Jobs At Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare is one of the leading health companies in the United Kingdom. Many older adults in the United Kingdom do not have access to essential healthcare services. Elderly care is a vital industry, and many people are willing to pay money for quality service. Over the past few years, Sussex Healthcare has become a […]

Bob Reina: He Smells Success

Bob Reina knows all about success. He also knows how to be modest, which is why he is never one for the spotlight. However, the spotlight just seems to follow him wherever he goes in his life. It is because when someone does something that is positive and uplifting, people stand up and they take […]

Jordan Lindsey Why Physically and Mentally Fit People are better at Making Investment Decisions

People today want to invest their money so that they can retire successfully. But, most of them only think about making money but not about their health. One of the assets of a good trader is that they are physically and mentally fit that allows them to take better decisions when it comes to their […]

Waiakea Water: The Water of Hawaiian Volcanoes

Wouldn’t it be cool if people could drink water from a volcano? There would be nothing cooler to talk about at any point during the day. That’s all people would talk about; the water they drink that came from a volcano. Fortunately, volcanic water is a real thing. It wasn’t that long ago that bottled […]

Charitable And Caring, Tony Petrello

     Anthony “Tony” Petrello was not always president and chief executive officer of Nabors industry. Petrello grew up in Italian neighborhood in Newark, a neighborhood that held honesty and work ethics above all else, and Anthony petrello carried these high standards of moral ethics with him even after he left to go to college. Now […]

OSI CEO Sheldon Lavin Honored With The Global Visionary Award

Sheldon Lavin is the chairman and the CEO of the rapidly expanding OSI Group. The organization’s recent growth hasn’t gone unnoticed, either in the United States or abroad. For proof of that, one only need to look as far as India, where Mr. Sheldon was recently honored for Sheldon Lavin’s OSI successes. Sheldon Lavin Accepts […]