I could see myself diving into depression more and more each day because of the fact that I couldn’t stand how he looked in the mirror. I knew that psychologically I wasn’t well, so I did go to a psychologist to let them know my issues with my weight. I’ve tried exercising, dieting, eating less, and nothing is working to help me lose the last few pounds of weight. I’m not very big in size, but it’s enough to where I’m depressed over it because I can’t get the modeling jobs that I really want. After working with my psychologist, I decided to do something about my extra weight.

No more exercising, dieting, or trying any fads to make myself lose weight, I decided to get liposuction. I always said I would never get surgery, but I didn’t have much choice after I became a model. I was a plus sized model at first, but when I got offered a lot of money to model for a different company, their only request was that I lose some weight. I lost the weight, I got the bigger paycheck, but I still wasn’t at a size that I liked.

I chose liposuction because I knew it would be able to get the last bits of fat in my body, and I was just tired of the dieting. I researched the many doctors in my area to see who would be best to perform the surgery, and Dr. Jennifer Walden was the first person I came across. Although I passed her to look at other doctors, I immediately came back to Dr. Walden when I was reading a lot of testimonies online. Many people had a lot of good things to say about the doctor that I decided she was the one that should perform my liposuction.

I met with Dr. Walden, and I let her know my weight loss goals. I was told that since I was slim enough, getting out the extra fat shouldn’t be much of a problem. I let the doctor know that I had extra fat in my stomach, my thighs, and my arms that I wanted removed. Dr. Walden set up a date in the future for my surgery, and I was anxious to see how everything would go. I did go in and have the surgery, and my and results were fabulous. Dr. Walden has really helped me to regain confidence in my body.