With Papa John’s engulfed in scandal over the appearance of being a racist company in the aftermath of the happening of two incidences with racial undertones, Steve Ritchie stepped up to extinguish those perceptions. Steve Ritchie is the Chief Executive Officer of Papa John’s, a nationally renowned pizza delivery company. Steve Ritchie disowned those views and behavior of one particular individual by stating that the view of one individual does not represent the entire Papa John’s company nor should it reflect on company that is 120,000 strong. The 120,000 employees at Papa John’s are diverse and are drawn from the community and hold the same values us everyone else in the community. To prove that this is true to the public, Steve Ritchie plans to hire outside auditors to come in to verify that this is true of the employees within the company. Check out Papa John’s latest commercial here.

Also, Steve Ritchie Papa John’s will seek out the input of their franchises and its employees by sending out members of the senior executives at Papa John’s to collect them. To alleviate any possible concerns that the public may have with regard to Papa John’s employees behaving similarly bad as the individual in question to customers, Steve Ritchie promised that neither he nor the company will put up with similar conduct by any of its 120,000 employees. Visit to know about Ritchie’s benefits and salary.

In addition to extinguishing any perception that may exist as to Papa John’s being a racist company, Steve Ritchie offered his apology to anyone who may have taken offense upon hearing of these incidences with racial undertones. The apology made by Steve Ritchie was sincere, clear-cut, and unequivocal so as to let it be known that both he and the company are opponents of such views. Besides masterfully resolving the situation, Steve Ritchie thanked Papa John’s customers for being such great and loyal customers to the Papa John’s brand.

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Hussain Sajwani was in 1954. Hussain was born in a middle-class family that used to be conservative in Dubai. He pursued his education at the University of Washington where he attained a bachelor’s degree in Economics. He has a great desire for acquiring skills and knowledge. He had a great interest towards achieving a degree that would help him to pursue his career in white-collar professional jobs. He was also interested in working for regular hours. As per his official biography, he seems looks like a young man with ambitions. Hussain joined a medical college in Baghdad after he attained a government scholarship. He did not finish this course though. His father used to operate a watch and pen store used to work there all day long. This store was based in creek-side Deira district.

He also used to run various real estate projects in Dubai. On the other hand, his mother used top hawk goods to local ladies whereby she used to buy fabric from while sale market to sell this. Hussain Sajwani joined the world of business by first working at his father watch shop when he was approximately three years old. This encounter offered him an opportunity to learn about the various issues that a business person encounters in their life from his father. His father used to be his great aspiration through his hard work and dedication, ambitions and his amazing skills.

As per an article from, Hussain used to hear various stories about his parents his success and failures. However, he did not want to join his family business based on the harsh experience that he gained while serving at his father’s shop. He finally discovered that the spirit of entrepreneurship was in his blood.

During one of his interview, Hussain disclosed that his father never wanted him to finish his high school or join the university. His father wanted him to join university the family business since he was the eldest son. He is married and has four kids and just like any other father, he has an interest in having his children prosper in life. The education accomplishments would enable them to succeed him in his career.

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William Saito has a lot of knowledge and experience in matters relating to IT consulting and cybersecurity. He has worked and interacted with brilliant minds from leading firms such as Apple and Twitter. This has helped to enhance his knowledge and skills in the technological sector. As such he uses such skills to give useful insights into the state of technology and cybersecurity across the globe. He has written several publications and offered a lot of speeches about technology across the world. He is a person worth emulating. He has consulted with the government of Japan on issues relating to advancements in information technology and cybersecurity. Many individuals, governments and corporations value his useful advice on the technology sector. Perhaps it is his views on Russia and its state of technology which has brought another new dimension about this superpower.

It is no doubt that Russia happens to be one of the most powerful nations on earth. During the last two centuries, this giant hands been a leader in the world of technology. Advancements in television and the periodic table can be attributed to it. It was the first nation to explore the space technology. This helped it to cement its name in the political, military and technology space in the world. But where is it today?

