Julie Zuckerberg is an Executive Talent Acquisition Lead currently working at Deutsche Bank, where she helps the organization attract and retain top talent. She attended the City University of New York-Brooklyn College and majored in philosophy. At Deutsche Bank, Julie partners with leaders within the Asset Management, Private Wealth & Commercial Clients, and Global Technology & Operations to steer local talent acquisition strategies and hiring process improvements. She also offers strategic direction and training to her team of sources, recruiting coordinators, and recruiters.


Prior to her current role, Zuckerberg served as an Executive Recruiter with Deutsche Bank. Her talent acquisition duties were wide ranging. She was often called upon to consult with hiring managers in order to develop ideal sourcing strategies, which include search firm, internal mobility, agency engagement, direct sourcing, and networking. She was responsible for developing meaningful business alliances with external search companies and managing search firm contract governance.


New York Life Insurance Company


From November 2013 to February 2014, Zuckerberg served as the Corporate Vice President for New York Life Insurance Company. She supervised the recruitment process and managed an outsourcing team comprised of sourcers, team project managers, and recruiters. She collaborated with the senior management to evaluate the needs of customers and offer best-in-class business solutions.


Citi Global Consumer Bank


Julie Zuckerberg joined Citi Global Consumer Bank in October 2007 and served as an Executive Recruiter until November 2013. She spearheaded the recruitment of Director and Managing Director level roles for the Citi Global Consumer Marketing, CitiCards, and Internet Office. She counseled business leaders on hiring tactics, competitive markets, compensation trends, and talent capture. She leveraged her negotiation abilities to select search firms, carry out fee negotiations, and conduct candidate interviews. Zuckerberg’s areas of expertise include talent acquisition, corporate recruiting, employee training, executive staffing, behavioral interviewing, conflict resolution, coaching and management.


Deutsche Bank in Brief


Deutsche Bank is revolutionizing the banking industry through innovation, sustainable performance, excellent customer services, and accountability. The firm offers its services in more than 70 nations across the globe. It is one of the world’s leading financial institutions with services ranging from investment banking to retail banking. Additionally, this powerhouse provides innovative wealth management solutions. Its many clients include fiduciaries, corporations, and private clients.


Magnises is taking the millennial world by storm as it is an idea which fits perfectly into what is wanted by many. Millennials have found that by purchasing a membership in Magnises, they can take advantage of discounts and perks at their favorite restaurants, clubs, bars, events, meetings, and excursions.

The target demographic is young professionals, entrepreneurs, managers, and up and coming garment workers, and artists between the ages of 21 and 35. For a reasonable annual fee of $250, members can take advantage of all the benefits of Magnises. The member of Magnises is issued “The Black Card” which is used to copy all of the necessary information from the member’s credit or debit card onto the Black Card’s magnetic strip. The black card pays for the venue and automatically applies the discounts.

Perks include individual tickets to events, preferred seating and shows and events, and perhaps a complimentary bottle of wine at dinner or a club. There was recently a Hudson River Cruise with drinks on the river, and another hit was the Tesla “sneak look” at the new prototype automobiles at a local racetrack. Members had the opportunity to drive the new models on that occasion.

The founder of Magnises in 2013 is Billy McFarland, who is no stranger to starting successful businesses. He formed his first venture at the young age of 13. It was a service that found clients for a local business.

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While a freshman computer engineering student at Bucknell University in Pennsylvania, he started a company named Spling. The URL of a customer company becomes transformed into a graphic image, which becomes a logo design which is great for marketing. McFarland is still the CEO of that company which has clients such as Universal and Discovery.

The growth of Magnises has been sensational, as at the close of 2015 there were over 10,000 members. Millennials simply love to socialize, trade ideas, and make business contacts. The Black Card has become a status symbol, and if an individual doesn’t have one, he or she is firmly urged to get one. The Black Card has become the ticket to fun and information, which puts people on the inside track as far as connecting.

Plans for expansion out of the New York City location, as recently a venture capitalist invested $3 million in Magnises. Other sites in the plans include Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and London. Millennials hang out in the main metropolitan areas because that is where their work is and where they prefer to live. Source:

McFarlsnd and his management team have found the business model that works, and there is no reason that the concept would be unsuccessful in other areas. Since it is s matter of duplication in the other cities, based on the original, the future looks bright.

