Partnerships in business have always been the best way to start and grow companies, and they continue to gain even more appreciation in the 21st century. Investing in good partnerships in business not only brings multiple skills and talent on the table, it also allows peace of mind knowing that one’s investment, be it monetary, skill or talent, is in good hands always.

Ara Chackerian, a world-renowned investor in start-up healthcare companies, advises that one should be extra careful when choosing business parterships. According to him, one should take their time to appreciate the differences that other people bring to the business, and work with these differences for the good of the company. Ara Chakerian goes on to recommend that one takes time to consider the emotional repercussions that may arise from a potential investment and partnership well before they venture into it. He says emotions influence decision making in business in a big way, and should therefore be considered as a risk factor, especially when assesing an investment opportunity where one has close personal ties with a partner/s.

Ara Chakerian, who many in the business world refer to as angel investor, is committed to reinventing the healthcare system in America through investing in early stage healthcare companies. He has over the years co-founded many companies, among them BMC Diagnostics, which offers services in diagnostic imaging. He also co-founded TMS Health Solutions in California, a provider of services in intergrated behavioral health. Ara chackerian is also one of the co-founders of PipelineRx, which provides countrywide Telepharmacy services. Check out norluyce

Ara Chackerian has also served in various executive positions, top among them as the Executive Chairman of both TMS Health Solutions and PipelineRx. He has also served as the Chief Executive Officer at BMC Diagnostics. Ara also served at PMS/World Medical, a company that distributes medical products around the world as the Executive Vice President. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from Florida State University. You can visit tmshealthsolutions

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