Most of the technology brands used in the world today are from the US, China, and Japan. Huawei, Apple, Toshiba and many more leaving the once famous giant out. So what could be leading to this? Is there a solution? William Saito argues that Russia is allowing politics to interfere with its technological advancements. Although the various presidents have tried to change this since the Cold War ended, a lot needs to done. According to William Saito, there still lies a huge potential for Russia. The country can use its resources to fund tech start-ups. That is not all. The nation is endowed with a lot of oil and gas. William Saito argues that Russia can employ technology in the exploitation, refinery and the sale of these resources and make its name in the world of technology.

This election cycle has been concerning many Republicans as Democrats continue to take the seats in areas that had previously been controlled by the GOP. Voters just aren’t happy with the way that things are going under Republican control and are looking for a way to change things. End Citizens United is excited about the movement and supports the grassroots campaigns led by candidates that are full of charisma and new ideas for the future of the United States.

While interesting, it isn’t that surprising that Ted Cruz is coming close to being ousted by Democratic candidate Beto O’Rourke. Though winning the seat isn’t too big of a deal in the big picture, End Citizens United is excited about the potential boost that the Democratic party would experience by the win. Small wins like this could mean a lot in the long run and can indicate greater change overall. See more of End Citizens United on facebook

According to End Citizens United, big money just has too big of an influence on politics in the United States. While politics are supposed to be for the American people, they are swaying towards taking the interest of big business before the average citizen. This is unacceptable and something must be done to curb the problem before it becomes too late to fix. End Citizens United wants to reform election rules to make them fair for every candidate and the rest of the American people. Politicians should not be putting the interest of those who provide large amounts of money to their campaigns to come before the needs of the millions in the United States.

While a win by Beto O’Rourke isn’t a sure thing, his chances keep rising with each poll that is taken. End Citizens United believes that people are just fed up with Ted Cruz’s politics and don’t think he actually has their best interests at heart when he makes political decisions. The polls conducted by PAC are not the only ones showing that O’Rourke is closing in on Ted Cruz. When the University of Texas conducted their own it showed that the margin between the 2 candidates may be even smaller.

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For those who don’t know Organo Gold doesn’t only produce a line of coffee beverages that include those that are flavored, single brews and teas, but also has targeted the organic products that help with body management. Addition to that, they have personal care products that include nutritional shakes, grape seed oil, Mycelium, spore powder and beauty bar’s. When it came to getting into the brewed coffee market, it was a simple decision Organic Gold prides itself on with organic farming and natural ingredients.


If you are an instant coffee lover and have not at least tried Organic Gold King of Coffee, you will be in for a treat. The selection offers Gourmet organic King of Coffee known as their instant coffee line that contains organic green tea ingredients such as Ganoderma Lucidum spore powder. This has a list of nutrients and antioxidants. When you order the King of Coffee, you’ll discover that it has a rich taste to it and a medium dark Arabic roast that can change any instant coffee lover into a fan for this particular category.Organic gold has continued with his success by also reaching out to the tea drinking population. They offer a great selection that includes red and green teas. What makes them stand out within organic goals line of coffees is that they use Ganoderma. It is known to be a part of Chinese medicine that benefits the immune system. All teas are naturally infused with antioxidants, mild and power-packed.

Body management

Organic Gold’s selection of beverage categories helps our bodies as well. Inside their beverages you will find ingredients such as Fenix XT and Ganoderma, to name a few. Fenix XT has a mango peach flavor and comes in the form of a powdered energy drink.


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A new member is joining our global OG Family very soon! Welcome to ORGANO, South Africa! 10.01.2018 #WeAreOrgano

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Gareth Henry attended the University of Edinburgh in Scotland at which he studied actuarial mathematics and graduated therefrom with a degree. Upon graduating from the University of Edinburgh, Gareth got a job working at Watson Wyatt in management research for several years. Gareth’s next career move was to join the money management firm Schroders, working in the capacity of a product manager in the multi-asset class group. Then in the year of 2007, Gareth Henry made the biggest career move of his life leaving the United Kingdom for a career in the United States working for the Fortress Investment Group.

