Don Ressler And JustFab Launching New Collection

Keep on top of fashion is not always easy. Fashion can change quite quickly. This is something that Don Ressler the co-founder of JustFab utterly understands and loves very much. As someone who loves fashion and knows that people look to him for help in finding the right fashions for their needs, Ressler continues to […]

Avi Weisfogel’s Method’s For Keeping Busy

Avi Weisfogel, like other successful people manage to keep themselves active. He runs a business, gets involved in charities and keeps an active social media profile. For his business, he deals with dentistry and sleep disorders. He has been fascinated with the issues that could come with dental problems. He is especially fascinated with the […]

A Fabian Socialist who Is Not so Shy about It: George Soros is Buying Gold Again Big Time

A Fabian Socialist is defined as a Socialist who disguises his or her Socialist leanings with clandestine activities and outward participation in whatever the mainstream group think may be. All the machinations of George Soros, without a doubt are highly focussed on disruption of markets for his personal gain and establishing a Socialist Utopia in […]