While cryptocurrency remains to be a new term to many people, Daniel Mark Harrison commands great respect from his many strides in the sector. Besides cryptocurrency, Mark Harrison is also an author, blockchain evangelist, businessman and several other things which can only describe him as a Jack of all trade. Harrison, who is a Managing Partner at Monkey Capital since 2016 has a track record of achievements while holding different positions. Monkey Capital has received various recognitions while under his tenure, for example, a six out of five-star in rating a radio host,Chris Waltzek. Additionally, the company is taking the market by storm through crowd funding where it is expected to raise its billion dollar campaign from the same campaign, thanks to Mark Harrison.

Mark Harrison is also the Chairman as well CEO of Daniel Mark Harrison & Co. Pte. Ltd (DMH&CO), a position he took in October 2015. The company has offices in Hong Kong, Singapore and Bangkok, which are fully staffed and active. Previously, Mark Harrison worked as the Editor in Chief at CoinSpeaker for over three years. It is while in this position that readership of the firm grew to over 450,000 each month. What’s more? He broke various stories, for example, The End of CoinDesk’s Proxy Index. Currently, CoinSpeaker boosts of being the 2nd largest website on Bitcoin on the web.

The Master’s degree graduate from New York University was also a publisher as well as the Editor in Chief at Marx Rand, a news publisher that explores independent mind concepts. His legacy while at the firm remains after it revealed how an FBI undercover was going Ku Klux Klan. Additionally, the firm was able to link Toyota car manufacturer to the slave trade and how the failure of FDA and US drug companies increased chances of cervical cancer.

Besides his active professional career, Mark Harrison also likes volunteering. For over two years, he was a volunteer columnist on The Motley Fool where he built a strong reputation for the firm in the US as well as UK markets. Further, he successfully made a recommendation of a complicated switch trade that contributed to Beta-enhanced out-performance in the year 2014.