Steve Ritchie, Papa John’s Pizza CEO wrote an email to their customers and contained in the email was an apology letter to their customers. In his letter, he boldly declared that he was sorry for the misgivings and misrepresentation of some folks in the company. This he had to do when stocks started dropping and U and L announced that it was removing Papa John’s Pizza’s name from its football stadium. In Richie’s letter of apology to customers, he indicated that Papa John’s Pizza is a company and not a man. He indicated that the company was made up of a group of 120,000 companies and franchise team, several of whom are locals from various communities and from various nations around the world. According to Yahoo Finance, all of whose hard work provides their customers with the best pizza services all around the world. Which therefore means Papa John’s Pizza is not a one-man business and didn’t belong to one man. So the words of one man were not the words of Papa John’s pizza.

Steve Ritchie Papa John’s iterated that Racism will not be condoned within the company and efforts to tackle every such behavior or misgivings within the company was being taken. He also said that he was going to lead a team of experts whose objective was to look into the company’s culture and diversity, alongside inclusion practices. According to Ritchie, the senior management was to carry out a survey on the streets to get feedback from the company staffs and franchise owners. This was to be done with the aim of identifying what the company was doing right and what they were not doing right. In doing all these, he promises to remain transparent with the customers in communicating his findings. He promised to put in his best in making the necessary corrections in order to gain the trust of all their customers once again and asked the customers to hold them accountable to the promises they have made to them.

In his closing remark, he thanked all their customers for remaining loyal to them and declared that Papa John’s Pizza did not have a business without their customers and they would love to continue serving their customers.

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Last Christmas Randy Nardone and Wes Edens were probably pleased with the gift left under their company’s Christmas tree – 3.3 billion Dollars. It was full payment for all outstanding shares of their, publicly traded company. Their company is Fortress Investment Group, a New York City-based investment firm which the two executives help to found in 1998.

Fortress Investment Group grew steadily from an office of only 28 people with 400 million Dollars in assets under management (AUM). From there the firm grew steadily to 1,100 employees, 40 billion Dollars (AUM), and 15 offices around the globe. Fortress Investment Group was the first large-scale private equity investment company to go public. The firm launched its IPO in 2007 and began trading shares under the ticker symbol FIG on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

Through the years Fortress Investment Group has acquired some of the most talented financial professionals with expertise in the field of private equity. That is the asset which led SoftBank, the Tokyo, Japan-based multinational, to pay a fortune to purchase the firm. Following the buyout during the last week of December 2017, Fortress was removed from the NYSE and taken private again.

SoftBank is mostly a holding company. The behemoth Japanese firm owns significant stakes in over 400 companies. Most of the company’s investments are in technology. The primary concentration of SoftBank’s holdings are in these sectors:

• E-commerce
• Internet
• Fixed-line communications
• Tech services
• Broadband

SoftBank may now own the company, but they do not control its day to day operations. That’s due to government regulations which limit foreign control of American assets. The intent is to protect US national security interest. To that end CEO Randy Nardone and Co-chair, Wes Dens remain at the controls at Fortress. In any event, SoftBank has achieved its purpose in acquiring Fortress Financial Group, which is to let the world know that the Japanese holding company is determined to become one of the largest investment companies in the world.

Millions of freelancers look for work online these days, and there are tons of jobs available on sites like Upwork. As a freelancer, it is necessary to have a good market reputation and stay organized. It helps in getting a consistent amount of work on a regular basis. If you are a freelancer and want some tips on how to stay ahead of the game and be one of the top freelancers on the popular job site Upwork, then here are the few tips you can follow. Upwork recently posted an article online on its blog that mentioned some tips on how to perform well and generate consistent revenue as a freelancer. One of the first tips is to have a to-do list that you must update on a daily basis. It helps to provide clients with work on time and not miss out on any deadlines. The freelancing work is all about professionalism and deadline, and you must complete your work duly within the time limit that has been mutually discussed and decided.