Magnises is a brilliant idea that McFarland has been able to bring into the real world. It is rare that anyone can take a concept on paper and make it work, but Billy McFarland has done it, and there are plenty of jubilant millennials who can attest to that.

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A New CEO is announced to the Assisted living community and followers of the Manse on Marsh in San Luis Obispo. The CEO comes to the area from Nevada. He has a history in the senior housing industry. He has worked for over 30 years with the industry and only plans on giving a few more to the Manse. Farron Bernhardt is the new addition and CEO to the Manse. His recent tour as Vice President has given him the education and experience to run this assisted living and independent living community with ease.

This month is the month of choosing a new President of the United States. People have loads of information about him or her. The stage has been set for someone new to take over because the Present President is done with his second term. Many changes have been made to the United States because of the present President and this was expected. This is why people chose him to be the president. They were looking for changes. This is the reason why Farron Bernhardt was chosen for the job as CEO of the Manse on Marsh. Change is always good if it is for the best. The Manse offers a fantastic senior living environment but with Farron’s experience, their should be many new changes for the best.

Assisted Living offers seniors or disabled individuals the ability to live with a community that can keep an eye out for them. The person is able to come and go as they please but they must let the nurse in charge know if they are leaving. This is to ensure that everyone is accounted for and safe. The Manse offers the residents the ability to take their transportation to the inner city of San Luis Obispo or to the coast. The only thing a president must do is inform the transportation driver that they may need to go and set a time to reserve the bus. People that bring their own car to the facility must be able to drive.

The Manse on Marsh offers residents housekeeping weekly. It offers laundry services weekly as well. The kitchen prepares meals that are delicious and available daily. Most apartments in the Manse have a microwave to cook and a dorm size refrigerator. No wonder everyone believes they have their own apartments and independence even if they are in the assisted living. The Manse on Marsh is happy to announce the new CEO and welcomes him to the area.


Brazilian entrepreneur Flavio Maluf, president of the Eucatex company has proven far more optimistic about the viability of an improvement in the sector in coming months.


ICI (Industrial Confidence Index) confirmed there was an increase of 2.1 in this index after suffering a decline of 1 point. In September, the ICI reached 88.2 points compared to 86.1 the previous month. Flavio Maluf advises that this was the highest result achieved by the index since July 2014, when it reached 88.8 points.


ICI data analysis is obtained by analyzing the perspectives of executives on activities from the present up until the following six months. The Ibre / FGV (Brazilian Institute of Economics of the Getulio Vargas Foundation) conducts the Survey of Manufacturing Industry.


EI (Expectations Index) was what hit the highest score since the rise of 2.5 points took the index to reach 89.8 points.


One of the most important aspects is the involvement of a glut of the stock. Flavio Maluf notes that the percentage of leaders who evaluated the stock as scarce in September is the highest since the fifth month of 2013, when the figure reached 7.3%.


Aloisio Campelo Junior, superintendent of public statistics Ibre / FGV, said there must be a mild improvement, because the domestic market has also displayed a recovery quite slow. However, he claims that the outlook for the coming months are positive, due to the fact that between the third and the ninth month of 2016 the index had a cumulative increase of over 13 points.  Flavio makes similar points on Facebook, with a more personal touch.

There is this very spiritual idea that you will be judged by how you treat the most vulnerable in our society. In fact, some religions believe that God himself comes down to earth in order to pose as one of these vulnerable people. At some point in your life, you will come upon this person and be judged by how you treat them.


And if this is the standard by which we judge people it can also be applied to companies. That’s why we should shine a spotlight on Securus Technologies. This technologies company is best known for its telephone services provided to prisons and jails. They secure exclusive operating rights for these prisons and jails through government contracts.


Now this company could easily treat the customer base poorly. After all they have no competition after the contract is awarded and there is no motivation to treat these people well. And if you really think about it, who is going to come to the aid of prisoners? It would not even make the news if this company decided to treat the prison population poorly.


So you might be surprised to find out that Securus has long had an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. And in March, the Better Business Bureau accredited the company with one of its highest honors. The BBB accredits companies that volunteer and pay for the investigation. They rank companies on an eight point ethical checklist, including trustworthiness, transparency, privacy, honest advertising, truth telling, the honoring of promises, responsiveness, and integrity.


