For those of you who haven’t heard of Kate Hudson’s active wear brand, Fabletics, it’s worth a Google. In addition to producing high-quality active wear, Fabletics is also revolutionizing the way people feel about fitness by providing fun, stylish pieces that work for whatever activity we may enjoy.


This line of clothing and gear is clearly a very hands on company for Kate Hudson. In a recent article she was featured by CNBC giving advice to other brands that desired similar success. One of her key points was to remain hands on with your company. She also recommended not being afraid of taking risks, and using big data to really get to know your audience. Fabletics uses big data to not only reach potential customers on a variety of digital platforms, but to create that unique user experience for us that really feels genuine. In the article, Kate Hudson also detailed why finding the hole in the active wear market was so key to her company’s success.


Three years ago, active wear was just becoming trendy. The problem was that trendy pieces from notable brands cost $100 and up, with many pieces nearing closer to $300. That price point is clearly not feasible for many of us. On the flip side, established brands only offered clothing that felt more function than fashion. Enter Fabletics. The company has revolutionized the way women everywhere dress for their average workout or yoga class. It’s allowed us to truly express our individual style, while gaining all the support we need from high-end fitness wear.


Flash forward to today and Fabletics is dominating the “athleisure” wear industry. The company saw a massive 43% growth spike in 2016, and shows no sign of slowing down in 2017. What’s more impressive, is the unique user experience the company curates in the digital space by utilizing the reverse showroom method. Here, visitors are treated to an experience. That user experience translates into the athletic outfits sent via mail directly to the user that are a reflection of their individual style. This reverse showroom technique has allowed Fabletics to create a band of engaged consumers who see the product as tailored directly to them, rather than the mass experience of shopping at a brick-and-mortar store.


For those of us who may still be donning the same black leggings and old t-shirts to the gym, I recommend hopping over to the Fabletics website and taking the Lifestyle Quiz. The quiz is a simple set of questions, asking about things like your style preferences, workout preferences and more. The end result is a special profile curated just for you!