Upwork says that the freelancers must assign a time limit to all the tasks they take up and complete them on time to ensure that the clients are satisfied and doesn’t have to wait beyond the deadline. Any work that is submitted later than the deadline leaves a wrong impression on client and freelancer may get a negative review for it as well. As a freelancer, there are tons of applications out there that you can download on your phone for maintaining a to-do list. Such apps have tons of features and would remind you if any work is pending or any deadline is approaching. For freelancers who want to stay on top of their game, having a to-do list is essential.

Make sure that every task has a deadline and priority assigned to it. No matter what your specialty is as a freelancer professional, it is essential that you keep your clients satisfied with the work you provide. Having a to-do list would help you stay organized as a freelancer and ensure that you do not get complacent over time, which is one of the common problems among many freelancers.

Sheldon Lavin is a philanthropist and well-established business person in the UK. Lavin qualifies in financial advisory where he studied accountancy in the University of Illinois. The individual manages large-scale sectors, and he can create an empire of businesses. When you think about successful entrepreneurship, you think about Lavin. Today, young business people are looking up to Lavin as their role model in establishing businesses with a brighter future. Lavin graduated with a degree in business from Roosevelt University and majored in finance in the Northwest University. After completing his studies, Lavin established a consultancy agency known as the Sheldon Lavin and Associate in the downtown Chicago.

For over 15 years, Sheldon Lavin worked in his establishment by offering consultancy in food production and finance to food processing companies. Over the years, Lavin made an impact in the development of various firms by raising their production capacity. Lavin used the company’s funds to conserve the environment through performing sustainable practices. As a good leader, Lavin used delegation of roles to his workers as a model to realize areas of weakness in the production process. The leader does not believe that the company can only perform well when he does things himself. The individual gives room for teamwork in his leadership. Lavin evaluates the production of a firm through customer satisfaction, availability of resources, and available technology.

Sheldon Lavin was the financial adviser for the Otto and Sons, the predecessor of OSI Group. Lavin helped the company in its development in the commercial phase. Today, Lavin is the chief executive officer of OSI Group. OSI Food Industries processes, packages, and distributes processed quality beef, pork, and chicken products to the whole world. Recently, the company completed its extension of the production of chicken to 24,000 tons annually. The development resulted from the fast-increasing demand for chicken products in Spain and Portugal.

OSI Group raised its total production capacity of quality beef, chicken, and pork products to 45,000 tons annually. Sheldon Lavin helped in the company’s breakthrough in the transformation from a local company serving only Illinois to an international firm with facilities in more than 17 countries across the world. The company listed in the top 100 food processing companies globally.

Many people have eye problems. While some are minor, others can go away in a few days or months. Whether a person’s vision is not what it used to be or has been interfered with, there are things an individual can do to get back their eye health. That explains why Sightsavers was formed.



Sir John Wilson established Sightsavers. He was a dedicated public health advocate. What is more, from a tender age, he was blind. That contributed to his reasons for establishing an organization that now helps blind people across the world. Initially, the organization was called the British Empire Society for the Blind. In its years of operations, the organization has distributed significant treatment to more than 200 million people with the aim of preventing river blindness. Other contributions from the organization include a donation of 6.1 million sight-restoring cataracts in addition to antibiotics for 43 million people.



Over the years, Sightsavers has formed different affiliate organizations to help extend its services across various countries including Italy, India, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, in addition to Ireland where it partners with local organizations to help restore fight via specialist treatment.


Sightsavers is committed to battling avoidable blindness while promoting equal opportunities for individuals with disabilities. The company believes that people are not blind from causes that can be avoided. Moreover, people whose sight cannot be saved should live in dignity as well. Therefore, the organization takes the responsibility of restoring sight. Aside from that, it supports irreversibly blind people to lead independent lives. This has been achievable through education, training, as well as counseling.



It is factual that blindness is a problem affecting many people in the world. Therefore, Sightsavers is leading international coalitions as well as initiatives that need to better eye health. Also, it has been creating efforts to eradicate neglected eye diseases by working with hundreds of community volunteers. The management of Sightsavers distributes millions of treatment options to prevent eye infection.



Sightsavers has a program to make sure that people who have disability enjoy equal opportunities. They should also be included in different societal projects.

