Wikipedia is a wonderful way to build authority and your online reputation. When you or your business has a Wiki of your own, you can count on increased search rankings and traffic.

Because of the open-source nature of a Wiki, there are downsides, as Marion Cotillard can attest to. The French actress will be starring alongside Brad Pitt in the upcoming film “Allied” and has recently been thrown into the midst of the “Brangelina” split. Allegations that Brad and Marion have been having an affair surfaced as reports of the couple’s divorce began sweeping the internet and tabloids.

Who knows if the rumors are true, but it sure didn’t take long for people to get into Cotillard’s Wikipedia page and cite her profession as “cheater” among other things. The lesson here is that if you make a Wiki article for yourself or your business, it’s vital that it be monitored for edits and straight out vandalism.

Of course, creating and editing a Wikipedia page isn’t all that simple. There are strict guidelines to follow, and it can be a time-consuming proposition. Aside from that, if you are going to bother having a Wiki, it’s a good idea to be sure it is as professional, error-free and packs as much value as possible.

One way to ensure your Wikipedia is the best it can be is by hiring professional Wikipedia editors to create your page. Sites like Get Your Wiki can not only create an amazing Wiki just for you, but also can add to and edit it as needed, and more importantly, monitor it to ensure no one edits or adds to it without your permission. Unfortunately, there are those bad apples out there who will knowingly “vandalize” your page for any number of reasons. It happens, and the sad part is that too often, businesses and individuals have no idea it’s happened. Get Your Wiki can prevent embarrassment and issues with your online reputation by monitoring your Wikipedia page to make sure it stays up-to-date and free of problems.