Jim Toner in an entrepreneur and real estate investor that has been in the real estate investment business for more than 25 years. He briefly left the real estate investment business shortly after 2010 when unfortunate events began to negate his passion for it. Primarily, he got involved with the wrong kind of person in the business, someone who talked big and was featured on the news regularly as a “guru”, and as a result he lost everything from his shirt to his reputation.

After leaving the real estate investment business, Jim Toner worked instead with business owners and entrepreneurs, teaching them how to improve their business by using so-called “celebrity positioning” while also writing a book. However, Jim Toner could not escape the business forever. A friend of his began repeatedly inquiring as to whether he was still in it and, while at first he flat out refused to return to investment real estate, his friend pointed out to him that he was a legitimate “guru” in the real estate investment market. While other supposed gurus had to fabricate their rags to riches story, Jim Toner had actually done it.

So with some convincing by friends, he returned to the real estate investment business with the lessons he learned from his previous failings. There were two things he focused on after his err, primarily that not every town is a good real estate market, and that he needed to be able to team up with a local investor who knows the town like the back of their hand. With these in mind Jim Toner launched a real estate investment training company where he also continues to participate in the investment market to show exactly how it is done by every day activity, not just historical performance. His current goal for the Ohio real estate market is to sell 500 homes in 5 years. See Toner’s latest post on Facebook.

While entrepreneur Jim Toner does run a real estate investment training company, he is selective in who he brings in to train and people who want to work with him have to meet certain qualifications, but he claims that those who do qualify will be taken care of.

Source: https://ideamensch.com/jim-toner/