Adam Milstein is the Managing Partner at Hager Pacific Properties which was founded by David Hager in 1986. As the Managing Partner at the San Fernando Valley Office location Adam is in charge of taking care of the firm’s disposition, finances, and property management. Hager Pacific Properties is worth an estimated $2 billion dollars and they manage and own over 100 properties. He is a leader in his community and an activist who works to give Jewish Americans a sense of connection with their homeland of Israel.

Adam Milstein is also a real estate investor, active philanthropist, businessman, community leader, and family man. He lives in Encino, California with his equally charitable wife Gila. The couple has three children and three grandchildren. Adam Milstein was born in Israel in loving home. Unfortunately, Mr. Milstein was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth and had to work very hard to make a successful life for himself and growing family. After serving in the Yom Kippur War Mr. Milstein headed off to college to earn his Bachelor of Science in business and industrial management. He attended the Israel Institute of Technology, specifically Technion. Upon moving to the United States Adam was determined to further his education and decided to go the University of Southern California. It was with hard work the future real estate investor would get his Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship in 1983. This would be the platform to his whole career as a businessman and entrepreneur.

Adam Milstein has worked with a large number of organizations, companies, and foundations, and even founded some of them who focus on philanthropy and giving back to the community. These organizations focus mainly on Israel and the Jewish people. Adam and his wife Co-Founded the Sifriyat Pijama B’America and the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. Adam works tirelessly to uplift and education others when it comes to Israel and Jewish rights. Mr. Milstein is a true example of what a little determination, persistence, and hard work can do when you put your mind to it. That is how he created the beautiful life he has today in sunny Southern California.

Many people may wonder if entrepreneurs are born or made. This is not a problem for Dr. Mark McKenna, he honestly believes he was born one. His parents had a great deal to do with his entrepreneurship. As self-employed parents, Mark feels that their good habits rubbed off on him. With both parents running their own businesses that were successful, Mark had great people to follow and learn from while growing up.

While at Tulane University Mark McKenna took on his first business venture. Saving up his money from working an evening job, Mark made his first investment into real estate. As investments grew, Dr. Mark McKenna started his first business as McKenna Crescent Investments. His second was to open Universal Mortgage Lending. After successfully growing his businesses he acquired Uptown Title. His portfolio grew with companies that all help people with their housing. Dr. Mark McKenna now could design, build and finance properties for clients, as well as close titles without a third party.

Hurricane Katrina destroyed Dr. Mark McKenna’s properties. People lost everything and Marks portfolio was wiped out overnight. Instead of running and burring his head in the sand, Dr. Mark McKenna, rebuilt McKenna Crescent Investments. He felt he learned a strong lesson and still wanted to help people get back on their feet. New Orleans needed to be rebuilt and Mark wanted to be a part of the new growth. He helped to rebuild and refurbish the real estate market for low-income housing.

His next adventure was ShapeMed, which he sold in 2014, to Life Time Fitness, Inc. Mark decided it was time to finish his education. He decided to earn his executive MBA degree, concentrating on entrepreneurship. This time Mark wanted to build a solid business and he already had a great idea. He wanted to establish a new business and name it, OVME.

OVME, pronounced ‘of me’, would help people to find the proper medical doctors they needed for all their cosmetic surgeries. OVME, based in Atlanta, GA, will match the proper surgeon or medical professional to each and every client’s needs. Dr. Mark McKenna wants to have professional elective healthcare specialist in every major city nationwide.

Michael Hagele is a jack of all trades when it comes to business. He is an entrepreneur, businessman and investor in fields like aerospace, technology, defense, and internet. With a wide variety of knowledge Mr. Hagele is a busy man trying to make the world a better place. He attended college like most people and received a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Iowa. Later Michael attended the University of California, Berkeley where he received a Juris Doctor Degree in Law in 1997. View Michael Hagele’s profile on linkedin.

The successful businessman lives in San Francisco where he also works for a living. He has helped many companies protect their intellectual property rights, intellectual property purchases, marketing and promotional arrangements, and M&A transactions. Michael Hagele also previously worked for Fenwick & West LLP the licensing and online commerce group. He specialty really is in the spectrum of technology and law. Most mornings Mr. Hagele is reviewing and drafting contracts for tech companies. There are a lot of details in doing this and it can take quite some time. When lunchtime rolls around he going out in nature for a bike ride in the mountains, which is what he loves. Michael finds that getting that fresh breath of air and nice scenery helps him come to many realizations that can help clients tremendously. He also feels he is at his creative best out there in nature. The last part of his day compiles of taking care of clients and issues that may arise during the day. Mr. Hagele also has investment partners that live around the world so during the evening he will talk to them.

