With all the crazy paced lifestyles people live, it can be expected that some things might be placed on the back burner. It might surprise people to know that it is most often health that takes the back burner in most cases. With over six hundred thousand deaths from cardiovascular diseases each year, health should definitely be one of your priorities. Especially when knowing that about twenty percent of these deaths could have been prevented with simple fixes such as dietary and exercise changes. That is a pretty sobering thought, don’t you think? Part of improving your health and lifespan is getting pre-screening checkups and a company call Life Line Screening can help with that.

Cardiovascular disease is really a silent killer. The disease do damage to your heart over a long period of time without a person knowing. I guess you could say it is like being slowly poised to death. By the time you feel anything it may be too late. Heart attacks are almost always fatal. There are no second chances. Getting a Life Line Screening is a real benefit. Whether the scans show illness or not, most people find they have been motivated to make real and lasting lifestyle changes.

Recently Life Line Screening has done a study on about three thousand of its customers. The purpose of this study was to determine if getting a screening could motivate people into making lifestyle changes to improve there overall health. The research found that regardless of the test results, everyone in the study was motivated to make a change in there lifestyle and well-being. Whether it be dietary or in exercise. More interestingly, the study also found that people that were screen as seriously ill or close to it, would be more inclined to follow there doctors advice and take proper medications.

The importance of getting a cardiovascular screening is obvious from the outset in that you can’t tell how bad heart damage is without it. Live Line Screening can tell you were you stand. It can also give the necessary motivation to change your lifestyle for the better. Founded in Texas, Life Line Screening not only provides cardiovascular screening, but also Finger Stick Blood Tests, Ultrasound Screenings, and Electrocardiograph. With such full service screenings available they are really a great company to check out. It is also important to remember that we have a lot of chances to prevent this kind of disease as well as others.

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Saygus, an up and coming smartphone manufacture from the United States recently launched a new line of products in Barcelona during the Mobile World Congress. Organized by GSMA, the Mobile World Congress is the largest gathering in the world for the mobile industry. Saygus enlisted the help of NewsWatch TV for the massive event in Barcelona as well as to help boost their crowdfunding campaign through entrepreneural launchpad Indiegogo. The results were enormous; their goals were exceeded by over a quarter of a million dollars, raising $1.3 million dollars for the company.
Originally airing on the AMC network (formally known as American Movie Classics- a premium basic cable channel since it debuted 1984) in the United States back in March of 1990, the award winning TV program now reaches nearly 95 million American viewers in addition to being broadcast in Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Estonia, Hungary, Israel, Latvia, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Ukrain, and the United Kingdom. Aside from basic cable, NewsWatch TV is also available on several satellite networks (such as Dish, DirecTV, Bell TV, and Shaw Direct), IPTV (Internet Protocol television – Bell TV, AT&T, Optik, VMedia and ZaZeen), and streaming media (Sling TV, Apple TV, and Playstation Vue).
NewsWatch TV is based out of the U.S. Capital, Washington D.C., and now airs on all Ion Television affiliate stations as well as numerous Independent local stations in addition to AMC. The program itself airs during the typical early morning hours of most news channels with focus on consumer news, celebrities news & interviews, reviews, and breaking news including governmental news and public service announcements. The program also promotes national non-profit awareness campaigns. Recent awards received by NewsWatch TV include a Gold and Platinum 2017 Marcom Award, the national 2017 Videographer Award, and a 2016 Silver Telly Award as well as being nominated for another.

The online economy faces many opportunities and challenges. Specifically, the virtual marketplace has long been the domain of virtual game assets and in-game items, and with the creation of the Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) there is now a decentralized platform where anyone can participate in the market for those items and even fractions of physical assets with the governance of Guilds and Transfer Agents.

Responsible users, known as Transfer Agents, are in charge of regulating the buying and selling of assets. Supervising them are another regulatory layer, the Guild, which is held responsible for the correct behavior of its Transfer Agents. If the Guild members fail to do their duty, they can be voted out of power by the users themselves in favor of someone else in the online community. A delegated proof of stake consensus algorithm also keeps the WAX token tied to the correct virtual asset.

