‘’Every moment in my life shaped me into the successful real estate mogul.” Those are the words of Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC owner who has managed to shape the world of real estate in Dubai.


Describing Hussain Sajwani


Sajwani is a prominent businessman, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Moreover, he is the founder as well as the chief executive officer of the famous DAMAC Properties. Even though there is a lot of success linked to his businesses, it is factual that the DAMAC owner was not raised with a silver spoon in his mouth as he worked hard to pave up a career path. How? You may ask. Well, to understand his life story, let us travel down the streets of Dubai where he grew up.


Sajwani’s Early Life


Sajwani was born to hard-working parents. His father owned a shop while his mother concentrated on domestic care. At that moment, his father invested sufficient time in imparting entrepreneurial skills in him. Being a fast learner, he grasped some of the necessary skills in business unknown to him that he would apply the same skills in a different industry.




As soon as it was time to join college for higher learning, Hussain Sajwani the DAMAC owner decided to pursue a course in medicine. Although that was his primary line of interest, he changed his mind before completing the coursework. Sajwani wanted to pursue business or better yet, a technical course that would allow him to practice in the industry of business. Consequently earning a full scholarship to the University of Washington, he majored in two courses; economics, and engineering. From the sessions, he learned how important it is to evaluate the specifics of an investment before venturing. Therefore, when it was time to pursue a career at GASCO, a leading oil, and company in Abu Dhabi, the DAMAC owner focused on the next move he would make to grow his business.


Business and Career Outline


In 1982, Sajwani the DAMAC owner started his entrepreneurial career in food catering. Within a short period, the business was declared a market leader, as it supplied more than 10,000 clients with food and catering services. As the company continued to grow, Hussain Sajwani learned that the government of Dubai allowed foreigners to purchase land. Therefore, he made his first purchase and branded the building DAMAC Properties. Until now, this business has expanded its presence over more than three states within the Middle East. It is right to say that the success of Hussain Sajwani is highly attributed to his focus and determination to excel despite the challenges he encountered while growing up.