Glen Wakeman is an American businessman and entrepreneur who later became a successful financial executive. He has been developing businesses and managing companies for more than 21 years, and his experiences in the financial sector have given him the knowledge and expertise on how to run a business and make it successful ( Glen Wakeman believes in five business principles: leadership, human capital, execution, risk management, and governance. He stated that following the five laws of business will transform a business into a thriving firm that can withstand challenges along the way.




Glen Wakeman believes that a company must have a strong leadership. Without it, the business is in a danger of collapsing. Successful companies have amazing leaders who drive and guides them to success. Leadership is an essential aspect of managing a business because of all the decision making involved in running a company (


Human Capital


Human capital pertains to the employees working in the company. Glen Wakeman believes that the employees must be taken care of, giving the benefits that they need and ensuring that their rights are protected. The company should also focus on their welfare, making sure that they are being treated fairly and justly.




Managing a company requires a firm executive who would execute all of the plans for the company’s future. They need to have a firm stand on what they wanted to do for the company.


Risk Management


Every business is partnered with a risk. There are possible risks that could send the firm into bankruptcy, and one has to be aware of it. Risks are standard and they are found in any business, but it is up to the business manager on what they can do to remove the threat to the industry.




All of the business principles stated would never work without good governance. According to Glen Wakeman, companies must ensure that the management inside the company goes within their rules and regulations. Good governance also causes the business to grow and thrive.


Glen Wakeman is currently managing his business called Nova Four, which has the primary objective of helping small businesses to alleviate their performance and become successful.