Louis Chenevert’s stellar performance as president and CEO at United Technology
corporation has been well chronicled. Mr. Chenevert has proven himself to be a
well trained creative problem solver while leading United Technology . A quick
look at Mr. Chenevert’s resume will reveal that UTC’s head man was well
prepared for the task at hand.

Louis Chenevert is a native of Montreal, Quebec. His educational background is
in in production management. Mr. Chevenert received his bachelor’s degree from
HEC Montreal, an affiliate of the University of Montreal.

Once finished with college, Louis Chenevert began working for General Motors.
Mr. Chenevert would stay with the company for fourteen years and rise to the
position of production general manager. In 1993, Pratt and Whitney Canada hired
Mr. CHevevert as their vice precident of operations. One of his noted moves
while with Pratt and Whitney was the implementation of SAP software. A move
that greatly improved the company’s efficiency. The years of hard work by Mr.
Chevevert culminated in his 2006 appointment as chairman and CEO at UTC.

United Technologies corporation is involved in the research, development, and
manufacturing of high-technology products in various sectors. Among these sectors
are aircraft engines, aerospace systems, HVAC, and industrial products. Under
Mr. Chenevert’s leadership, UTC has shown substancial growth with shares growing
from a low of $37 to a high $117. This performance elevated UTC to the position of
being the most profitable conglomerate in the USA.

In his typically bold and creative fashion, Mr. Chenevert was able to acquire
Goodrich at a price tag of $16.3 billion. This move afforded UTC the luxory of
being able to produce products on their own.

Louis Chenevert relieved himself of his duties as chairman and CEO at UTC in 2014,
but the impact he made while working with the company will forever last.

Just a few of the honors granted to Mr. Chenevert in his career are as follows:
The National Building Museum made Mr. Chenevert its 2009 Honor Award recipient.
In May, 2011 Mr. Chenevert was given an honorary doctorate from HEC Montreal. A
Mr. Chenevert was also named person of the year in 2011 by Aviation Week &
Space Technology.