It seems this company has long been treating prisoners and their families incredibly well when nobody is looking. They treat this incredibly vulnerable population with integrity and respect, earning them accreditation from the BBB and my prayers. I am hoping more companies lead by example like this.


Wengie breaks down how she prepares for her day in this morning routine video, starting with waking up and proceeds to detail her skincare, makeup, and outfit steps.


For those who don’t know, Wengie is a lifestyle vlogger and YouTuber from Australia.


In this video, she starts with the struggle to wake up and actually get out of bed, during which time she cuddles with her adorable cat, Mickey, and checks her phone and social media for a while before she actually gets out of bed.


After she actually gets up, she puts in her contacts, brushes her teeth, and freshens up her face with a cleansing wipe. She then runs her brush through her hair and shares a tip about adding some oil to the brush beforehand for a simple conditioning treatment.


Then comes toner and face serum, and she puts up the blinds to let the sunshine wake her up even more before having breakfast.


There are two simple but delicious looking recipes she details for her breakfast: an avocado toast and an aloe vera water. The toast is made simply from a slice of toast and some slices of avocado topped with fresh ground pepper and rock salt. Then, she mixes aloe vera juice, water, and some lemon juice to make a tasty, healthy beverage, and eats while watching Netflix or listening to music.


Wengie  makeup routine is up next and involves mixing BB cream and foundation before moving on to her eyes. She shows her routine for her eyeshadow choices and blending but skips over the entire winged liner process as its a little lengthy and difficult. She finishes out her makeup routine with some bronzer on her cheekbones and applying her lipstick and a little bit of gloss to the middle parts of her lips.


To finish up, she goes through her outfit choosing process and shows off a very cute outfit-of-the-day: a black kimono dress that she accessorizes with a long gold necklaces and several gold rings. Add her favorite handbag, and that’s it!

If teachers, parents, and students had a platform to communicate and share ideas, the student performance could improve. Teachers can collaborate with the parents through the platform and get to know the student’s weakness, and they can be solved. To make this possible a smartphone application was developed by a San Francisco-based Startup Company to ensure that the three parties i.e. the teachers, students, and parents work together to improve the performance.


Parents with the application installed on their smartphone can freely communicate with the teacher and get to know what the issues that their child is facing are and work to eliminate them. The application was developed to empower the communications between the teacher and the parent and make it more possible even without the parent having to visit the school. The developers of the app believe that the application will improve the relationship between the teachers and parents and positively impact the student’s performance.


The application will enable parents to view the student’s performance either in classwork or co-curricular activities. Since they will be able to communicate with the teacher, they will know whatever the student needs. It will also create a positive culture within the classrooms and school. The ClassDojo application is expected to support mobile money service. This will enable parents to easily pay the school fees and other money that will be required e.g. money to pay school trip among others.


ClassDojo Company was launched in the year 2011 with a primary of providing a platform whereby it will change how lots of activities in education are carried out. The application used to offer yearly grade books and an examination platform. Even with all these services, still, the company was not accepted by the education community and this lead to changing the whole thing. The company re-invented itself and started offering services that were needed in the education field.


Since the company has not made any profit yet, it’s still considered as a startup. Today the company was reported to have raised about $21 million to invest in application development and market the application to reach more customers and more school. Over 85000 schools in the United States have been using the application since it was launched in the year 2015. ClassDojo is targeting to have two of three schools using the application. The company plans to be making money from the users’ data and it assures the users of privacy, they shouldn’t be worried about privacy violation.

Event planners in NYC seem to be a found on every street corner of the Big Apple. However, not all event planners provided the level of service that Twenty Three Layers does. Twenty Three Layers providers its clients full-service event planning in NYC. The designers and planners handle a wide range of types of events. Whether it be a large corporate function, a modest personal party or even a wedding, Twenty Three Layers is recognized as a quality event planning company in NYC.

However, for those looking to try their own hand at hosting a party, then there are some valuable tips that can save one from losing their mind and becoming the toast of the town. For one, enlisting the help of a co-host. Especially for larger parties, a co-host can work with the host to make sure nothing is missed.

Especially in today’s advanced world, using technology can be a huge benefit in party planning.
Resources such as the app Wunderlist provide the ability to create easy to read checklists and notes. Since these lists are on apps and websites, they can be shared with other party planners and party goers. Digital invitations are fast becoming the preferred method of invitation. The app Hobnob allows a party planner to keep track of who has been sent an invitation and who has either accepted or declined.

