Bruno Fagali is a very big name when it comes to the legal fraternity in Brazil. The attorney has achieved greatly in his field and happens to be the founder of the famous Fagali Law Advocates. He has had a vast range of experience in the fields of administrative law. Before he founded the law firm, he has had previous internship opportunities in his career and has been on the frontline pushing for success.

The great law icon has been on the frontline working for the progress of his career used to work with one of the biggest law firms in Brazil before starting to practice independently. Bruno Fagali is also was also appointed by Nova as their corporate integrity manager. He has great managerial skills and expertise and has been on the frontline working for his success.

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A Brazilian lawyer is required to undergo thorough training before he can represent a client. One is required to possess a bachelor’s degree in law from a reputable university, and then he is required to pass the qualifications of a law school. That is when they are required to pass the bar exam which gives a person the license to practice as a lawyer in Brazil. They are also required to follow some codes of conduct in their profession.

Bruno Fagali was a great student while in high school and was admitted to Pontifical Catholic University of the famous Sao Paulo, Brazil. He also pursued a masters degree at the Sao Paulo University whereby he studied state law. He has since then become a very big person in the Brazilian law industry and has been on the frontline working for success in the industry. He has also been on the frontline mentoring future lawyers whom he happens to be working with at his law firm.

Bruno Fagali’s decision in the Brazilian law industry was not by mistake. It was all through passion, and he has done everything he can to ensure that he becomes the leader out of the 26,000 lawyers in Brazil. He has persistently worked for the success of his clients, and his career is driven passion, ethics, and hard work through integrity and professionalism.

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