Founded in the year 19998, Fortress Investment Group is the premier company in terms of asset management. It has specialized in recapitalization, buyout and retraction. The company has focused in offering services in various categories such as real estate, permanent capital and private equity investment. Over the years, the firm has diversified its services globally is successfully managing assets of more than 1700 institutional clients and private investors across the world. Their offices are located in New York City, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Italy, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

Softbank’s acquisition of Fortress Investment Group. On December 2017, Soft Bank Group declared the completion of the acquisition deal of Fortress Investment Group. The financial company paid around $3.3 billion in order to get the Fortress investment group. From then henceforth, the Soft Bank Group have been owning all of Fortress shares. Also, the SBG management has confirmed how Soft Bank group followed all the statutory requirements needed for the acquisition. The Fortress shareholders have already accepted the change of ownership and they are now operating as an independent firm but under Soft Bank. Furthermore, Soft Bank officials acknowledge the move to acquire Fortress. They consider it as a good idea and particularly advantageous to their investment segment strategy.

Services Offered by Fortress Group

  • The company invests in undervalued assets together with illiquid or distressed credit investments.
  • The firm invests in financial services especially in real estate, transportation & energy/infrastructure, loans servicing, telecommunications, healthcare and consumer finance
  • It invests in energy, healthcare facilities, consumer discretionary and power generation equipment.
  • During financial distress, the enterprise will attempt to gain control over corporate ownership through liaising with the board of directors of the respective company
  • It plays an important role in the launching and management of a variety of funds, including hedge funds, real estate funds and private equity funds.

The Core Competencies of Fortress

  • The company has specialized in the investment of assets and also in providing finance as well as ownership of the assets
  • It has skilled employees that have specialized in various sectors. They have also managed to create good interpersonal relationship with top companies worldwide hence boosting the business.
  • The firm has tools of assessment that help them to gauge the value of advanced investments.
  • The firm is well experienced in mergers and acquisitions in that; it can work with top managers, directors and other stakeholders in coming up with the best strategies.