Jason Hope is a popular business man and an investor who resides in Scottdale, Arizona. He is also a futurist and a philanthropist. His qualities are unique especially experience and creativity. He has a great passion for technology and helping the community within which any his business lies. Jason was raised up in a humble home in Tempe and graduated with a degree in Finance from Arizona State University. He also attained a degree in MBA from W.P. Carey School of Business. Jason was also a man who admired business related politics.

Jason’s entrepreneurial career is a success. He emphasizes patience as a virtue that should be learned and practiced by all entrepreneurs. Jason advice young entrepreneurs to avoid being jumpy and hasty in their decision-making process. Each project should be done to completion before undertaking another project as without this one ends up neglecting their initial objective. Jason has detailed understanding of technology sector, which aids him in monitoring trends that in the long run help to serve as key ingredients in making predictions of what trends will take control of the technology sector.

According to Hope’s perspective, the total tally of devices being connected is on a hike. Hence, this will make the Internet of Things become a handy asset in the future of modern technology. SENS Foundation is a non-profit organization that is located in California. Its main objective is to ensure people are accessed to the rejuvenation of Bio-technologies that help in curbing age related diseases. Jason Hope recently pledged half a million dollars to this foundation as a donation to help them conduct activities effectively.

Jason Hope is a strong believer and follower of the Internet of Things. He has published several articles pointing out on the excitement he has for what he calls a new wave of advancement in the technology industry. The Internet of Things is a connected technology that allows different devices to sync with one another despite their locations. The main objective behind linking these devices is to minimize wastage and facilitate faster transfer of data. The devices to be connected are those used in daily life such as mobile phones, street lights, cars, and even kitchen appliances such as microwaves.

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