Dr. Mark McKenna Established OVME in Atlanta, GA

Many people may wonder if entrepreneurs are born or made. This is not a problem for Dr. Mark McKenna, he honestly believes he was born one. His parents had a great deal to do with his entrepreneurship. As self-employed parents, Mark feels that their good habits rubbed off on him. With both parents running their […]

Eric Lefkofsky Brings Big Data Into Cancer Diagnosis And Treatment To Make It More Efficient

Eric Lefkofsky, the co-founder and CEO of Tempus, is on a mission to bring more effective solutions in cancer diagnosis and treatment. He designed and introduced a new operating system and brought big data into the picture to bring more efficient results in treatments. With the mission to bring effective results in cancer, Lefkofsky founded […]

Eric Lefkofsky’s Legacy: Data-Driven Effective Cancer Treatments

At The University of Chicago Medicine, physicians treating breast cancer patients will have a new tool to help them create personalized treatment plans for their patients. Chicago-based Tempus is collaborating with the university to provide specific genetic information to doctors, which will allow them to make real-time treatment decisions based on an analysis of molecular […]

Impressive Beauty Surgeons

Dr. Jennifer L. Walden is a highly known plastic surgeon who moved from the beautiful city of New York to the gorgeous city of Austin, Texas. She is certified in plastic surgery as well as in cosmetic surgery with a well known status on her practice. Dr. Walden’s experience is quite impressive from her education […]