While this system is currently in place for virtual tokens, the enhanced security may lead to non-virtual assets being bought and sold as well. As the system proves itself, the value of those physical assets will also rise. The incorporation of physical assets has another benefit as well, by linking along the blockchain with frequently traded virtual items. That reduces the chances of hacking, as any hacker would have to create and rehash all transactions following that manipulation.

By doing so, WAX has the capacity to reshape the online token industry, from purely virtual items to physical assets as well, while retaining a high level of accountability and security for its users.

Malcolm CasSelle is president of WAX and the CIO of OPSkins, which is a primary online marketplace for buying and selling web video game items. He has founded and worked with many startups in the digital gaming and media industry including XFire, MediaPass and a Groupon-Tencent joint venture in China. He holds degrees in computer science from both MIT and Stanford University.

Malcolm CasSelle is also a well-known investor who has helped with over thirty social media, cryptocurrency and bitcoin, and gaming startups as a financier, mentor and advisor.

The craft beer industry is exploding in Canada. For example, in 2015 there were 644 brewing facilities in this nation. In 2016 that increased to 775 which matched its historic high. There are now 2.7 breweries per 100,000 adults in Canada (Inspirery). The province that has the most breweries judging by per capita is New Brunswick, at 8.1, while the lowest is Mantibo where this number is 0.7.

Eli Gershkovitch is a big name in the Canadian craft brewery scene. He started out his professional career as a lawyer. During this time he became well acquainted with completing and filing liquor licenses for the clients of his law firm. He was interested in the industry as well and so in 1995, he opened a craft beer pub in Gastown, Vancouver. His company is named Steamworks Brewery and Companies and he is the chief executive officer. The reason for the name of Eli Gershkovitch’s company is due to the fact that his pub and brewery are in a historic building that uses steam power for energy. This means that Eli Gershkovitch’s brewery operates under this form of power which makes his brewery special.

Once people became familiar with Eli Gershkovitch’s new pub it became a very popular place for locals to hang out at and enjoy his new craft beers ( Nowadays tourists also flock to this pub because the word has gotten out how great his craft beers are. Among the beers that he serves at the pub are Steamworks Pale Ale and Lion’s Gate Lager. Eli Gershkovitch’s pub serves around 15 to 17 craft beers at any time and the flagship beer is Flagship IPA.

Eli Gershkovitch has a number of beers that have achieved awards. BC Craft Beer Awards has twice honored his pilsner with their Best BC Craft Beer Designation, for example. In 2013 another beer of his, a pumpkin ale, earned a gold medal at the prestigious Canadian Brewing Awards. Before introducing a craft beer to his customers he will take years perfecting the brew which has led to his pub’s stellar reputation.

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Glen Wakeman is an American businessman and entrepreneur who later became a successful financial executive. He has been developing businesses and managing companies for more than 21 years, and his experiences in the financial sector have given him the knowledge and expertise on how to run a business and make it successful ( Glen Wakeman believes in five business principles: leadership, human capital, execution, risk management, and governance. He stated that following the five laws of business will transform a business into a thriving firm that can withstand challenges along the way.




Glen Wakeman believes that a company must have a strong leadership. Without it, the business is in a danger of collapsing. Successful companies have amazing leaders who drive and guides them to success. Leadership is an essential aspect of managing a business because of all the decision making involved in running a company (


Human Capital


Human capital pertains to the employees working in the company. Glen Wakeman believes that the employees must be taken care of, giving the benefits that they need and ensuring that their rights are protected. The company should also focus on their welfare, making sure that they are being treated fairly and justly.




Managing a company requires a firm executive who would execute all of the plans for the company’s future. They need to have a firm stand on what they wanted to do for the company.


Risk Management


Every business is partnered with a risk. There are possible risks that could send the firm into bankruptcy, and one has to be aware of it. Risks are standard and they are found in any business, but it is up to the business manager on what they can do to remove the threat to the industry.




All of the business principles stated would never work without good governance. According to Glen Wakeman, companies must ensure that the management inside the company goes within their rules and regulations. Good governance also causes the business to grow and thrive.


Glen Wakeman is currently managing his business called Nova Four, which has the primary objective of helping small businesses to alleviate their performance and become successful.

