Eric Lefkofsky’s Legacy: Data-Driven Effective Cancer Treatments

At The University of Chicago Medicine, physicians treating breast cancer patients will have a new tool to help them create personalized treatment plans for their patients. Chicago-based Tempus is collaborating with the university to provide specific genetic information to doctors, which will allow them to make real-time treatment decisions based on an analysis of molecular […]

The Marketing Genius Of Susan McGalla

One thing that businesses need in order to succeed is marketing skills. There are a lot that goes into marketing. Therefore, it is important that one is able to address all of the factors that they need in order to ensure the success of their business. One thing that could be said about marketing is […]

How To Build Credibility And Trust With Customers

Online reputation management can help you run a successful business. Many people nowadays rely on others’ opinion to make an informed decision. They research various services and products online before deciding which business to patronize. In order for an online reputation service to conduct its job, it needs to monitor opinions expressed on the internet. […]

Watch the Drama Unfold with Inuyasha

  This action-packed, supernatural romantic comedy series follows high schooler Kagome Higurashi as she goes from being just your average high schooler, to a hero in a ragtag group of friends. Kagome is an incredibly popular character as she is one of the more accurately depicted anime girls. Even though she is often times in […]