President of OSI Group David McDonald

David McDonald was an American labor leader born in 1902. He started his education in Catholic parochial schools. He finished his high school in 1918 and was lucky to get a two-year vocational technology diploma. He later proceeded to study accounting at Duquesne University. He got his primary first job at Wheeling Steel Products as […]

Norman Pattiz’s Success and the Role of Podcastone in Advertising

Crucial positive influence of Podcast on the desire to buy, recall of messaging and on the advertisement of the brand cell was recorded in the first-time study of pro-and pre-campaign of podcast advertisers. Significant findings from the research were documented. First, more than sixty percent of the audience mentioned a particular grocery brand-post campaign. This […]

Dick DeVos: A Billionaire, Business Man And A Philanthropist

There is no question about Dick, and Betsy DeVos bring in lots of criticism and attention for their enormous political donations. However, those are pocket change compared to their generous contributions, which add up to almost US$139 million over their whole life. People might think that they have some illegal means of earning but after […]

The “Taking Caracas” Demonstration Is The Beginning Of The End For President Maduro According To National Assemblyman José Manuel González

Venezuelans want a recall. They want Nicolas Maduro to leave the presidential office and go back to driving a bus. The people of Venezuela are sick of Maduro, and they are sick of his brand of socialism. The hand-picked Chavez successor has done a pitiful job of running the country. When crude oil prices dropped, […]