewer Mathias Rosenzweig to talk about their success as artist and where it all started and the values and goals they have that continue them through this journey.


Alex Pall explained that DJing had always been a hobby of his. He did most of his DJing around New York City which began the start of his career. Pall says that he was at an art gallery when he realized that dance music which was becoming a big part of his life and he really wanted to give it a serious shot. That’s when his manager introduced him to Drew and they both began working on their music together full time.


Pall makes it clear that he and Drew have a connection. This is because they both share the same work ethic with a lot of talent to bring to the table. Pall and Drew both brainstormed together sharing experiences, interests, and other facts with one another to help build an identity around their new careers. Taggart and Pall both work intensively on their music together every day as they had “a lot to learn and a lot of ground to cover”.


It becomes clear in the interview that Pall’s ultimate goal is to be able to connect with people of all identities. By doing so they put out work that’s more personal and humanizes them because there are a lot of artists that don’t associate their personal identity with the music they put out. They also incorporate several different types of music genres into their songs. By continuing to find new ways to connect them with their audience they are sure to continue to gain recognition and that is what makes him most happy about the work he does. You read Pall talk about the efforts that went into his songs and you can tell his heart is really in his work.

A young 23 year old student, lives her life without knowing the opportunities she could take advantage of right at her fingertips. Zahra Jangbar finds her niche and amazing opportunities in her new school The Academy of Art University located in San Francisco, California. Zahra is one of the many students that have enrolled in he Academy of Art University’s successful programs. To name just some of the programs offered… Art Education, Advertising, Acting, Fine Art, Art History, Game Development, Graphic Design and even more. Zahra would have never guessed that she would work in animation or stop motion for that matter. But the fact that she could use her costume design program in such an innovative way, inspired her to do these amazing projects through the academy. Now, Zahra is on her way to a bright future with knowledge that will take her far in this technological time that the world lives in.

How does someone know what they want to do with their life in the Arts? Especially if they were never exposed, like Zahra? If you aren’t sure, The Academy of Art University have counselors ready to help you find out what your true passion is, and where to start. With dedicated staff willing to help you any time you need, you will soon find your passion and make it a reality. Even without a foundation of Art background, you can absolutely succeed in this profession with the right guidance and the right school behind you.

One of the main concerns with attending such a prestigious University in these types of programs would be cost. The Academy of Art University provides many options as to how to pay for your future including: financial aid, installment programs, scholarships, international payments, interest free plans and more. Flexible ways to pay for your education is available to you. Don’t let money stop you from succeeding in your career.

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Founded in the year 19998, Fortress Investment Group is the premier company in terms of asset management. It has specialized in recapitalization, buyout and retraction. The company has focused in offering services in various categories such as real estate, permanent capital and private equity investment. Over the years, the firm has diversified its services globally is successfully managing assets of more than 1700 institutional clients and private investors across the world. Their offices are located in New York City, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Italy, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

Softbank’s acquisition of Fortress Investment Group. On December 2017, Soft Bank Group declared the completion of the acquisition deal of Fortress Investment Group. The financial company paid around $3.3 billion in order to get the Fortress investment group. From then henceforth, the Soft Bank Group have been owning all of Fortress shares. Also, the SBG management has confirmed how Soft Bank group followed all the statutory requirements needed for the acquisition. The Fortress shareholders have already accepted the change of ownership and they are now operating as an independent firm but under Soft Bank. Furthermore, Soft Bank officials acknowledge the move to acquire Fortress. They consider it as a good idea and particularly advantageous to their investment segment strategy.

Services Offered by Fortress Group

  • The company invests in undervalued assets together with illiquid or distressed credit investments.
  • The firm invests in financial services especially in real estate, transportation & energy/infrastructure, loans servicing, telecommunications, healthcare and consumer finance
  • It invests in energy, healthcare facilities, consumer discretionary and power generation equipment.
  • During financial distress, the enterprise will attempt to gain control over corporate ownership through liaising with the board of directors of the respective company
  • It plays an important role in the launching and management of a variety of funds, including hedge funds, real estate funds and private equity funds.

The Core Competencies of Fortress

  • The company has specialized in the investment of assets and also in providing finance as well as ownership of the assets
  • It has skilled employees that have specialized in various sectors. They have also managed to create good interpersonal relationship with top companies worldwide hence boosting the business.
  • The firm has tools of assessment that help them to gauge the value of advanced investments.
  • The firm is well experienced in mergers and acquisitions in that; it can work with top managers, directors and other stakeholders in coming up with the best strategies.