Sahm Adrangi and His Charismatic Investment Career

Sahm Adrangi is an avid investor, founder, and Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC. Before starting the company, Adrangi graduated from Yale University with a BA in Economics. He has been at the helm of strategy development and functional organization at Kerrisdale from 2009 to date. He is a valuable asset to […]

Fortress Investment Group’s Head-on Approach to Investment Challenges

Fortress Investment Group is an alternative asset management company that has dominated the industry for a significant number of years. The company has grown in all dimensions which include substantial assets, huge investments, and the number of customers the company serves. Financial analysts have been studying the company’s strategies that make it stand out among […]

An Overview of Fortress Investment Group

Founded in the year 19998, Fortress Investment Group is the premier company in terms of asset management. It has specialized in recapitalization, buyout and retraction. The company has focused in offering services in various categories such as real estate, permanent capital and private equity investment. Over the years, the firm has diversified its services globally […]

Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group is a firm dealing in Investment management. It manages alternative assets, liquid hedge funds, private equity and credit funds. The company was founded on 1 January 1998. With about 10-15 employees, the company is located in New York, United States.It was established mainly as a private equity firm by Randal Nardone, Wesley […]

Jordan Lindsey Why Physically and Mentally Fit People are better at Making Investment Decisions

People today want to invest their money so that they can retire successfully. But, most of them only think about making money but not about their health. One of the assets of a good trader is that they are physically and mentally fit that allows them to take better decisions when it comes to their […]

Igor Cornelsen Paves The Way For Success

One thing that could be said for Igor Cornelsen is that he has paved the way for people to be successful with their investments. He is pretty much aware of the many different forms of investments that people could make. There are a ton of high risk and low risk opportunities. Igor Cornelsen is someone […]