Minnesota is home to some of the nations most beautiful churches. Rich in historical value, the churches of Minnesota offer vast architectural beauty. Ranked as the number one most beautiful church in Minnesota, the Cathedral of St. Paul sits on Summit Hill in St. Paul, Minnesota. The architecture resembles both French Renaissance and French Classical design. In the early 1900’s, the Cathedral of St. Paul was built to rival the churches of Paris, France.

Also built in the early 1900’s, the Basilica of St. Mary’s gives churchgoers a different architectural design concept. Copying the Baroque and Beaux-Arts, Basilica of St. Mary is filled inside and out with handcrafted architectural details. Each summer the church hosts the Basilica Block Party, a fundraiser for the church and other local charities. Lakewood Memorial Chapel in Minneapolis is featured in the Lakewood Cemetery and was built in 1910. The chapel hosts a variety of interior features such as stained-glass windows and a marble and glass mosaic. Beautiful Lakewood Memorial Chapel is now listed on the National Register of Historic places.

The Mighty Fortress Church allows visitors to come as they are to a welcoming christian community in Minneapolis, Minnesota. With an accepting and loving atmosphere, different races and cultural backgrounds are welcomed by Mighty Fortress International Ministries. When attending the Mighty Fortress Church visitors can expect a joyous atmosphere believing everyone is significant to the body of Christ.

In each weekly service, the focus of worship remains on God. Although many churches follow a boring routine, Mighty Fortress Church believes in an authentic worship experience, centered on God’s word. The services focus on giving practical biblical advice for life’s most challenging situations. Everyone attending focuses on deepening their relationship with Christ through knowledge of scripture and Christian living.

To lead the church in weekly services and prayer at Mighty Fortress Church is Bishop T. R. Williams. Bishop Williams believes in actively contributing to the body of Christ by founding the Mighty Fortress International Ministries and being the active senior pastor. Letting the word of God guide him, Bishop Williams focuses his concentration on support groups and community outreach programs. Graduating from the Rhema Bible Training Center in Oklahoma, Bishop Williams also received two prestigious Honorary Doctorate Degrees.