Malini Saba is a determined woman who is among the top investors of South Asian origin. The successful businesswoman started her investments as a Silicon Valley venture capitalist. She has vast experience in companies such as PayPal Inc., Netscreen Technologies Inc. and Sycamore Networks Inc. She is the founder and the chairperson of Saban, a firm that invests in technology, real estate and oil and gas. The company has investments around the world such as businesses in Australia, India, the US and China.


Malini believes in empowering women and children especially in low-income households and those at risk so that they can change the perception of themselves and their roles in society. This is done through a non-profit organization, Stree: Global Investment in Women. She ensures that women in Africa, India, Eastern Europe and Central America can access healthcare and are also legally empowered. Her big heart of giving has seen her support tsunami victims in Sri-Lanka and also a Heart Research Centre for South Asians in California’s El-Camino Hospital.


The University of Western Australia and Stanford University alumni became a multi-millionaire when she was 34 years. The journey to being that successful was not easy as she started off working odd jobs while she was studying at the University. She developed a passion for finance, and she started attending business management lectures. The Malaysian-born go-getter would meet investment bankers and people in the venture capital community who advised and encouraged her. With the little savings she had, Malini invested in stock, real estate and commodities. Malini owns and operates more than 4,000 Hectares of palm oil, iron ore mines and thousands of acres of rice fields. She has invested in over 20 ventures and has extensive experience of over 24 years running her business.


Having been born to Sri-Lankan parents, she supports and gives children a better future in several orphanages across Sri-Lanka. She strongly supports human rights advocacy in countries such as Malaysia, Sri-Lanka and India. She is a dedicated mother who always takes her daughter to school and also manages to pick her from school despite busy and tight daily schedules. Malini Saba holds a Ph.D. in Psychology and is a board member of Stanford Cancer Institute.