As a graduate of the University Texas Medical Branch, Dr. Jennifer Walden raised the bar when was named class salutatorian. Shortly after graduation, the young ambitious surgeon to be was offered a fellowship with the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital. Following her fellowship, Dr. Walden built her own practice right in the heart of New York City, which she later relocated to her hometown of Austin, Texas.

As one of the very few women who specialize in cosmetic plastic surgery, Dr. Walden has established herself as a leader in the industry. She focuses on helping others feel their best through cosmetic procedures like breast augmentations, rhinoplasties, and face-lifts. As a woman, Dr. Walden has often found it easy to relate to her patients, and better understand their goals. Many of her patients have revealed that they found it easier to confide in her about their insecurities that it was to her male counterparts. Most women who opt to have cosmetic procedures choose to do so because they are unhappy with certain features, having someone can truly relate to your wants and desires helps provide patients with a significant amount of confidence and encouragement. To know more about her click here.

Dr. Walden says her ability to relate to her patients was renewed after she gave birth to her twin sons, Rex and Max. While she admits she has no plans of undergoing any major cosmetic procedures soon, she has received Botox, Juv├ęderm and laser treatments in the past. Though she has experienced a significant amount of success in her career, Dr. Walden says her most prized reward is the ability to help others.