Keep on top of fashion is not always easy. Fashion can change quite quickly. This is something that Don Ressler the co-founder of JustFab utterly understands and loves very much. As someone who loves fashion and knows that people look to him for help in finding the right fashions for their needs, Ressler continues to help deliver. His latest ideas can be found online in a new collection.

The Capsule Collection

In an announcement that pleased many in the fashion world, Ressler and those on his team at JustFab have decided to collaborate People StyleWatch. They have been pleased to work with the well known fashion magazine in order to help create a new collection that will be retailed exclusively at JustFab.

This exclusive collection will only be retailed at the site and JustFab stores and not available for purchase via any other means. Those who love style and admire the kind of fashions that are retailed on the site will now be able to pick from new items. Each item that is retailed on the site via this collection is one that has been completely hand picked and one that allows customers to find yet more items here to add to their already existing collection of items from the site.

Statement Making Footwear

The focus of the collection is all about shoes. The collection is one that will be based on footwear that is aimed at the younger buyer and her love of fun. Each of the over two dozen shoe styles on offer here are styles that are aimed at helping offer all customers the chance to wear shoes that are all about making a statement. Many buyers will no doubt be attracted to the collection that Don Ressler has helped to pick out and choose for the customers who knows so well.

Accessories Also Available

In addition to the multiple kinds of shoes are part of the collection, Ressler has offered a group of seven handbags that he knows will be popular. The handbags that can be found as part of this collection feature various kinds of styles. Women can pick from clutches that are held close to the body. They can also pick out large styles of handbags for those times when they need more storage space as they go about their daily routine. Each kind of item is available in fun colors that can be seen at a distance.

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