For parties with children involved, there are ways to keep them not only entertained and happy throughout the event but also helpful in the planning process. Very young kids can make sure toys are put away nicely so guests have a tidy venue to attend. Older children can help in more advanced tasks such as creating music playlists. They can also take care of any pets so that guests don’t have an awkward encounter with the family dog.

Perhaps the biggest focus of party planning is taking care of the food to be served. Having groceries delivered directly to the venue can be a huge time saver. As far as recipes, choose ones that can be prepared in a relatively short amount of time. If food is going to be served buffet style, printing out stylish labels for each food selection can add a dimension of specialness. Finally, simple yet delicious desserts are the perfect way to wrap up a memorable party.

Keywords count for a lot. Websites, blogs, and textual ads with the proper presentation of keywords could procure the right amount of targeted traffic. The keyword situation in the search engines is a bit more complex than some realize. Anyone interested in a successful online search engine marketing campaign should learn a few basic points about keywords.

White Shark Media has done such persons a great service. The company has published a nice blog entry about what keywords are and how they should be used.

Keywords cannot fool the search engines in the same way that was the case prior to the search engines becoming far more strict. At one time, SEO firms were notorious for manipulating ranking results. Search engines started to develop algorithms designed to reward more organic search engine optimization campaigns. Keywords stuffing and other nefarious tricks lost their impact. Unfortunately, those who are novices to these changes do things in the outdated matter. At best, their campaigns are ineffectual. At worst, the decisions lead to a website being penalized.

Staying up to date with all the changes in search engine optimization and keyword usage is not easy for someone whose primary business does not involve the online marketing. This is why it is so important to work with a professional company that understands how keywords are to be selected and integrated.

White Shark Media did a fine job of detailing the proper way keywords are meant to be used. The blog entry is filled with excellent advice on how to research, select, weave, and tweak keywords to great effect. A tremendous amount of information on keywords is presented in a rather lengthy written piece. Still, the writing is not verbose nor does it drone on without getting to the necessary points.

Reading the blog entry might not be enough for some. Worry not. White Shark Media can be more helpful beyond just being informative.

White Shark Media is a firm that focuses on AdWords campaigns. While the company does not handle SEO work, advice and evaluations are provided to clients. Anyone who has questions about proper keyword usage may wish to speak with a representative of the Miami firm. Clear answers and directed guidance will be provided to those requesting assistance.

The keywords play a large role in any successful campaign. Studying about the subject and seeking necessary assistance are important to achieve desirable results. For learning, the blog entry is a good place to start.

Wikipedia is a wonderful way to build authority and your online reputation. When you or your business has a Wiki of your own, you can count on increased search rankings and traffic.

Because of the open-source nature of a Wiki, there are downsides, as Marion Cotillard can attest to. The French actress will be starring alongside Brad Pitt in the upcoming film “Allied” and has recently been thrown into the midst of the “Brangelina” split. Allegations that Brad and Marion have been having an affair surfaced as reports of the couple’s divorce began sweeping the internet and tabloids.

Who knows if the rumors are true, but it sure didn’t take long for people to get into Cotillard’s Wikipedia page and cite her profession as “cheater” among other things. The lesson here is that if you make a Wiki article for yourself or your business, it’s vital that it be monitored for edits and straight out vandalism.

Of course, creating and editing a Wikipedia page isn’t all that simple. There are strict guidelines to follow, and it can be a time-consuming proposition. Aside from that, if you are going to bother having a Wiki, it’s a good idea to be sure it is as professional, error-free and packs as much value as possible.

One way to ensure your Wikipedia is the best it can be is by hiring professional Wikipedia editors to create your page. Sites like Get Your Wiki can not only create an amazing Wiki just for you, but also can add to and edit it as needed, and more importantly, monitor it to ensure no one edits or adds to it without your permission. Unfortunately, there are those bad apples out there who will knowingly “vandalize” your page for any number of reasons. It happens, and the sad part is that too often, businesses and individuals have no idea it’s happened. Get Your Wiki can prevent embarrassment and issues with your online reputation by monitoring your Wikipedia page to make sure it stays up-to-date and free of problems.