Many people who are newcomers to the world of art feel pretty overwhelmed. People tend to believe you need to have a college education in art or have grown up in a family of art connoisseurs. They don’t know the jargon used in the industry and feel like they should appear to be knowledgeable about art to others. Ann Scango is an artist who says this really isn’t the case and people from every background can appreciate great art and start becoming a collector.Image result for contemporary art moma

The first thing anybody new to the world of art should do is start figuring out what their own personal taste is. You might prefer one category of art over others, such as really liking paintings or instead sculpture. Ann Scango says that what you pick up can be strictly for decoration in your home but it could also very well serve a functional purpose as well. She says that probably the most critical thing is making sure that whatever you decide on fits into how your home is already decorated. It wouldn’t really make a lot of sense to bring a modern art piece home, for instance, if you had already chosen to decorate your home in the Victorian style.

Ann Scango says that she has been creating art essentially her whole life. She enjoys using natural elements in what she creates such as mulch for her backyard garden and or interesting twigs she has found at a nearby park. Beyond natural things in her work, she also uses processed materials. She lives in Austin, Texas, and established her own art collection, Scango Collection, in 2016. She also earned the Firestart Austin fellowship in 2010. She says that her art expresses questions about modern consumeristic culture while also holding an element of optimism in the piece.