Event planners in NYC seem to be a found on every street corner of the Big Apple. However, not all event planners provided the level of service that Twenty Three Layers does. Twenty Three Layers providers its clients full-service event planning in NYC. The designers and planners handle a wide range of types of events. Whether it be a large corporate function, a modest personal party or even a wedding, Twenty Three Layers is recognized as a quality event planning company in NYC.

However, for those looking to try their own hand at hosting a party, then there are some valuable tips that can save one from losing their mind and becoming the toast of the town. For one, enlisting the help of a co-host. Especially for larger parties, a co-host can work with the host to make sure nothing is missed.

Especially in today’s advanced world, using technology can be a huge benefit in party planning.
Resources such as the app Wunderlist provide the ability to create easy to read checklists and notes. Since these lists are on apps and websites, they can be shared with other party planners and party goers. Digital invitations are fast becoming the preferred method of invitation. The app Hobnob allows a party planner to keep track of who has been sent an invitation and who has either accepted or declined.

For parties with children involved, there are ways to keep them not only entertained and happy throughout the event but also helpful in the planning process. Very young kids can make sure toys are put away nicely so guests have a tidy venue to attend. Older children can help in more advanced tasks such as creating music playlists. They can also take care of any pets so that guests don’t have an awkward encounter with the family dog.

Perhaps the biggest focus of party planning is taking care of the food to be served. Having groceries delivered directly to the venue can be a huge time saver. As far as recipes, choose ones that can be prepared in a relatively short amount of time. If food is going to be served buffet style, printing out stylish labels for each food selection can add a dimension of specialness. Finally, simple yet delicious desserts are the perfect way to wrap up a memorable party.