Greg Secker has had a successful professional career. He made his first millions in his twenties and has not slowed down since. Today he owns there companies under his Knowledge to Action Group: Learn to Trade, Capital Index and SmartCharts Software. It is befitting that his most successful company, Learn to Trade, teaches everyday-people financial literacy because Greg is very serious about helping people in need.

In a recent interview with CEO/CFO Magazine, Greg Secker discussed his motivations, passions, and outlook for the future. He is quite the risk taker having decided to cross over from his field of study of agriculture and food sciences to the unknown world of finance. His hard work and willingness to try out new things, however, saw him through this change and he even went in to become a forex trading expert at Thomas Cook Financial Services. He would later leave Thomas Cook to work at Mellon Financial Group. Greg has since blossomed into a successful entrepreneur having created his current Knowledge to Action Group in 2003.

What sets Greg Secker apart from other financial gurus is the Greg Secker Foundation. Unlike many others at his entrepreneurial level, Greg is also a philanthropist. Founded in 2010, this foundation has been engaged in empowering the youth with relevant life skills that will mold them into successful adults. Some of the projects the foundation has worked on since its formation include supporting the Ubuntu Education Fund in South Africa, supporting Typhoon Haiyan recovery efforts in the Philippines and the Christmas Basket Brigade in the United Kingdom. Looking into the future, the Greg Secker Foundation hopes to expand its current ability to improve the quality of life of people in need from all corners of the world.

As an extension of his philanthropic work, Greg Secker has also widely shared his knowledge as a forex expert through international talks and books. These talks and books provide readers with the very same tools Greg has relied on over the years to change his life. They address more than just how to make money but also include what to do with it once you get it. It is more than financial empowerment; it is life empowerment.