Chris Burch has been working as an entrepreneur for longer than most aspiring entrepreneurs have actually been alive. With over 40 years of success in the industry, Burch has earned the right to tout himself as one of the best in the industry. His resume is as decorated as they come and his success is varied and fitted between vastly different industries. From luxury resorts in Indonesia to custom luxury tiny home fabrication, Burch has done it all. With that being said, Burch isn’t here to brag about his accomplishments. He’s here to help people make their own dreams a reality, see also

In order to succeed as an entrepreneur, you have to work hard, connect with the right people and embrace the right business concepts. While this all sounds obvious, there is an undercurrent that underscores it all and that is trust. Burch believes that you have to be able to trust the people, businesses, and concepts that you are developing or else you are doomed for failure. For Burch, it is easy to trust his partners because he has developed the ability to read people to their core and get to know the aspirations that they have. Without this ability, Burch knows that life would be infinitely more difficult, watch more info here at (



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While trust is important, maybe the most important thing, knowing how to maintain your self-worth is also important. When we talk about self-worth, we aren’t talking about financial values. What we are talking about is instead the idea of our own confidence and how we pursue our business interests going forward. If failure has the tendency to knock you down and leave you feeling terrible, you need to re-adjust your approach. Burch prides himself on his failures and he knows that he would not be half as successful today if he didn’t fail and learn from them.

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Louis Chenevert is one of the people who has excelled very well in business. He has managed to hold some of the top positions in corporate America. He is currently an adviser to the Goldman Sachs, but before that, he was the CEO of the United Technologies Corporation. He is popular for the role he played while working with UTC. For six years, he held the position of the CEO and made a great difference in the company. He transformed the company into one of the business organizations in the world while the whole world was going through the struggles of post-2008 financial crisis. To show the difference that Chenevert created, the share value of this company grew by three times.

Louis Chenevert will go down history lanes as one of the best executives at UTC. He created a foundation that will take the company through a number of generations. In the period that he was in the industry, he guided the company to make profits while others were making losses. He set the foundation by laying out a definite short term and long term plan. Even the CEO who came after him recognizes the difference that he left. He is a great person to emulate since he meant well for the company.

Louis Chenevert is remembered for making changes at UTC, by facilitating technological development. The application of advanced technologies is one of the reasons this company is still relevant. He also realized that there is no day technology will take the position of the human brain. He invested heavily in the education of workers. Every worker at UTC has access to opportunities to further their studies. Through technology and human power, this company is now set to make more innovations in the coming years. These are two factors that will guide the development of the company.

Before Louis Chenevert was appointed the CEO, he had worked for this organization in other position. He started by working for the Pratt & Whitney subsidiary in Canada before he was appointed as executive vice president for the parent company. He later rose to the position of President at Pratt & Whitney.

The Chainsmokers is an EDM-Pop group that is the home of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. They are not only widely known for their good music but also incredible DJ Sets. Some of the songs in their collection include “Closer”, “Something Just Like This” and “Paris” to name but a few. Since they released their debut EP, they have gone on to release great songs that have been well received by their large and surging fan base.

The group has also been recognized in many awards ceremonies. The Chainsmokers were the recipient of a Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording, an award and recognition that every artist in the world fancies. The group has also enjoyed great success in the music world. Since they released their album “Memories…Do Not Open” the album has been a great success.

The album has been at the top of charts in the world and it also picked the No.1 spot on Billboard Top Dance/Electronic Albums chart. The album ranks among the top ever produced records that fit under the dance/electronic music genre. Another good news for the Chainsmokers duo; Alex Pall and Drew Taggart is that their collaboration with Halsey “Closer” has been certified diamond in the United States. This is a clear indication that the song was positively received in the U.S and a sold at least 10 million units.

Not many artists have been able to achieve such a feat and this is good news to both Alex and Drew as well as to their close collaborator Halsey. The dynamic duo shared the good news via Instagram. Halsey thanked the group for giving her such an opportunity as the song was her breakout single. Ever since Halsey has never looked back and she has gone on to make many other songs.

