YouTube has been one of the biggest go to sites for videos all about beauty over the last 5-10 years. Viewers can turn to beauty gurus on YouTube for everything from hair, make up and skincare related issues to fashion and lifestyle choices. Whether you are deciding on what foundation to buy, what type of lotion to use or simply just need some inspiration for a beautiful make up look beauty gurus on YouTube seem to showcase it all.

One of the most popular beauty gurus on YouTube is Wengie who is a young Chinese woman currently living in Australia. Her channel focuses on all things beauty and skincare related as well as videos that focus on hair, fashion, food and a variety of other topics. She has a fun, quirky personality that sets her apart from so many other beauty gurus.

Wengie created her YouTube channel over 5 years ago and has been gaining in popularity ever since with hundreds of thousands of subscribers. Some of her most popular video topics include Asian skincare, celebrity transformations, quick and effortless make up tutorials and in depth skin care routines. One of her most popular videos is her Korean Make up Vs. American make up video tutorial in which she shows the differences between make up products and make up applications from different cultures. The video currently has over 3 million views.

Also very popular on Wengie’s channel are her snack testing videos. In these videos Wengie tries snacks from different parts of the world and gives her opinion on the snacks. She also does the same video idea except with make up and tries make up from different parts of the world such as Korea and gives a full review and demo on the items. They are some of her most watched videos. Wengie also uploaded a morning routine video in which she films her everyday routine of waking up, drinking coffee, getting ready for the day and so on. The video is one of her most popular videos to date not only for her amazing filming skills and ideas but also because viewers get to see more of her fun and amazing personality. Although it is her skills and talent at beauty and skin care that has driven her to become one of the most popular YouTube beauty gurus it is her fun and positive attitude that keeps viewers coming back for more.