Fortress Investment Group’s Head-on Approach to Investment Challenges

Fortress Investment Group is an alternative asset management company that has dominated the industry for a significant number of years. The company has grown in all dimensions which include substantial assets, huge investments, and the number of customers the company serves. Financial analysts have been studying the company‚Äôs strategies that make it stand out among […]

Role of Freedom Financial Network in securing credit

Equifax is well known for being among the bureaus of the U.S. associated with credit monitoring. However, it encountered a severe security breach early in the year. Consequently, hackers gained access to private information of about 143 million Americans. The information includes Social Security numbers, addresses, and birth dates. This gives an implication that the […]

Useful Tips for Back-to-School Saving by Freedom Financial

The end of summer comes with a plateful of responsibilities as you prepare for your kid’s back to school. All the commitments involved can easily make you feel overwhelmed. Lucky for you, the following tips from Freedom Financial will make the transition less stressful. Shop Early in Advance Kevin Gallegos, Freedom Financial Network Phoenix operations […]