Big Data giant CloudWick has launched a security analytics platform that can consume more than 100 million events per second. These include instances such as netflow, logs, network packets and alerts. THe group has christened their new product CDL which means cyber data lake. This product can be deployed as a virtual appliance on Amazon web services and can then connect the data center to the cloud.

Mark Schreiber, Cloudwick’s general manager says that they have a platform that can ingest as much as 500,000 events per second. The captured data is then stored in the on-premise data lake. The product comes with a software layer that gives access to compliance and security teams. It also uses advanced analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence to detect threats and stop any potential attacks.

CDL has various uses such as compliance, incident response, investigation, securing the cloud, and risk management. Besides AWS, the cloud has also partnered with other technology platforms to develop the platform such as LogTrust, Solarflare, Bricata and Graphistry.

Cloudwick also developed software for the product and is seeking some patents for them. CloudWick began working on this product two years ago when Intel approached them to develop the next generation of technology to power security. This product democratized security analytics data which meant making the platform more accessible to the enterprise. This product can help them to use various applications to detect and analyze various security threats. Mr. Schreiber observes that the next-generation of technology comes with elevated challenges and democratization of data security analytics that helps to combat barriers. CDL platforms give a wider platform that provides access to all analytics for vendor both internally and externally.

Most CDL customers include insurance firms, finance, banking and healthcare. Eric Ogren, an analyst at 451 Research observes that has some great ideas but only time will tell if their vision materializes into a great product. He is excited that the CDL platform will help to bridge the gap between IT and cloud information and in turn help to detect threats before they materialize. He notes that if the company gets this right, they stand a great chance to reap massive rewards.