There are so many interesting things you can learn about Jorge Moll. There’s hardly a desolate place online where you can’t find a good information and background about Jorge Moll. One of those things that you may be interested to know is that Jorge Moll graduated from his medical studies at the Federal Univ of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1994.


This achievement has made him to complete his other studies in the same school. It is also his achievement as a neuroscientist that he’s able to pursue his studies on the brain. But is that all the information you can find? Read below to know more.


The Latest News

One of the most updated news that you can learn about Jorge Moll is the information you can read about his work in the Washington Post. In the article, the research from Jorge Moll about the natural ways of behavior of human nature spells a lot of controversial consequences (Facebook).


It seemed to suggest that those who don’t help others or who try to be selfish are people who may have a brain damage. It also suggested that those who practice an “End Justifies The Means” attitude towards things are people in the sample size they studied to have a brain damage. This is an overwhelming discovery and has a lot of new contribution on how we should understand people’s immorality.


There’s also a lot of discussion in the feature about Jorge Moll on the attitude and behavior of psychopaths ( These people usually feel no remorse and empathy. There are also studies from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders that the behavior of these people with psychopathic tendencies show that morality to them should be held in a different standard.


About Jorge Moll

Jorge Moll is the neuroscientist and neurosurgeon that wrote a thesis on moral judgment when he was still studying at the University of Sao Paulo. His studies on Experimental Medicine and Pathophysiology, and his being a part of the Faculty of Medicine of the school shows that he’s one of the leaders today who push the boundaries of brain research.



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