Getting approved for a home improvement project or renovation used to be a hassle. Approvals took a significant amount of time, and only people with a strong credit background would get approved. Homeowners would usually have to apply directly through a bank and fill out massive amounts of paperwork just for the project to be considered for approval.

David Zalik noticed this. To address this issue, Mr. Zalik came up with GreenSky Credit. This is a financial services company that uses technology to make home improvement project loans an easy process to navigate.

GreenSky Credit offers benefits to the homeowner seeking a home improvement project and the contractor looking to perform that renovation. A homeowner can easily apply for a home improvement loan through a smartphone. There is no need to go to a bank and fill out large amounts of paper forms.

The application process is also very quick. A homeowner can find out if he was approved or rejected within minutes in most cases. In some instances, there may be some additional information that will be required. Other times there may be an extra wait period.

Contractors also benefit greatly from GreenSky Credit’s home improvement loan application. It allows them to offer loans right on the spot to a client. The financing provided through GreenSky Credit is also made available very quickly. This means that a home improvement project can begin within days. There are no long delays or wait times with this method of financing through GreenSky Credit.

GreenSky Credit is a rapidly growing company that is still privately held. Owner and founder David Zalik has decided not to take the company public yet. He is seriously mulling an initial public offering on the stock market right now, though.

Zalik has managed to grow his technology finance company largely on his own. He took out money to fund his company against his own assets. The young CEO has also guided his company in a very conservative fashion. He did not blow through money like many tech startups. Instead, he invested slowly and steadily. This approach had paid off. His firm is now worth over a billion dollars in value.