Alex Hern

Alex Hern is a successful businessman, entrepreneur, and renowned technology expert. He first went to work for several large companies doing all sorts of jobs and moving departments allowing him to gain experience in how a business has to run at every level and in every department. When he realized that he had this skill […]

ClassDojo Creates a Communication Platform

ClassDojo creators of the education technology app that created a communication platform. The creators didn’t receive a return until seven years later. They honored their vow not to charge the education industry to use the app. It was only recently that the implemented a plan to charge the parents a monthly subscription fee of 7.99 […]

The Achievements of TMS Health Solution

TMS Health Solution is one of the best providers of Innovative therapy for many patients who suffer from clinical depression. Depression is a very dangerous mental condition to changes in emotion. Many patients suffering from clinical depression have been reported to have the thought of committing suicide. This is because depression causes the feeling of […]