When Hussain Sajwani completed his degree at the University of Washington and was hired as a contract manager by the subsidiary of the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company called GASCO, no one imagined he would soon become a billionaire through real estate. What was clear was that Hussain Sajwani was a very intelligent, driven young man. It soon became evident that he also had the vision and foresight to see the need for hotels to house business people flocking to Dubai. Sajwani was also among the first to take advantage of the Dubai’s government decision to sell property to foreigners.


Since Hussain Sajwani founded the property development company DAMAC Properties in 2002, it has enjoyed meteoric growth. Not only has he developed residential and commercial properties in Dubai, Beirut, Amman, Abu Dhabi, Jeddah, Riyadh, Doha and even London, he has also worked with current U.S. President Donald Trump to build golf courses and hotels. The president even mentioned Hussain Sajwani in his inauguration address. Sajwani has also invested in lucrative regional and global markets through his DICO Investment Company LLC and is now an internationally known business magnate.


Another of Hussain Sajwani’s very wise investments was the creation of a catering company in 1982, long before he became involved in real estate development. That catering firm which Sajwani still owns, has multimillion dollar contracts to provide food for U.S. troops stationed in the Middle East. The company also provides meals for large Western construction companies and other businesses with thousands of workers in the region. The way Sajwani has diversified his investments shows his business acumen and his deep understanding of finance and the value of long-term business contracts.


Still, even as Hussain Sajwani builds his business empire, he remains committed to charitable giving. It’s one of the tenets of his faith. While he has given to an array of charitable causes over the years, there’s one that’s particularly close to his heart. Through The Red Crescent Hussain Sajwani recently gave $2 million to purchase clothes and help improve the quality of life for children in need throughout the world.