There are so many attributes that set a small business apart from a large organization. The small business is usually was operated by an individual who is driven toward success. The small business must adapt quickly to amend. This is part of the personality traits attributed to a successful entrepreneur.


Other character traits for successful entrepreneurship include: motivation, desire for independence, and dedication. The motivation of a wealthy entrepreneur will usually come from family obligations. These responsibilities can mean taking care of elderly parents, or children. However, these liabilities could simply mean wanting to spend more time with his or her family. The desire for independence is an important attribute of a successful entrepreneur. The dedication to his or her business is a must. These character traits must all be present in an individual who intends to become an entrepreneur.


Another attribution of a successful small business is atmosphere. The atmosphere is important as it must foster the business. The United States leads in successful entrepreneurs. This is because the United States offers a healthy platform for any small business to increase. The only thing between an entrepreneur and his or her success could very well be his or her own fear of failing. Other than this, the United States offers the American Dream for everyone. Check out to know more.



Jose Hawilla is a Brazilian businessman. He has pioneered success through dedication, motivation, and a will for independence. Countless people in Brazil, especially young students look up to the success of Jose Hawilla. Jose Hawilla cannot give himself full credit for his success. He took advice he learned early in his career. You can visit



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