When the Citizens United bill went into place, it meant the money people donate has such a small impact on parties and candidates. Since major corporations are now able to donate as much money as they want to the people they want in office, they have the chance to spend millions of dollars toward the candidate. This is unfair to citizens because they have to compete with this. It makes it harder for people to do things the right way and it makes things more difficult for those who want to try to change the future. End Citizens United is doing just that. The organization works to fight back against the government and these corporations that are trying to invest even more money in candidates they want. End Citizens United is not necessarily a part of a political party. They are on the side of citizens who don’t want to compete with corporations. See more of End Citizens United on facebook

The industry changed a lot since citizens united went into place and End Citizens United is doing everything they can to fight back against that. They want others to have the same chances as they do while they’re trying to fix things for all of them. They also want people to realize they’re doing things the right way instead of going past the citizens. They do not work with big corporations and that causes some problems for them, but they don’t care about the issues that come from everything they’re doing.

The ideas End Citizens United has for the future allow them to feel good about helping other people and giving back to the industry. They want citizens to feel they are a part of a country that cares about them. The United States is all about citizens and that’s what needs to be the priority. The power needs to go back to the hands of the people. The organization is now doing everything they can to make sure these things happen so they don’t have to worry about what’s going on in the same industry. It’s their goal to always give back while helping the citizens. Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/End_Citizens_United