Michael Hagele is successful due to the fact that he puts his customers first and never gives up. Hard work and persistence got him to where he is today. As a tech guy it’s not surprising that one trend called artificial intelligence would excite him. Thisin particular when it combines genetic programming. Mr. Michael Hagele uses social media as a way to get businesses seen and is a great strategy he uses to build them up. He also uses MS Office and Google’s services to stay organized and put together. Read more:


Just after Betsy DeVos’s was confirmed by a 51-50 Senate vote, President Donald Trump rescinded the federal policy passed during President Barack Obama’s administration regarding bathrooms. While Betsy DeVos didn’t agree, she went along to get along.


In light of those events, some may get the wrong idea about DeVos. She is a fighter. She may come off as polite and soft-spoken, but she’s been in the game for a long, long time.


Before she was chosen Education Secretary, she was a household name in Michigan conservative politics. Not only did she head the Michigan Republican Party, she also was a staunch advocate for school choice. Both she, and her husband, billionaire heir to the Amway fortune, Dick DeVos, have worked hard to get a charter school on every corner.


Many accuse her of wanting to do away with public schools altogether — an accusation she denies.


Regardless, they have kept up the good fight. Sometimes she’s won. Sometimes she’s lost. But make no mistake, she has enough money and clout to make her detractors pay at the election booth.


DeVos, who was born and raised in Holland, Michigan, also comes for a billionaire family. Not quite as rich as the DeVoses, but wealthy, just the same.


One of the biggest knocks against her is that she arrived in Washington with little experience in education. Also, being from an ultra-wealthy family, critics ask how she could possibly grasp the woes of individuals who can’t pay for their children’s college? And how can you run the Department of Education and you have never taken out a student loan and have no experience with Federal Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)?


DeVos says she’s learning the ropes. But it has been a bit of a learning curb.


Randi Weingarten, President of the National Association of Teachers says “She’s dangerous. People have a tendency to underestimate her.”


Some of her critics and allies agree.


“People who try to go against her only embolden her,” said Michigan Party Republican Mike Cox.


Despite the criticism and first few rough weeks, DeVos says she’s looking forward to finding common ground. She insists that her life of privilege will not keep her from understanding people who aren’t as fortunate.


Even her loudest detractors are hoping that she will be successful. “She has to be for the sake of our children,” said Weingarten.


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Jim Toner in an entrepreneur and real estate investor that has been in the real estate investment business for more than 25 years. He briefly left the real estate investment business shortly after 2010 when unfortunate events began to negate his passion for it. Primarily, he got involved with the wrong kind of person in the business, someone who talked big and was featured on the news regularly as a “guru”, and as a result he lost everything from his shirt to his reputation.

After leaving the real estate investment business, Jim Toner worked instead with business owners and entrepreneurs, teaching them how to improve their business by using so-called “celebrity positioning” while also writing a book. However, Jim Toner could not escape the business forever. A friend of his began repeatedly inquiring as to whether he was still in it and, while at first he flat out refused to return to investment real estate, his friend pointed out to him that he was a legitimate “guru” in the real estate investment market. While other supposed gurus had to fabricate their rags to riches story, Jim Toner had actually done it.

So with some convincing by friends, he returned to the real estate investment business with the lessons he learned from his previous failings. There were two things he focused on after his err, primarily that not every town is a good real estate market, and that he needed to be able to team up with a local investor who knows the town like the back of their hand. With these in mind Jim Toner launched a real estate investment training company where he also continues to participate in the investment market to show exactly how it is done by every day activity, not just historical performance. His current goal for the Ohio real estate market is to sell 500 homes in 5 years. See Toner’s latest post on Facebook.

While entrepreneur Jim Toner does run a real estate investment training company, he is selective in who he brings in to train and people who want to work with him have to meet certain qualifications, but he claims that those who do qualify will be taken care of.