The charitable efforts of any organization should never go unnoticed since people do have different problems such as homelessness or being victims of disasters such as tornados and hurricanes. At times, victims of disasters such as earthquakes are in need of blood among other forms of help. The American Red Cross always chips in to offer such assistance to individuals who need their help. Throughout the years, the American Red Cross has also been enlightening people about the importance of donating blood. Other companies such as Herbalife Nutrition are supporting the blood drives by the American Red Cross.

Since many victims of disasters are always in need of a blood transfusion among other medical needs, the American Red Cross came up with more than 120 blood donation centers located all over the country. These blood donation centers have come in handy since many lives have been saved in the process. Companies such as Herbalife have also been helping out the American Red Cross. Although Herbalife Nutrition can offer financial assistance to the American Red Cross, the company saw it fit to donate nutrition products. These products are usually given to the people who have donated blood as a way of ensuring that they can recuperate fast after the blood donation process.

One of the nutrition products donated by Herbalife Nutrition is such as the protein deluxe bars. These protein bars have high levels of protein, vitamins, and carbohydrates. The high levels of vitamin B6 and B2 are very beneficial to any individual who has just donated blood. The dark chocolate in the protein deluxe bars is also rich in iron. The presence of such minerals ensures that the red blood cells levels in the body can be restored after the blood donation process.

Herbalife donates these protein deluxe bars as a way of thanking the good Samaritans who engage in the blood donation exercise. The Herbalife Nutrition has also extended a helping hand by offering some of their offices for the blood donation exercises. To date, Herbalife Nutrition has hosted more than 50 drivers for the past four years. The efforts of Herbalife Nutrition have helped to save the lives of more than 25,000 people. The partnership between Herbalife Nutrition and the American Red Cross is set to continue. Herbalife Nutrition is also encouraging its employees, independent distributors, and clients to also donate blood since it may save a life. Visit