Dr. Jennifer L. Walden is a highly known plastic surgeon who moved from the beautiful city of New York to the gorgeous city of Austin, Texas. She is certified in plastic surgery as well as in cosmetic surgery with a well known status on her practice. Dr. Walden’s experience is quite impressive from her education in plastic and cosmetic surgery to studying in Biology, as well as MD medicine. After many years of study, she now owns her very own “Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center” at Westlake Medical Center. Dr. Walden also recently opened “Satellite Cosmetic Surgery Clinic” where she maintains her high standards every where she is to keep it safe for her patients. She is currently on the board of American Society For Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) where she is the Commissioner of Communications. Dr. Walden was selected in 2014 as the “24 Best Beauty Surgeons in The United States” by Harper’s Bazaar magazine. Dr. Walden has a big heart for enriching the beauty of women as well as giving them a healthy lifestyle. Make sure to check out KVUE-TV to hear her talk about these topics and to give you that lifestyle or makeover you have been waiting for! She has spoke in the top of the line magazines from Cosmopolitan, Vogue to Absolute Magazine. Cosmetic and Plastic surgery are not the only practice she knows. Dr. Walden is also known as an author where she has published as well as presented on award winning articles. Her most popular book on Aesthetic Plastic Surgery has been given an award winning title. Look no further if you have been looking for that top of the line Plastic/ Cosmetic surgeon as she is ranked at one of the bests!