In addition to earning such a feat, The Chainsmokers have also had the opportunity to amass huge income. They have been ranked among the top world’s highest-paid DJs-producers earning $45.5 million from their music and touring. This is an achievement that saw them beat their fellow stars, David Guetta, Steve Aoki and Diplo. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart believe in their talents and skills and are hopeful for the best in near future.


Clay Hutson has immensely contributed to the music industry, that artistes and stakeholders are grateful for his work. The audio engineer initially studied theater design prior commencing his career in Nashville. A good number of projects he works on revolve around rock music. The event production manager has a company where he directs, creates and manages concerts and music gigs. Clay Hutson’s firm has revolutionized sound mixing, audio setting, and stage rigging, making him one of the biggest names in event organizing and live music industry.

Clay Hutson’s knowledge in marketing enabled him to build an established firm. He is skilled in the new audio development and illumination concepts, and his talent and confidence are what keeps the company going. Mr. Hutson is grateful to technology as he says that computer-aided designs go a long way in dimensions and setting equipment for an event. It is not easy being Clayton Hutson. The production manager admits to working for long hours and paying attention to detail even as he works hard. Clients are important to him, and that is why he and his team always strive to give the best.

Some highlights in Clayton Hutson’s career include being part of the 2005 world tour called “Bleed Like Me”, where he worked as the bands’ monitor engineer. Hutson and the band toured different parts of Europe, North America, and Australia. The audio engineer’s role was to control the automatic rigging system for Onerepublic. They held their concerts in North America and Asia. He has also previously managed a tour for Prince.

Clay Hutson wears many hats. When not managing stages, coordinating tours, working on studio productions or managing events, you will find him uplifting upcoming artists. His love for music has seen him change how people view live music shows and production design. Working for Kid Rock has been a pleasant experience for him. Mr. Hutson says that to maximize productivity, he has to start his day early, look through his schedule, plan well and coordinate with his team.

To succeed in entrepreneurship and business, Mr. Hutson believes that one should double check and even triple check everything they do. Doing business can be challenging. One should, however, strategize well to grow and check on their failures. His vast knowledge in live music performance and dedication is what has made him thrive in business. Owning and managing a live music firm has not been a walk in the park. Clay Hutson, however, continues to grow and expand his company.

Tech savvy Robert Deignan is a master of technological puzzles. Not only does he solve the many problems of software and hardware that can occur, but he also solves the human problems that creep up using technology. As head of ATS, a company he founded, he and his team have been solving problems for people in the tech world for over 20 years.

Robert was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where he still lives. He graduated Purdue University with a degree in Organizational Leadership. Playing briefly for Miami Dolphins and the NY Jets, Robert then co-founded Fanlink, Inc before starting ATS Digital Services.

When technology works, it streamlines your business and your life. More than anything, Robert Deignan believes in a functional culture within the organization, whether it’s his own company or yours. Technology can create systems that bridge the gap and create solid workflow. Robert prides himself on having a team that can support all your needs big or small

Doing business is hard enough, but creating the systems and things that run your business doesn’t have to be. ATS Digital Services, is the company you go to for outsourcing your technology systems, whether it’s Customer Service, Tech Support, Live Chat, or Outsourcing your email.

In addition to business help, ATS Digital Services offers help for a plethora of tech issues that when they flow smoothly can make anyone’s life easier. from cellular repairs, setup, and activation, to tricky tablets or your laptop or desktop ATS can access to your entire system so that everything can be taken care of remotely. Or someone can come to your home or business and do the heavy lifting and installing

Robert believes in creating a stable business environment, and that technology can provide a basis. In his own professional life, he balances going with his gut feelings with crunch the numbers. In creating ATS, Robert noticed that customer support was inadequate at best, or was too expensive, and inconvenient. He wanted to bring a supple and stable way of doing business and dealing with challenges to other businesses by resolving all the technological puzzles.


