How Rocketship Education Functions

Rocketship Education is a very successful and effective program that has managed to create schools meant to offer quality education to children coming from disadvantaged families in places like San Jose. This education program works in collaboration with community-based organizations that are already established. These organizations also have to have willing tutors and parents so […]

President of OSI Group David McDonald

David McDonald was an American labor leader born in 1902. He started his education in Catholic parochial schools. He finished his high school in 1918 and was lucky to get a two-year vocational technology diploma. He later proceeded to study accounting at Duquesne University. He got his primary first job at Wheeling Steel Products as […]

Best Brazilian State Lawyer Bruno Fagali

Bruno Fagali is a very big name when it comes to the legal fraternity in Brazil. The attorney has achieved greatly in his field and happens to be the founder of the famous Fagali Law Advocates. He has had a vast range of experience in the fields of administrative law. Before he founded the law […]