Gareth Henry’s talents, education, and prior work experience in time led to him becoming a managing director at the Fortress Investment Group. Gareth’s duty in this capacity includes raising capital in such overseas markets as the European markets, Middle Eastern markets, and African markets. Gareth Henry is an exceptional capital raiser, and he has established many fantastic connections to sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, and insurance companies.

With such a talent as Gareth Henry, it is no surprise that Fortress Investment Group’s stock will eventually rise. In fact, Fortress Investment Group’s stock did rise by 2.4% after Credit Suisse upgraded the company’s stock from neutral to outperform. There were a number of reasons why Credit Suisse upgraded shares of Fortress Investment Group’s stock. First, issues concerning Fortress Investment Group’s principal compensation was settled to everyone’s satisfaction.

Second, Fortress Investment Group intends to raise its stock’s dividend in the offing, which by all accounts would equate to a yield of more than 10% by 2012. Furthermore, Fortress Investment Group has a credit PE dry powder of $3.6 billion with which to make investment, allowing the company to take advantage of the opportunities that will come into being due to an anticipated near-term correction in the markets. In addition, Fortress Investment Group will be benefiting from increased regulation and a refinancing trend arising out of deals made from 2005 to 2007 that will provide Fortress Investment Group with many great investment opportunities.

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Many celebrities in Hollywood work on multiple projects at once but nobody is busier than Ryan Seacrest. So how does he manage to juggle so many different jobs at once? The 43-year-old talk show host, TV host, producer and radio personality recently sat down to discuss how he manages to keep so busy and keep track of all his different positions. Ryan Seacrest is the founder of the Ryan Seacrest foundation which seeks to encourage children to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. He is also entering his final season as the host of the long-running reality series known as American Idol, a position he has held since its inception in 2002. Additionally, he talked about how he wakes up at five in the morning to get to his first job by six.

According to the NY Times, that particular job is being the host of his own radio show, On Air With Ryan. He also hosts a morning talk show, Live with Kelly and Ryan, and on top of it all, he even has his own clothing line known as distinction. When speaking on that, he said that he found it hard to find jeans that were comfortable and affordable. So this line helps to rectify that situation. He went on to talk about how he’s so busy that he sometimes doesn’t even have time to eat lunch and when he does, it’s usually eaten standing up or in his car. As this is the final season of the hit singing competition, Ryan Seacrest (@RyanSeacrest) has said he plans on finding something to fill that gap.

However, he’s not quite sure what that will be yet. He then went on to discuss his legacy and said that he hopes to inspire the next generation of entertainers to someday follow in his footsteps, although he hasn’t given much thought to the kind of message he wants to leave behind. He then discussed the healthy lifestyle he lives and how he tries to work out as often as he can with his wife, Shayna. So we wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.


Ara Chackerian is a familiar name especially in the world of business and philanthropy. He has many years of experience in healthcare especially in relation to technology use in the field. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in marketing and business management from Florida State University. His focus over the years has been on innovations that better patient outcomes.




Ara Chackerian started his career after college as an entrepreneur. To this date, Ara Chackerian has made tremendous contribution to the healthcare industry through angel investor initiatives and facilitating start-ups that focus on improving healthcare for everyone. One of his ventures, TMS solutions has everything to do with the improving mental health of patients, particularly the treatment of depression. He has held executive positions for companies such as BMC Diagnostics, PipelineRx, and Evolute Consolidated Holdings where he still serves as a director.