Dr. Mark Holterman is known for performing cutting-edge surgery, researching new therapies, teaching students and guiding surgical residents at the University of Illinois and the general public through articles and lectures. He’s also Mariam Global Health’s CEO. Now, Dr. Holterman is offering his support to several health-related charities worldwide. They include the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam also called IPSAC-VN (Poria.Medicine.UIC).

Working with IPSAC-VN, Dr. Holterman recruits volunteers to donate their money or skills to work with hospitals and medical schools in Vietnam. They train staff and students to help sick children get the advanced pediatric surgical procedures they need. To participate, volunteers, need a medical license, a valid passport, a resume and the ability to spend 6 or more months in Vietnam. IPSAC-VN also provides medical equipment to give Vietnamese children self-sustaining medical care. IPSAC-VN also does surgical outreach into the remote highland of Vietnam.

Children’s Surgery International is another excellent non-profit charity. CSI runs a foster home for orphaned Vietnamese girls 5 to 18 and provides compassionate care for girls born into poverty. They provide surgical services, treatment, self-sustaining care and lifestyle programs using volunteers. They help children worldwide with medical and surgical services.

Dr. Mark Holterman is a surgeon, researcher, professor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He graduated summa cum laude from Yale University with a degree in biology and went to the University of Virginia where he got both his Ph.D. and MD.

At the University of Virginia College Health Sciences, he earned a fellowship in pediatric surgery. Dr. Holterman is attending pediatric surgeon at Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital, St. Francis Medical Center and Rush University Medical Center. He’s also been a University of Illinois College of Medicine professor for the past 6 years.

Dr. Mark Holterman is Mariam Global Health’s CEO. The investment and business management firm provides healthcare companies with the support they need to develop new technologies and conduct groundbreaking medical research. Dr. Holterman does research dealing with emerging medical technologies like cancer treatments, obesity management, and stem cell regeneration therapy. He has also written many medical texts and peer-reviewed papers.

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Perry Mandera, the owner and founder of the Custom Companies extends his support to various organizations within the Illinois State. An article titled “The ISCC’S law enforcement legislation and training initiatives” looks at one of the initiatives that have benefited from Perry Mandera’s experience in the transportation industry spanning over thirty years. His involvement with the ISCC results from his commitment to helping other people in the society. At ISCC, the focus is on reducing the juvenile delinquency and crime, as well as enhancing interactions between the public and the law enforcement officers.

Perry Mandera also works closely with the SmartWay to ensure that people adhere to the environmental protection. The SmartWay is at the forefront to ensure environmental protection and has a program dedicated to environmental protection. Perry Mandera’s interest in working with the SmartWay was because of their effort to reduce carbon emissions into the environment by freight trucks. Through this program, Perry Mandera and the SmartWay ensure that program participants and the environment receive maximum benefit through protection from carbon emissions. Running such successfully collaborations with other organizations has endeared Perry Mandera to the hearts of many people who understand his role and contributions towards a better environment and neighborhood.

Background Information about Perry Mandera

Perry Mandera attended the Chicago high school, a public institution. He graduated from the school in 1975 and applied to work with the U.S Marine Corps Reserves ( His application went through and he joined the Reserve immediately where he got an Honorable discharge later to become a civilian once again. He started his own venture at only 23 years in 1980, but he later sold it in 1985. Perry Mandera later joined politics where he served as a ward Committeeman representing 26th ward, Chicago as a Republican representative from 1984-1988 (LinkedIn).

Perry Mandera started the Customs Companies, incorporated in 1986 where he served a wide range of customers, both large and small. In 2000, the transportation association of Illinois named Perry Mandera as the Top 100 American transportation executives of the millennium, where he is a member of the board currently. Perry Mandera continues to dedicate his resources and time to helping members of the society mainly through his Custom companies firm.

There might be so many articles about Stream today that’s more than you can possibly read. You couldn’t read them all even if you wanted to and even if all that information is essential. In this article, we will try to address that by only offering you a concise information about Stream without bowdlerizing the article. Shall we move on?


