Alex Pall and Drew Taggart of The Chainsmokers sat down with interviewer Mathias Rosenzweig to talk about their success as artist and where it all started and the values and goals they have that continue them through this journey.


Alex Pall explained that DJing had always been a hobby of his. He did most of his DJing around New York City which began the start of his career. Pall says that he was at an art gallery when he realized that dance music which was becoming a big part of his life and he really wanted to give it a serious shot. That’s when his manager introduced him to Drew and they both began working on their music together full time.


Pall makes it clear that he and Drew have a connection. This is because they both share the same work ethic with a lot of talent to bring to the table. Pall and Drew both brainstormed together sharing experiences, interests, and other facts with one another to help build an identity around their new careers. Taggart and Pall both work intensively on their music together every day as they had “a lot to learn and a lot of ground to cover”.


It becomes clear in the interview that Pall’s ultimate goal is to be able to connect with people of all identities. By doing so they put out work that’s more personal and humanizes them because there are a lot of artists that don’t associate their personal identity with the music they put out. They also incorporate several different types of music genres into their songs. By continuing to find new ways to connect them with their audience they are sure to continue to gain recognition and that is what makes him most happy about the work he does. You read Pall talk about the efforts that went into his songs and you can tell his heart is really in his work.