Based on thenewsversion, Ara Chackerian has authored several articles tackling a range of subjects, mostly revolving around healthcare improvement and mental health. One of the articles authored by Chackerian; Ending the Stigma of Suicide,basically provides more insight into the subject of mental health and depression as it relates to suicide. In the article, he details how the subject has for a long time been treated as a taboo and with unwanted secrecy; a fact that has led to even more lives being lost. Lack of action to tackle the matter is due to the fear and misunderstanding surrounding the subject.




Even though many victims of suicide claim that nothing be done to save them from their situations, some lives can be saved by just changing such attitudes towards positivity. Ara Chackerian believes the only way to end the stigma of suicide, is by people opening up and reaching out to individuals suffering depression, before they get to the points of contemplating suicide. The sooner people open up about the topic of suicide, the more lives that will be saved.




As above-demonstrated, Ara Chackerian is facilitating positive change in healthcare not only through his technological innovations and investments, but also through publications and articles that seek to shape individual’s perspectives and shift their attitudes towards better health. For more details you can visit



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For the last three years, End Citizens United has worked to make it harder for big money to buy elections. In March of 2015 ECU was born in response to the 2010 U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Citizens United v. Federal Elections Commission (FEC). During the 2008 Presidential Primaries, the FEC blocked Citizens United from running a movie length ad attacking then Democratic nomination contender Hillary Clinton.

The ad violated Federal Campaign Finance Laws. The majority of justices ruled that corporations are human beings. The Citizens United ruling as it came to be known gave corporations greater power to influence election results.

In Texas, incumbent Republican Senator Ted Cruz is running for reelection. End Citizens United is endorsing his opponent Democrat Beto O’Rourke. O’Rourke’s refuses to accept campaign contributions from Political Action Committees (PACs). This dovetails with ECU’s policy of only accepting political contributions from private citizens to put the outcome of elections back in the hands of the people.

Cruz’s campaign has almost twice the amount of money the O’Rourke camp has. Still, the last quarter showed that the strategy of grassroots fundraising that End Citizens United employ is viable. Private donations to O’Rourke totaled $2.4 million while PACs provided Cruz $1.9 million.

Keeping people aware of the power that big money interests wield in the electoral process is one of the objectives of End Citizens United. Getting campaign finance reform laws passed is another. End Citizens United provides funding to sympathetic organizers at the grassroots level. The organizers, in turn, disburse those funds to candidates and groups committed to severing the tie between politics and corporate money.

Ted Cruz is projected to retain his Senate seat. What’s encouraging is the way the points gap between the two candidates has narrowed. In March, the incumbent was ahead of the challenger by 18 percentage points. Since March Cruz’s lead over O’Rourke has dropped to 14 percentage points. This gain is owing in part to Beto O’Rourke eschewing PAC donations and the influence of End Citizens United’s endorsement. The race has demonstrated that grassroots political contributions can counter corporate campaign contributions.

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For HCR Wealth Advisors, a registered advisory firm, doing everything it can to help its clients gives the company the chance to give back to the community it works with. They always wanted people to realize they were working hard to come up with opportunities for its clients. HCR Wealth Advisors has a lot of experience in the wealth management industry. With their help, clients can help to ensure that they are what they want to form their investments. They can also make sure they’re getting the right type of financial advisor for each of the situations they’re in. HCR Wealth Advisors knows how to help people and isn’t afraid of giving back to everyone who needs it.

HCR Wealth Advisors is looking to grow.  As they get bigger, they know how to help people and know what they can do to give more to the people they work with. As long as they’re able to come up with new options for people, they can keep showing them how their finances can help them reach their financial goals.  The firm works to understand what each of its clients need and are looking for and the firm is not afraid to provide suitable advice to each of its clients. The company continues growing and more people see it as a way to keep doing things the right way.

HCR Wealth Advisors hopes to build long-term relationships with each of its clients.  The firm feels good about the comprehensive financial planning services that it offers to its clients. The trust their business model and the way they interact and serve clients. By connecting with each of its clients, the team at HCR Wealth Advisors strives to show its clients what is possible with their investment portfolio as each client works toward reaching their financial goals.

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