There are many makeup companies out in the world who do animal testing and put out boring colors with very little care or concern about what people want or what concerns they have. Lucky for everyone there is one company who really does care. The company we are speaking about is a cosmetic company known as LimeCrime. This company was founded by a woman named Doe Deere and this company has a commitment to making the highest quality makeup that is not tested on animals and they want to live up to their award winning vegan commitment. This is one of the ways that the company is talking responsibility and making the world a much more beautiful place on so many levels.

Now that everyone has a bit of foundation about the companies commitment to the Vegan life style, let’s take a look at the products and the other aspects that make the company a great one. LimeCrime is an amazing company who produces a product line that is just amazing and we are talking everything from color to quality. One of the new products that Lime Crime released is the new Venus XL Palette. a few years back there was a Venus palette that went over very well. Again it is not tested on animals and it is vegan friendly. The product went over so well that Lime Crime made it larger and introduced the Venus XL Palette. This one features 18 eye shadows that are designed for long term wear. This one features rustic colors of red, berry tones, pinks and even neutrals. All of them are highly pigmented and are great to wear.

Makeup colors and products might come and go but, there is one thing that will stay with Lime Crime and that is the commitment they have to their Vegan makeup offerings. This is one company who cares more about staying Vegan and staying with their policy of not testing on animals than making profits and other corporate things. To Lime Crime offering the most amazing colors and products to their customers at a great price is they top goal and they are doing a great job.