Ryan Seacrest continues his work as the replacement for former NFL football player Regis Philben. The former NFL football star also hosted the popular game show who wants to be Who Wants to be A Millionaire? Philben’s replacement is in no way like the original host. His sexuality is different, but few people care about a person’s sexual orientation.

Seacrest is perhaps best known for his role as an American Idol host. As a host of the show, the actor interviewed hopefuls going up before the judges. The most memorable moments of the show were the ones where he interviewed the contestants who received a particularly rough evaluation from Simon Powell.

The former American Idol host has moved on since the end of the show. With the Ryan Seacrest foundation, the current morning talk show host started his own foundation. The Ryan Seacrest foundation helps people become producers and directors. It specifically works with those who may not have the connections and the funds to get into the field without help. Unlike his job on American Idol, he now wishes to develop new talent rather than deal with the people who have had their dreams cruelly dashed by someone with a British accent.

His new major project can be seen morning on ABC. It airs directly after Good Morning America. Like the news show that proceeded it, it might have been one of the most popular morning shows, but cable and the Internet has changed how people watch television. Seacrest has embraced the new technologies of the Internet. The host even hosts his own pod cast and has a show on a purely streamin network. This lets people watch all the Seacrest they want whenever they want to, even if the amount of acceptable Ryan Seacrest is none at all.

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