There is no question about Dick, and Betsy DeVos bring in lots of criticism and attention for their enormous political donations. However, those are pocket change compared to their generous contributions, which add up to almost US$139 million over their whole life. People might think that they have some illegal means of earning but after reading much about that couple I have found that they haven’t earned money in their lifetime, but they have earned that much because of their family businesses and their hard work and dedication towards their business and future. In alone 2015, the DeVos family invested US$11.6 million in different charitable contributions. It is almost double the amount that is US$5.3 million in campaign donations over five years that Betsy DeVos reported to the national government as part of her selection process for a Cabinet post.


By doing in-depth research on DeVos, I have found that the couple is a part of a family empire and has been a player in different Republican politics since decades, led by the Richard DeVos Sr., his father and also the co-founder of Amway Corporations. Richard and his four grown children handed out almost US$104 million in the charity donations only in 2015, landing their family in 24th place on “America’s Top Givers” list that is being published by Forbes. After reading much about them, I sometimes thought that why and how Amway’s DeVos family gives away billions of dollars? And recently I found the answer when I read that among wealthy people of the West Michigan there is a famous saying, that it isn’t about the dresses you wear or a vehicle you drive, but how much you give and help other.


Dick DeVos got married to Edgar Prince’s daughter, Elizabeth Prince, who is also the founder, president, and owner of the Prince Corporation. Dick and Elizabeth have four children, named Rick, Andrea, Elisa and Ryan. Dick DeVos is the co-founder of a privately owned firm known as Amway Corporation and also the oldest son of Richard DeVos, Sr. DeVos joined Amway Corporation in 1974, holding positions of many levels of responsibility in different operating departments. In 1984, he became VP of operations in almost eighteen countries, possibly to gain experience other than the family owned firm.


In 1991, Richard DeVos, Sr., appointed him to manage the franchise of Orlando Magic Basketball, which had been acquired by DeVos. After a couple of years, he became the president of Amway and due to his hard work; an umbrella firm was established in 2000 and named as Alticor Corporation. It was the mixture of the Quixtar Corporation, the Amway Corporation, and the Access Business Group. In 2002, DeVos retired as president to devote full time to the Wind Quest Group, his private venture, as its president.