Lightspeed has a global reach with presence as well as access to resources in Israel, Silicon Valley, India, and China. Its broad footprint helps its portfolio firms to better know growth opportunities and also expand internationally. The company values different perspectives and that is why it works with people of different ages from different corners of the world, different upbringings, and different professional and educational backgrounds.

More about Jana Messerschmidt

Jana joined Lightspeed after several years of investing in and guiding early-stage firms. She has held different positions in the area of engineering, sales, marketing, and business development at other well-known firms such as Netflix and Twitter. She has been in the fields of technology and business throughout her career life.

Jana Lightspeed has a degree in computer science from the famous University of Illinois. A couple of years after graduating from this great institution, she found herself in the business area of technology. She has also ever worked as the Vice President of the Global Business Development & Platform at Twitter. Here, Jana Lightspeed was responsible for enterprise sales, platform marketing, developer relations, strategic partnerships, and partner engineering.

Ashley Brasier, a partner at Lightspeed

During her early days, Ashley wanted to become an architect just like her dad. In fact, she spent most of her time in her father’s garage sketching ideas as well as building things. During her studies in Copenhagen, Ashley realized that she loves prototyping business ideas to real structures. Immediately after her graduation, she commenced a consulting career at Bain.

After spending a number of years at Bain, this young lady felt that she wanted to concentrate on operational work and also explore the area of Silicon Valley. Therefore, she joined the product team at the Thumbtack. Later, she left the company and then joined Lightspeed. Here, she works with small and early-stage firms to help them realize their growth strategies.