The craft beer industry is exploding in Canada. For example, in 2015 there were 644 brewing facilities in this nation. In 2016 that increased to 775 which matched its historic high. There are now 2.7 breweries per 100,000 adults in Canada (Inspirery). The province that has the most breweries judging by per capita is New Brunswick, at 8.1, while the lowest is Mantibo where this number is 0.7.

Eli Gershkovitch is a big name in the Canadian craft brewery scene. He started out his professional career as a lawyer. During this time he became well acquainted with completing and filing liquor licenses for the clients of his law firm. He was interested in the industry as well and so in 1995, he opened a craft beer pub in Gastown, Vancouver. His company is named Steamworks Brewery and Companies and he is the chief executive officer. The reason for the name of Eli Gershkovitch’s company is due to the fact that his pub and brewery are in a historic building that uses steam power for energy. This means that Eli Gershkovitch’s brewery operates under this form of power which makes his brewery special.

Once people became familiar with Eli Gershkovitch’s new pub it became a very popular place for locals to hang out at and enjoy his new craft beers ( Nowadays tourists also flock to this pub because the word has gotten out how great his craft beers are. Among the beers that he serves at the pub are Steamworks Pale Ale and Lion’s Gate Lager. Eli Gershkovitch’s pub serves around 15 to 17 craft beers at any time and the flagship beer is Flagship IPA.

Eli Gershkovitch has a number of beers that have achieved awards. BC Craft Beer Awards has twice honored his pilsner with their Best BC Craft Beer Designation, for example. In 2013 another beer of his, a pumpkin ale, earned a gold medal at the prestigious Canadian Brewing Awards. Before introducing a craft beer to his customers he will take years perfecting the brew which has led to his pub’s stellar reputation.

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