Fortress Investment Group is an alternative asset management company that has dominated the industry for a significant number of years. The company has grown in all dimensions which include substantial assets, huge investments, and the number of customers the company serves. Financial analysts have been studying the company’s strategies that make it stand out among other investment organizations that seem to have stagnated. However, it is clear that the entity has adopted an approach of dealing comprehensively with the challenges it faces in its quest to be one of the largest wealth management entity around the world.Competition is one of the challenges that every company operating in a profit-making industry should be prepared to meet.

Many organizations are pushed out of the market by large multinational corporations while others have poor marketing policies which expose the entity to extreme competition leading to collapse. However, Fortress Investment Group has been able to weather all competition it has been facing in the industry. Some of the marketing policies adopted by the entity include aggressive marketing measures that help the body to penetrate even the smallest markets. Through aggressive marketing, this entity has become the market leader in the industry hence determining the market trends and standard measures.Uncertainty in economic trends is a challenge that has made many firms close down their operations after they found it hard to thrive in harsh economic conditions. Galloping inflation and opposing forces of demand and supply are likely to impact any sector with the potential of destroying all entities operating in such an industry.

Fortress Investment Group has been able to overcome this challenge by investing in various fields.This means that the body does not face extreme loss if catastrophic financial uncertainty faces one of its investment.Adjusting to changing technology is another weapon that Fortress Investment has used to remain relevant. Technology evolves fast, and so does the demand and needs of investors. Fortress has been able to match the changes in technology by ensuring that any innovation that emerges is instantly incorporated in the operations of the company. Furthermore, Fortress Investment Group has been able to adapt to the changing demands of investors who are choosing investments in technology-related fields. Changing to suit the needs of the customer has enabled the firm to remain relevant and active in a period where other asset management entities have been caught behind the fast-changing world.