Alastair Borthwick was a renowned journalist, broadcaster and author of two books that are vastly different from each other but have remained timeless classics in their separate industries. Alastair Borthwick was granted the privilege of being featured in Glasgow’s blossoming outdoor scene for the “Open Air” section of the Glasgow paper. Alastair Borthwick contributed his articles that spoke about working, middle-class people that originated from Glasgow and Clydebank and trekked to the Highlands – when able – on weekends. Alastair Borthwick was born in Rutherglen, Scotland. As a child, his family moved Troon and then Glasgow, where he was a student at Glasgow High School. He decided to end his school education at the age of 16 in 1929 and committed to working at the Glasgow Herald. His beginning assignment was taking down copies from telephonic correspondents. Soon after he became an editor of a few featured pages. Borthwick was assigned to the 5th Battalion, the Seaforth Highlanders as an Intelligence Officer in the second World War.

After the war, Borthwick was asked to write about his Battalion history and it was published in 1946 under the title “Sans Peur”. The Seaforth Highlanders battalion that he was assigned to battled from North Africa, across Italy, and several countries in Europe. By the end of the war, Alastair and his wife named Anne – married circa 1940 – decided to move from Glasgow to the area of Jura. In Jura, Alastair took on a new career in crofting and fishing with broadcasting. Alastair’s second book that was published in 1994 was titled “Battalion: a British infantry”. This book received prevalent acclaim during its release. During the 1960s he transitioned into television where he produced around 150 half-hour programs for on a variety of subjects for the local Grampian TV. By the 1970s, the Borthwicks resided in Ayrshire on a hill farm. Shortly after, Alastair was placed in a nursing home that was located a short distance from his home. Beith was the area that Alastair spent five years before his passing. Alastair Borthwick (@alastairborthwickauthor) lived an incredible life from February 17, 1913 to September 25, 2003.

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It is not uncommon for professional people to take on new roles that are outside of their original training and expertise. Success in one area can often spill over into another area. Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade is such an individual. He is both a medical doctor and an entrepreneur with a practice that spanned the Brazilian North and Northeast.

Forty years ago, his career path set the stage for him to become a Brazilian car assembler and distributor. He presently serves as Chairman of his company’s Board of Directors. His jump to business owner came in 1979 when he purchased a Ford dealership. He bought his vehicle and the dealership went into bankruptcy before it could deliver his vehicle. It seems he was motivated to change how dealerships operate. This is the deal that created CAOA. In less than six years, his company became Brazil’s largest Ford dealership.

The good thing about Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade’s positioning is that Brazil is primed for the auto market. In 1992, Brazil opened its borders to vehicle imports. In 1998, Brazil opened its markets to the Subaru brand which he represented. This led to Subaru tripling national sales of the brand. Hyundai sales also improved under his leadership.

His expertise in the auto industry also blossomed when Hyundai approved him to become an auto assembler of their brand. He spent $600 million of his own money on the deal. He chose Goiás for the plant’s headquarters. This made sense because the location is strategic for growing a mega supply chain, and distributing vehicles thorough his country and surrounding countries.

The days pass by quickly for Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade. He gets up earty and has little time for lunch. The meetings are long and there are a lot of reports to read. He has a lot of pride in his work, and the recognition and awards prove his worth. Every day is a study of how to improve operations.

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Hussain Ali Habib Sajwani is a successful entrepreneur from the Middle who was born in 1954 to a middle-class family which lived in Dubai at the time. His family believed in the power of educating their children and their thirst for knowledge granted Sajwani the opportunity of receiving the first government scholarship to the United States. He went to the University of Washington where he graduated with a degree in economics. From the time he was young, Hussain Sajwani was always thirsty for education because he wanted to get a white-collar job. Sajwani also had the urge of being very successful so that he could have the opportunity of advocating for Muslims back in the Middle East who were being mistreated at the time.

Hussain Sajwani’s Personal Life and Career Journey

DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani inherited his entrepreneurial talents from his father where he sold watches he used to import from China. His father was a hardworking man who used to work for long hours in order to be able to provide for his family. His mother was also a business lady who topped hawked goods to local ladies. Hussain Sajwani is a married man with four children and he is determined to follow his father’s footsteps by ensuring that his children received the best education.

