A young 23 year old student, lives her life without knowing the opportunities she could take advantage of right at her fingertips. Zahra Jangbar finds her niche and amazing opportunities in her new school The Academy of Art University located in San Francisco, California. Zahra is one of the many students that have enrolled in he Academy of Art University’s successful programs. To name just some of the programs offered… Art Education, Advertising, Acting, Fine Art, Art History, Game Development, Graphic Design and even more. Zahra would have never guessed that she would work in animation or stop motion for that matter. But the fact that she could use her costume design program in such an innovative way, inspired her to do these amazing projects through the academy. Now, Zahra is on her way to a bright future with knowledge that will take her far in this technological time that the world lives in.

How does someone know what they want to do with their life in the Arts? Especially if they were never exposed, like Zahra? If you aren’t sure, The Academy of Art University have counselors ready to help you find out what your true passion is, and where to start. With dedicated staff willing to help you any time you need, you will soon find your passion and make it a reality. Even without a foundation of Art background, you can absolutely succeed in this profession with the right guidance and the right school behind you.

One of the main concerns with attending such a prestigious University in these types of programs would be cost. The Academy of Art University provides many options as to how to pay for your future including: financial aid, installment programs, scholarships, international payments, interest free plans and more. Flexible ways to pay for your education is available to you. Don’t let money stop you from succeeding in your career.

Learn about the Academy of Art University today at www.academyart.edu so you can get started working towards your future.