Eric Pulier is a multi-talented entrepreneur who has accomplished a great deal of things throughout his career. Pulier is perhaps most well known for his work alongside the XPrize Foundation as they find ways to invigorate tech entrepreneurs into finding their next big innovation. Pulier has also developed himself into quite the public persona, working as a technologist, philanthropist, published author, and public speaker. Finding success at highest levels of the tech industry, particularly as an entrepreneur, can be incredibly difficult. Let’s see what Pulier did in order to find his way to this position.

Finding a way to distinguish yourself in the ever crowded tech industry is an objective that has plagued entrepreneurs for as far back as we can imagine. However, that was never a problem for Eric Pulier. For Pulier, the world was always about technology and he was going to find his way to prosper within it no matter what. Pulier got into computers as a young child growing up in the ’80s and he was head over heels with them before the time he graduated high school. Pulier has, of course, done a whole lot more than just fall in love with computers in order to develop his talents.

Starting with his time in college, Harvard specifically, Pulier begin to establish himself as someone who was both willing and able to lead the charge. Pulier was the lead editor at the Harvard Crimson and he graduated Magna Cum Laude from the university before moving out to Los Angeles in order to pursue his dreams.

Once in Los Angeles Pulier was determined to make his mark sooner than later. Pulier landed in California in the early ’90s and he immediately started Eric Pulier own company, People Doing Things. The company focused on medical and educational technology. Before long Pulier was working hand in hand with some of the biggest people in the world. Pulier’s career highlights include working alongside President Bill Clinton to develop cloud computing solutions for neighborhoods that didn’t have access to the kind of technology to improve their lives. Pulier still works hard to this day improving and innovating.

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