Alastair Borthwick is most well-known for the life of adventure that he leads while living in Scotland and the experiences that he has from firsthand of what it is like to be in more. These are the experiences which have led Alastair Borthwick to become the renowned writer and television broadcaster that he is today. He has the unique ability to explain both the good and the bad side of the human condition. It is this combination of success and failure that he has been able to use to create the captivating stories that saw success for him as a writer.

Alastair Borthwick was born in Scotland in the year of 1913. It was still early in his life whenever he first moved from his hometown to the city of Glasgow. He attended Glasgow high school. He was not known for enjoying his time in school and he dropped out by the age of 16 in order to work for the Evening Times a local newspaper. He quickly transitioned to a new job for the Glasgow Herald where he was taking down a copy from interviews taken by telephone. Eventually, he was given the responsibility of editing the papers feature pages.

It was during this time that Alastair Borthwick first discovered the love that he would soon develop for adventuring outdoors into the Highlands of Scotland. During these trips, he would become enamored by the people who lived in the local area that would spend their time walking the hills whenever they could. At the time hiking was seen only as an activity that the most elite people in Scotland could partake in. Alastair Borthwick had an instrumental role in creating the now popular outdoors culture that was still in its infancy whenever he was first taking part of it.

His first major piece of success was published in 1939 in a book called Always A Little Further. In this masterpiece of literature, he detailed the experiences that he had a climbing in the Highlands of Scotland during the 1930s. The book was mainly composed of a series of pieces that he wrote for the newspaper.