Rocketship Education is a very successful and effective program that has managed to create schools meant to offer quality education to children coming from disadvantaged families in places like San Jose. This education program works in collaboration with community-based organizations that are already established. These organizations also have to have willing tutors and parents so as to make sure that the children from needy backgrounds get to access education from the lowest level all throughout college. The Rocketship Education program was started in the year 2007 and ever since it has been able to register a lot of success and expansion. Currently, the program has 25 public charter schools and has plans to expand to additional schools.

Preston Smith is the Chief Executive Officer at the Rocketship Education. Through his exemplary leadership and management expertise, he has managed to lead the program to greater heights. The educational program has a number of traits which it attributes to the success that it currently enjoys. One of these traits is the ability of parents being able to participate in the employment of teachers. This has proved to be very effective since parents get to know the kind of tutors who are teaching their children. The blended learning approach is another popular aspect that has made Rocketship to stand out amongst other institutions. This approach comprises of the traditional methods of teaching and the technology and this has led to minimal administration costs.

At Rocketship Education, parents are allowed to be part of the development projects of the institution like the building of new facilities among other projects. The four core values of Rocketship Education are empathy, respect, persistence and responsibility. Each school of the program is also expected to add a fifth value which is unique to its vision and environment on the location. The main purpose of Rocketship Education is to model a student not only excelling in school but also in being a successful individual in the later life. Students are taught how to develop their talents, how to be disciplined and go getters. The school also majors on the students social emotional skills that are meant to assist them in fitting well in the society.