The Latest News

It could be one of the many essential information you can read today the fact that Stream Energy has recently been selected as one of the Top 10 Companies in Texas today that are able to offer outstanding Electric Services to the people. The award has been gathered by a marketing strategies company that surveyed thousands of companies and compared their performance to various criteria.


Some of the most common criteria selected for the awarding ceremony included the ability of the companies to focus on their goals, their utmost dedication to their craft and to the local reputation garnered by the company. How the survey results were garnered as a result of a combined calculation of various sector from 5,881 customers. The companies that scored the highest regarding the criteria set will get the topmost recognition.


It could also be helpful in your research to say here that it was Cogent Reports that reported the recognition. With the help of the Texas Retail Electric Provider Brand, Stream Energy was chosen as part of the Top 10 because of how it was able to offer customer-centric activities that provide value to so many people.


About Stream Energy

What you don’t know about Stream Energy is that it’s a company that offers customers all the conveniences and functions of a good company that no other competition can be able to compete (Facebook). It’s also necessary for your research to include that Stream is one of the companies today that can offer a Multi-Level Marketing program to its customers and representatives. With the programs in Stream’s line-up, more people can have a chance to earn a profit while at the same time enjoy the services of a globally leading and award-winning firm. With the reputation of Stream, it’s not hard to imagine why right now it has earned billions of dollars.

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There are so many interesting things you can learn about Jorge Moll. There’s hardly a desolate place online where you can’t find a good information and background about Jorge Moll. One of those things that you may be interested to know is that Jorge Moll graduated from his medical studies at the Federal Univ of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1994.


This achievement has made him to complete his other studies in the same school. It is also his achievement as a neuroscientist that he’s able to pursue his studies on the brain. But is that all the information you can find? Read below to know more.


The Latest News

One of the most updated news that you can learn about Jorge Moll is the information you can read about his work in the Washington Post. In the article, the research from Jorge Moll about the natural ways of behavior of human nature spells a lot of controversial consequences (Facebook).


It seemed to suggest that those who don’t help others or who try to be selfish are people who may have a brain damage. It also suggested that those who practice an “End Justifies The Means” attitude towards things are people in the sample size they studied to have a brain damage. This is an overwhelming discovery and has a lot of new contribution on how we should understand people’s immorality.


There’s also a lot of discussion in the feature about Jorge Moll on the attitude and behavior of psychopaths ( These people usually feel no remorse and empathy. There are also studies from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders that the behavior of these people with psychopathic tendencies show that morality to them should be held in a different standard.


About Jorge Moll

Jorge Moll is the neuroscientist and neurosurgeon that wrote a thesis on moral judgment when he was still studying at the University of Sao Paulo. His studies on Experimental Medicine and Pathophysiology, and his being a part of the Faculty of Medicine of the school shows that he’s one of the leaders today who push the boundaries of brain research.



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Cancer Treatment Centers of America was founded in 1988. It is a private and for profit organization that specializes in treating all types of cancers and eventually finding a cure for the disease.The organization also treats malnutrition, depression, and anxiety as well. The main headquarters of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America is located in Boca Raton, Florida. There are five other locations around the country as well. These are Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Goodyear Arizona, Newman, Georgia, Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Zion Illinois. In conjunction with the NFLAA (National Football League Alumni Association) and LabCorp, Cancer Treatment Centers of America is launching a campaign to get the word out about prostate cancer screening.

The program begins on September the first and continues until October fifteenth. The goal here is to get as many men aged forty and older signed up for prostate cancer screening. for the first two-thousand men who sign up, they ill get a free prostate cancer screening courtesy of LabCorp. If men still want to get checked and the slots are full the price for the exam is only twenty-five dollars per exam.The NFLAA has teamed up with these organizations to spread the word about prostate awareness.

Former coaches like Herm Edwards, Bill Cowher, and Dick Vermeil want to encourage men to get tested. They are doing this through public service announcements and a program called Prostate Pep Talk. It is aimed to help men take the health of their prostates more seriously.With the team of Cancer Treatment Centers of America, the NFLPAA, and LabCorp treatments for prostate cancer are receiving the coverage and awareness that it long deserves. Even at a cost of twenty-five dollars, it is definitely worth the cost to save a mans life. All of these organizations wouldn’t have it any other way.