Dr.Jennifer Walden has returned to her home in Austin Texas in order to atart her own office. She has also chosen to go back home so that she can be with her family. She is considered to be one of the best beauty surgeons because of the care that she has put into her procedure. She understands how to perform the procedures while keeping the risk of side effects to a minimum. Jennifer Walden has shown not only a lot of great skill and expertise, but also a lot of passion towards the practice. As a result, she is considered one of the best surgeons.

Dr. Jennifer Walden has shown that she is very assertive. However, this is balanced with her warm and caring side which helps her patients relax. Part of it also comes from the fact that she is raising children. She truly cares about people. She wants to make sure that her patients not only look better, but feel better as well. She understands the meaning behind improved looks. She also can empathize with her patients and why they want to look better. She makes sure that the enhancements and alterations to the appearance of her patients are seamless and done free of side effects.

Jennifer Walden has gotten her education in New York and has stayed passed her fellowship in order to continue doing work. She has gained recognition for her skill and special attention paid to the procedure. She was eventually named one of the top surgeons. She has also helped with the writing of a textbook that deals with cosmetic surgery. After gaining enough experience, she has decided to take her job back home so that she could continue with her career while spending time with her children. She is a great surgeon, and an even greater mother.

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