Immediately Hussain Sajwani graduated with his economics’ degree from the University of Washington, he was given a job at GASCO where he served as a contracts manager. However, he did not stay in the company for long before he got a new job at the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company as a subsidiary. During his time at the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, Sajwani was able to use his vast knowledge in economics to bring numerous developments for the company. Nevertheless, Hussain Sajwani was always determined to earn great things in his life and that is why he left Abu Dhabi National Oil Company to start his own company. He was able to start his own company in 1982 under the name DAMAC. The company was a property management company that started by managing several assets in the Middle East. View Sajwani’s accolades.

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Although there are several food production companies, one of the top option of all is OSI Group. It is an American meat processor company that focuses on the production of protein items, packed and sold in retail for value in hypermarkets. OSI food solutions were founded in 1909 by CEO Sheldon Lavin, and President David is a privately owned company with international headquarters in Aurora, has been in service over 65 amenities in 17 countries.

OSI food solutions have been considered as the premier global food provider because of their firm dedication to their consumer’s success. The OSI group has always made sure that they deliver quality, worth and rationalized processes while optimizing prices. In November 2016, the British Safety Council presented OSI group with a prestigious Globe of Honor Award 2016 for representing quality in environmental management. The British Safety Council for the exemplary management of environmental risk.

The company also have a worldwide reach that offers employment to lots of people and even quality foods. There are lots of restaurant outlets that OSI services worldwide. In August 2016, the company acquired a regulatory stake Baho Food which is a Dutch company with branches all over Netherlands and Germany. Baho foods combined with OSI food solution is a guaranteed rise in sales and manufacture. OSI Group didn’t stop there but went ahead and bought Flagship Europe in the year 2016.

They purchased the company’s production of tarts, iced up poultry and condiments. With backup from OSI management, Flagship Europe will be in a position to get new openings on the European region.The growth of OSI food solutions has speeded worldwide because of the consistency of its production and also the quality and welfare of the food. Again OSI food solutions work with the latest technologies for industrial services such as X-ray equipment and metal sensors that permit and reject strange objects during the manufacturing process.

They are the top 100 food company because of their commitment to quality foods thus maintaining their position within the global market. This has also created a mutual relationship between the OSI Company and its clientèle thus making the future bright for both parties all over the world.


Paul Mampilly is an investor who is ready to transform the investment sector by all means possible. His way of operating is training as many Americans as possible about stock investments and how they can invest like professionals. Mampilly is a trusted source of investment information. He has been to Wall Street and conquered.

His record as an investor is impeccable. After two decades of investing, he has acquired skills that can only be compared to the mighty in the financial industry. Paul Mampilly is a corporate portfolio manager and a Wall Street Guru. At the height of his prominence in the Wall Street, he was the hedge fund manager of the Kinetics Asset Management.

Mampilly left Wall Street at the age of 42 after he felt that he had made enough money from the industry. He also wanted to use knowledge to benefit millions of people as opposed to satisfying the need of a few wealthy individuals in the Wall Street.

Paul Mampilly started his career in the Wall Street in 1991. He was working with Bankers Trust as the portfolio manager. He then advanced to other corporates such as ING, Royal Bank of Scotland, Deutsche Bank. With every step of growth, he was moving closer to managing multi-billion accounts. His ambitions finally came true in 2006 when Kinetics Asset Management hired him as a hedge fund manager in 2006. The hedge fund had $6 billion to be traded. After working with this hedge fund, the amount swelled to $25 billion. The Barrons featured the hedge fund as the Best Hedge Fund. The annual growth rate of the company was 26 percent.

While Paul Mampilly was in Wall Street, he made another achievement. He participated in an investment competition that involved the best minds of Wall Street. He won the competition after he returned 76 percent of the initial capital of $50 million. He marked his territory as the best in the industry. To make it even sweeter, he managed that achievement during the 2008 recession. He never short any of his stocks at the time.

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